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Led Zeppelin 1980-06-26 Stadhalle Vienna, Austria

Led Zeppelin - Vienna (Tarantura)

Band: Led Zeppelin
Date: June 26, 1980
Venue: Stadhalle
City: Vienna, Austria
Source: Audience
Lineage: ?? > FLAC (EZTree) > WAV (CDR) > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLACfrontend (level 7) > FLAC
Artwork: included
Disk One:
1. Train Kept A-Rollin'
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine
3. Black Dog
4. In The Evening
5. The Rain Song
6. Hot Dog
7. All My Love
8. Trampled Under Foot

Disk Two:
1. Since I've Been Loving You
2. White Summer (incl. Firecracker Incident and Announcement)
3. Kashmir
4. Stairway To Heaven
5. Rock And Roll
6. Whole Lotta Love

From Bootledz:
Deutchland Uber Alles (TDOLZ), Goodnight Vienna (Electric Magic), & Vienna (Tarantura)
TDOLZ runs a little too fast, has some digital interference during the announcement, and has a few
extra cuts between songs. TDOLZ and Tarantura have similar sound.
Electric Magic has extra cuts too and a couple of problems not found on other titles. It is also missing
the most tape. It's music is louder than the other releases but the background noise has been
suppressed - no gen difference. There are hints of that familiar "metallic sound" that this label uses
almost on a regular basis. This is certainly the worst release of this show yet.

(Relevant Info) From Underground Uprising:
Achilles Last Stand is not present on this release and appears not to have been performed at this show.
Plant is in very good voice at this show. Plant's vocal adornments during Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven
resemble those from the '77 tour. The firecracker incident during White Summer cuts that song down to
two and half minutes. Page did take a wrong turn during White Summer and was attempting to find his way
back when the firecracker struck. The announcer... [edit] ...asks the audience to bring to the stage the
perpetrator so they can have a word with him. I'm sure the road crew wanted to sit him down over tea and
discuss proper audience etiquette. Someone should check the obituaries in the Vienna newspaper archives
to see if any bodies were found outside the hall (listed as Wiener Stadthalle on the back cover). After
the announcement, the band returns with a vengeance. Page does lose his grip during Rock & Roll's guitar
solo, but he delivers an inspired and lengthy (6 minutes) solo during Stairway to Heaven. After a light-hearted
guitar introduction, the band launches into the most inextricable version of Whole Lotta Love ever. Boogie Woogie
holds the line. Too bad. Those punk-heads at the time could have learned a thing or two about sonic anarchy from
the true masters. (Brian Ingham)

Credits: Vinnie, the original poster at EZTree


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