Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Cure 1983-07-27 Midnight Express Bournemouth, England

Bournemouth, England - Midnight Express

SOURCE: Analog master (AUD0) > CDR > EAC > FLAC

01 The Figurehead
02 In Your House
03 M
04 The Drowning Man
05 Cold
06 Siamese Twins
07 Primary
08 Three Imaginary Boys
09 At Night
10 One Hundred Years
11 Play For Today
12 10.15 Saturday Night
13 Killing An Arab
14 A Forest
15 Pornography
16 Jumping Someone Else'S Train
17 Forever

NOTES:  In the late '90s a buddy and I set up some trades with one G.P./Guiseppe Panzicca/Blaine in Italy.  It became clear that this guy was not always honest with his gens and anything marked as coming from him should be taken with a grain of salt and *stay* as a "GP trade tape" so as to distinguish it from other versions.  That being said, there ended up being a lot of junk but also few gems from the shows we got from him. A version of this show was torrented back in 2006 so not sure if this one if different or not but as noted, this was traded by GP as an AUD0.  The show is listed on http://www.cure-concerts.de/concerts/1983-07-27.php

Recorded by ?
Seeded on DIME by JLW 2010


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