Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Replacements 1987-07-05 Moore Theatre Seattle, WA

The Replacements
Moore Theatre
Seattle, WA
July 5, 1987 (correct date; set lists on the web incorrectly refer to July 9)
JEMS Master

Aiwa CM-30 mic > Sony WM-D3

Master cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A azimuth-adjusted transfer (August 2008) > Peak 5.2 > FLAC

01 Intro > Hold My Life
02 Bastards of Young
03 I.O.U.
04 Never Mind
05 I Will Dare
06 Sixteen Blue
07 Nightclub Jitters
08 Folsom Prison Blues
09 Little Mascara
10 Answering Machine
11 Born In The USA
12 Dedicated To The One I Love
13 Lift Her Skirt
14 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
15 Within Your Reach
16 The Ledge
17 I Don't Know
18 Valentine
19 Red Red Wine
20 Unsatisfied
21 Can't Hardly Wait
22 Swingin' Party
23 Sweet Home Chicago (cut: tape change)
24 Alex Chilton
25 Left Of The Dial

This was a memorable one on several counts. First, Seattle's own Young Fresh Fellows opened the show, having become such good friends with Westerberg that they served as the house band at his wedding. Second, this a relatively early show in the Slim Dunlap era. Third, the band took the stage in garbage man coveralls. Fourth, check that, they didn't actually take the stage because their performance started in the pit in front of the stage. Fifth (I could keep going), they covered Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A."

I don't completely recall the details as to why this was my rig that night but it is the same exact set-up Brother KM used for his landmark, if I may be so bold, recording of U2 in Tempe in April of the same year.

How that cheap little Aiwa mic managed to be as effective as it was, I'll never know, but like that Tempe tape, this tape has impressive sonic range and better low end than any cheap mic job ever. Samples provided.

Having seen the 'Mats at their sloppiest before this, and later still figuring out how to behave like a "real" band, this show falls squarely into their most appealing phase for me as they play most of the songs all the way through, but still veer off course enough to keep the show totally in the moment. It kinds of drags to a halt at the end, but in spots it is thrilling.

We did a lot of 'Mats shows over the years, but this one has always stuck with me more than the others.

Butterking for JEMS


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