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The Cure 1981-06-03 Metropol, Berlin, Germany

The Cure
Date: 3 jun 1981
Location: Metropol, Berlin, Germany
Source: audience
Generation: unknown
Quality: good
Lineage: my analog tapes -see notes- > pioneer tape deck > cd audio standalone > cd-ex (extracting the .wav file) > cd wave (for splitting and renaming the tracks) > Trader's little Helper (flac 6) > Dime

main set
01 The holy hour
02 In your house
03 Other voices
04 10:15 saturday night
05 Accuracy
06 The funeral party
07 M
08 The drowning man
09 All cats are grey
10 Three imaginary boys
11 Primary
12 At night (debut missing but includes comment by R.Smith)
13 Fire in cairo
14 Play for today
15 Grinding halt
16 A forest
17 Faith
   1st encore
18 Jumping someone else's train
19 Another journey by train
20 Killing an arab
   2nd encore
21 a- comment by R.Smith (*2)
21 b- Boys don't cry (*1)
22 I'm cold (*1)

Total length : 94 min 48
Flac Size : 633 mo

notes : (*1) & (*2) are from alternative versions.
I mean it's the same audience recording but through the years, I've received this concert 3 times with several little differences every time (for example on different tapes > 2c60 min; c90; c100, and the sound quality also changes; as you know it depends on the lineage and many other factors...
The main part of this show comes from a tdk sa-x c100 tape traded with K.S (Finland) in the mid 90's with no confirmed lineage.
I think K.S has made an equalized version as on the main parts the high notes are very present.
I made this composite to offer the longer version possible with the less cuts possible.
Oh, I've noticed that speaks about a great version of 'forever'(8'42") but none of my versions include this song (in my opinion, 'forever' was simply patched from another concert)
Yes,'Forever' could be played after 'I'm cold' but never recorded !

Feel free to add your comment & feel free to compare with your version ! If yours better, please share it.

Line-up : dream team > R.S, S.G, L.T

Transferred and seed by : dimitroy / May 2008


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