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Van Halen 1995-05-14 San Jose Arena San Jose, California

Van Halen
San Jose Arena
San Jose, California
May 14, 1995

the band:
Edward Van Halen
Alex Van Halen
Michael Anthony
Sammy Hagar

lineage: recording: Sony ECM-909 mic -> Sony WM-D6 -> Maxell XL-II 90m master cassette transfer (Spring of 2015) : TDK XL-II 90m master cassette -> Denon 790R -> Kenwood A-522 amplifier -> Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer -> DAT line out -> line in on Tascam DR-2D -> WAV -> Audacity (track splitting) -> FLAC (level 8).

tracklist (121:42):

01 The Seventh Seal
02 Big Fat Money
03 Runaround
04 Amsterdam
05 When It's Love
06 Top of the World
07 Bass Solo
08 Aftershock
09 Drum Solo
10 Can't Stop Lovin' You
11 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
12 Feelin'
13 Eagles Fly
14 You Really Got Me
15 Guitar solo
16 Why Can't This Be Love
17 Finish What Ya Started
18 Right Now
19 Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
20 Panama

Ballsdeep notes: This arena always sounded 'cold' to me, and this recording pretty much backs that up. it's still a very rock-solid recording (I'd found my groove after nearly 3 full years of taping shows), and I'm sure Eddie fans will dig it, as he comes thru loud and clear. hard to believe this was over 20 years ago...

I'm pretty sure this VH show has never been uploaded before....much less from the master. I did trade out a few copies on cassette in the late 90's, but as far as master > digital, this is a first.

I will say that all 3 of these (Bay Area) shows have a slightly 'hollow' sound to my ears.  I blame the Sony 909 mic, as a short appeared my favored Sonic Studios (DSM6P) when at White Zombie in Phoenix on May 10, and I had to mail them to Oregon via Express Mail to get them somewhat repaired (Leonard never did replace the wires, in 2016 the mics are on their last legs) and returned for the rest of the trip starting with The Black Crowes May 17 in L.A.

I believe they'd be a bit more 'punchy' on the low end with the SS mics, but don't worry, having had a few years taping experience at this point, they're still very solid documents of the time. or, Eddie sounds fine, and crowd noise is pretty much at a minimum (again, this is after spot listens, haven't listened to every second of every show again, but I'm pretty happy with what I hear), though this Sacramento gig has a bit more crowd noise than Oakland or San Jose.

Also, Slash's Snakepit opened (the only 3 shows of the VH tour doing so, they were a last minute add before Slash and Co. headed to Japan), the San Jose and Oakland opening sets are complete, Sacramento I believe is the last 4 songs only, I believe Dave got there late.

It sure is nifty how one can post show availability in a torrents comment section, send a show to someone over the interwebs (sic) and have it uploaded in less time than just mailing tapes/cds one way in the mail.  BIG thanks to Panamaniac for the never know what may pop up next.

Panamaniac notes: Thanks to Steve H. (ballsdeep) for pulling this uncirculated master from his archives and allowing me the opportunity to share it with you! Folks, this show is one of those truly rare gems that you've been waiting to be unearthed for some 20+ years and should be downloaded immediately! Great sound/minimal audience noise/stellar musicianship. Fantastic recording in my opinion.

01 - The Seventh Seal.flac:117dd010e2d734cde722d8e55c59573d
02 - Big Fat Money.flac:a64f268ef0553d88c88408df3e72a810
03 - Runaround.flac:4e4b3ecfeb896cc331f5cec18fbb7a25
04 - Amsterdam.flac:e1208e3866ef4faee10a8b672f9b8460
05 - When It's Love.flac:bf1b7b933e1f355bfc710bbe7380bab5
06 - Top of the World.flac:c42908237ecbd1948fda033764014291
07 - Bass Solo.flac:dc64a79daecb381d5ebb4510609ae557
08 - Aftershock.flac:0ffd6533e970aba76489bfa7805a5f03
09 - Drum Solo.flac:fc35bbf1c48a7bf8c9eecc3942ecbf37
10 - Can't Stop Lovin' You.flac:9fe50952105e31986670a199a393d769
11 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac:c3bfc5489c07aa0c2dfbb20c707cb528
12 - Feelin'.flac:b13f31da9f2c08fa6ce5d3bdcaf51a48
13 - Eagles Fly.flac:316cd93676ca572f76c664d42411b013
14 - You Really Got Me.flac:36b5cc2cc3f22e48c4b51d06889ebd25
15 - Guitar Solo.flac:20d4a96e0b32a2e9d66c1581e909fd5a
16 - Why Can't This Be Love.flac:0d1c2f8b11bd5b62b201704dffdc5496
17 - Finish What Ya Started.flac:37343eaaf6200da9632f0f87d1dbc061
18 - Right Now.flac:2fb7a65cf606ddbed2b4787458c6ddad
19 - Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do).flac:c492bdac50025c5d2f1b030507e904a5
20 - Panama.flac:cc4ccd8a567fa7f71046d0cdd6acf9a0

Checksum file saved to disk.

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