Saturday, July 29, 2017

KISS 1996-12-12 Oberhausen Arena Oberhausen, Germany

Band: Kiss
Date: 1996.12.12
Venue: Oberhausen Arena
City: Oberhausen
Country: Germany

Title: "Your hausen is my hausen" (PGAP 96/97-1/2)
Length: 128 minutes
Source: Audience recording
Quality: A- (Grading: A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Fair, D = Poor)

cd 1:
01 Deuce
02 King of the night time world
03 Do you love me
04 Calling Dr. Love
05 Cold gin
06 Watchin´ you
07 Firehouse
08 I stole your love
09 Shock me
10 Let me go, rock´n roll
11 Shout it out loud
12 I was made for lovin´ you
13 C´mon and love me

cd 2:
01 God of thunder
02 New York groove
03 Love gun
04 100.000 years
05 Black diamond
06 Detroit rock city
07 Beth
08 Rock and roll all nite
09 Rock bottom (*)
10 Strutter (*)

(*) = Bonus track, recorded in Usa 1996

CDrs --> Exact Audio Copy --> Wav --> Trader's Little Helper --> FLAC (Level 5)
Checked with Audiochecker 2.0 beta (build 457): "Conclusion: this track is CDDA with probability 100%"

I have received this one in a trade many years ago.
The sound on this one really good, definitely worth downloading if you don't have this one yet.
Thanks goes to the original taper, whoever you are.


I'm continuosly looking for ANY recording by ANY bands done in FINLAND,
especially those done in the 80's or 90's.
So, if you have any of those in store and are willing to share -->
*Please* upload them here on Dime or alternatively PM me. Thank you :)

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