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Alison Krauss 1993-04-03 Santa Maria Style Bluegrass Festival Santa Maria, CA(SBD)

Alison Krauss & Union Station
April 3, 1993
Santa Maria Style Bluegrass Festival
Santa Maria, California
Soundboard > Uher 325 cassette deck > Maxell XLII > Sek'd Prodif Plus soundcard > Soundforge > CDR > EAC > TLH > FLAC

Alison Krauss: vocals/fiddle
Adam Steffey: mandolin/ vocals
John Bowman: guitar/ vocals
Ron Block: banjo/ guitar/ vocals
Barry Bales: bass

Disc 1
Afternoon Set
1) Two Highways
2) Another Day Another Dollar
3) Rebecca
4) Steel Rails
5) Teardrops Will Kiss the Morning Dew
6) Cluck Old Hen
7) Another Night
8) Foolish Heart
9) Kern County Breakdown
10) That Makes One of Us
11) I’ll Never Stand In Your Way
12) I’ve Got That Old Feeling
13) Clinch Mountain Backstep .

Disc 2
Evening Set
1) Too Late To Cry
2) Wild Bill Jones
3) Pike County Breakdown
4) Sleep On
5) It’s Over
6) Windy City Rag
7) It Won’t Work This Time
8) Lose Again
9) Heaven’s Bright Shore
10) Old Friend w/ Laurie Lewis
11) Atlanta
12) Big Mon
13) I Will
14) Mollie & Tenbrooks

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I made these cassettes directly from the soundboard on my Uher CR134 in 1993 and now, largely Thanks to EasyEd, it may get to you. It was transferred back in 2006 by Bigfoot (note amended transfer info).


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