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The Cure 1990-04-08 Festwiese am Zentralstadion Leipzig (East-Germany)

04.08.1990 Leipzig - Festwiese am Zentralstadion (East-Germany)

This is the complete Leipzig 1990 set in soundboard quality (remastered from the three FM broadcasts) on two CD-Rs.
"Faith" is included in full length!!! Only the beginning of "Killing An Arab" and "Never Enough" are taken from audience
recordings ... mixed excellent! This is the definitive version of the concert!

Orginal Bootleg->Wave->Flac with Traders Little Helper->You

01.Shake Dog Shake (5:17)
02.A Strange Day (4:11)
03.A Night Like This (4:46)
04.Catch (3:06)
05.Pictures Of You (7:27)
06.Fascination Street (4:54)
07.Lullaby (4:36)
08.Dressing Up (3:01)
09.The Same Deep Water As You (10:53)
10.The Perfect Girl (2:54)
11.Just Like Heaven (3:41)
12.The Walk (4:02)
13.Primary (3:54)
14.Inbetween Days (2:59)
15.A Forest (10:35)

16.Disintegration (7:17)
17.Close To Me (3:59)
18.Let's Go To Bed (3:24)
19.Why Can't I Be You? (6:29)
20.Lament (4:45)
21.M (3:58)
22.In Your House (3:43)
23.Faith (10:44)
24.Boys Don't Cry (3:18)
25.10.15 Saturday Night (4:20)
26.Killing An Arab (2:45)
27.Never Enough (4:25)


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  1. Thank u VERY much Plumdusty! EXCELLENT show and EXCELLENT sound quality! If u don't have this one, GET it!