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The Cure 1989-09-04 Fiddles Green Amphitheatre, Denver, CO


Date Location: 1989-09-04 Fiddles Green Amphitheatre, Denver, USA
Source: AUD
Generation: AUD2
Equipment: unknown
Lineage: Cassette > Pioneer PDR-509 CD-R > WAV > Soundforge (tracking) > FLAC
Taper: unknown


01 - Plainsong
02 - Pictures Of You
03 - Closedown
04 - Piggy In The Mirror
05 - A Night Like This
06 - Just Like Heaven
07 - Last Dance
08 - Fascination Street
09 - Lovesong
10 - Charlotte Sometimes
11 - The Walk
12 - A Forest
13 - Inbetween Days
14 - The Same Deep Water As You
15 - Prayers For Rain
16 - Disintegration
17 - Lullaby
18 - Close To Me
19 - Let's Go To Bed
20 - Why Can't I Be You?
21 - Homesick
22 - Untitled
23 - A Strange Day
24 - Three Imaginary Boys
25 - Boys Don't Cry
26 - 10:15 Saturday Night
27 - Killing An Arab

Total: 2:21:11

Line up:

Robert Smith
Simon Gallup
Porl Thompson
Boris Williams
Roger O'Donnell


"This show is also known as 04.09.1989 Denver - Fiddler's Green. But the Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre
is located in Greenwood Village, a town near Denver, but not in Denver."

Thanks to Jara who shared the original tapes with me. I was not able to convince my parents to let me
take the road trip from Salt Lake City with my friends who were going (particularly as the first day
of the new school year was the very next day).

I had not listened to these tapes for a very long time. I have to say that my impression on sound quality
is a little better than I recalled. There's a fair amount of audience chatter at times, but overall the
band is reasonably balanced and some sections are quite listenable.


Tapes have been transferred with very little editing. I usually edit in fades and occationally cut out
audience noise, but this time I left the audio pretty much the way it was recorded. I was able make a
clean transition from my cassette 1 to cassette 2, however, there are still some jumpy cuts from the
original tape flips. The most obvious flaw is the missing section in the into of "Plainsong." However,
previous traders have always had songs missing. This could be the first time it's been created with
the full setlist.

Wish-man © The Cure Sources


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