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The Cure 2005-08-18 Rock Oz Arenes Avenches, Switzerland

The Cure
Rock Oz Arenes
Avenches, Switzerland
August 18, 2005

DSBD/AUD matrix, see notes.

Source 1: DSBD
Lineage: .... > CD-R (0) > HD > Flac, via Obertu to Zomb August 2005.

Source 2: master MD (SM version)
Lineage : Sony ECM-717 (powered) > Aiwa AM-F5 (manual levels) > analog cable > Asus P4P800 Deluxe (soundmax line in) > Sound Forge 8.0 (editing, fades) > FLAC Frontend level 8 (align on sector boundaries)
Original Seed by : bartos80 @ PPTC-forever drowning in torrent

01. Intro (crowd)
02. Open
03. Fascination Street
04. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
05. Alt.End
06. The Blood
07. The End Of The World
08. Shake Dog Shake
09. Us Or Them
10. A Night Like This
11. Push
12. Friday I'm In Love
13. Just Like Heaven
14. A Letter To Elise
15. Lullaby
16. Never Enough
17. Signal To Noise
18. The Baby Screams
19. One Hundred Years
20. End

Encore 1:
22. At Night
23. M
24. Play For Today
25. A Forest

Encore 2:
26. crowd
27. Let's Go To Bed
28. Why Can't I Be You?

Encore 3:
29. crowd
30. Boys Don't Cry
31. 10:15 Saturday Night

Notes, from Mixwell:

Sources were re-waved and dropped into Vegas-7; The SBD was compressed and Eq'd, the AUD was Eq'd and expanded. The master was L3 maximized. Track splits in Sound Forge-9. Flac'd, ASB'd and tagged using Flac Frontend (level 7).

Mulitple splices in both sources (most in the AUD) caused for many fixes and resyncs. All material from both sources was used.

*a thir13en Matrix*

For WM.

**Thanks to mixwell for putting this together!! 1:1 trading and free trade is OK, torrenting & sharing is OK, selling is NOT OK!!!
Please respect the hard work all involved put into this, and don't trade as mp3!!**


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