Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pearl Jam 1995-03-24 Auckland, New Zealand

Pearl Jam
Auckland, New Zealand
24 March 1995

Source unknown. I got cassette copies from the person I believe recorded the show (on
cassette). The quality of the 24th isn't great, the 25th is better. A lot of audience
noise and this setlist appears incomplete. Tim and Neil Finn join Eddie Vedder on-stage
on both nights for the final two encore numbers.

01 crowd told to stand back
02 Throw your arms around me
03 Oceans
04 Last Exit
05 Spin the black circle
06 Tremor Christ
07 Corduroy
08 Elderly Woman
09 Animal
10 Glorified G
11 Daughter
12 Immortality
13 Alive
14 Blood
15 Better Man
16 Porch

joined by Neil and Tim Finn
17 History
18 I Got You


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