Monday, July 31, 2017

Oasis 2005-06-20 UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL


Bootleg Title: Chicago Supernova
Venue: UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL, USA
Date: 20th June 2005

Minidisc Audience Master Recording Sony MD Walkman  MZ-R55 Recorder
with Sony PC-65 Pencil Stereo Mic, Recorded - Left Balcony Stratosphere
Master Minidisc>Realtek AC97 Sound Card>Audacity Sound Capture>44100 Hz Wav > FLAC

Quality: B+

Disc One:

01 Fuckkin' In The Bushes
02 Turn Up The Sun
03 Lyla
04 Love Like A Bomb
05 Bring It On Down
06 Morning Glory
07 Cigarettes And Alcohol
08 The Importance Of Being Idle
09 Little By Little
10 A Bell Will Ring
11 Live Forever
12 The Meaning Of Soul
13 Mucky Fingers
14 Champagne Supernova
15 Rock N Roll Star

Disc Two:

01 Songbird
02 Wonderwall
03 Don't Look Back In Anger
04 My Generation



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