Friday, July 28, 2017

Oasis 2002-07-19 Gurten Festival Gurten Berne, Switzerland

Oasis 2002-07-19 Gurten Festival Gurten Berne (FM Broadcast) Flac

01 Hung In A Bad Place
02 Go Let It Out
03 Columbia
04 Morning Glory
05 Stop Crying Your Heart Out
06 Little By Little
07 Cigarettes And Alcohol
08 Live Forever
09 Better Man
10 She's Electric
11 Born On A Different Cloud
12 Acquiesce
13 Force Of Nature
14 Don't Look Back In Anger
15 Some Might Say
16 My Generation

Ok here's another stunning show I have on a silver disc
entitled "Oasis Berne Switzerland".

The disc itself has no record label or cat nos. I have a feeling this is one of those
home made silver cdr's.

Anyway it's the FM version of the show already on the tracker but is more complete
than the video/dvd.

The quality is of official release standard, doesn't get better than this.

Anyway I have still got quite a number of silvers to share
which I will in due time.

As always get the volume cranked up and enjoy.....


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