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Dire Straits 1991-08-23 The Point Depot Dublin, Ireland

Dire Straits - "THE ON EVERY STREET KICK-OFF" 1991-08-23, Ireland ( great sound with 7 rarely played songs)!!

Venue: The Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland

Date:  1991-August-23rd

Source Audience

Format  2CD-R



1. Calling Elvis
2. The Bug
3. Walk of Life
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Planet of New Orleans
6. Heavy Fuel
7. Private Investigations
8. Sultans of Swing
9. On every street


1. Iron hand
2. Portobello Belle
3. I think I love you too much
4. Two young lovers
5. Telegraph Road
6. Setting me up
7. Money for Nothing (with complete band introduction)
8. Brothers in Arms
9. Wild Theme (Local hero)
10.Long Highway


Additional comments (J v TOL):

Very good sounding and complete recording of this first concert of the On every street world tour 1991-1992.
The concert itself is very interesting because of the rarely performed songs like:

Planet of New Orleans
Iron hand,
Portobelle belle,
I think I love you too much,
Setting me up,
Wild theme (rare as a 1991 version!),
The long highway

and of course because it's the very first concert of the tour.

This is the first ever live performance of The long highway and has an ending that is very different from the one of the Golden heart tour.

Also a very rare part during Money for nothing: the song opens with the solo & drums and while that goes on and on, Mark Knopfler introduces the whole band before starting with the lyrics. Very cool and never done again after this concert!(listen sample 2)

Highly recommended show!


Comments (Tripod,Pyroman):

The first concert of the On Every Street tour, with immediately a very impressive setlist.

No less than 19 songs - whereas most of the concerts of the tour had only 15 or 16 songs - including Iron Hand, Portobello Belle, I Think I Love You Too Much, Setting Me Up and Long Highway, songs that weren't played so often during the rest of the tour!

Money For Nothing has a long intro during which Mark introduces the band, which is very unusual.  The sound is pretty good for an audience recording, although the quality and volume vary somewhat throughout the recording, with some minor flaws.  This the remastered version, sounding better (and louder) than the previous version.


Enlight note :

The first Dire Straits concert after almost 5 years silence in 1991.

(for me) This show got so much highlights,to much to mention, some can be read above.

During The first couple of 1991 concerts Dire straits where trying to find the "right" setlist and the order to play the songs, compare it with some later setlist, and you will see the difference.  Not only which tracks and in which order to play, also the songs that stays in during the whole tour started off with a different aproach.

all stuff thats great to hear!

Great to have one of the best sounding "Iron hand", i know some people really loves this song, but have to deal with a worse sounding version like the version which is on "is anybody listening?" bootleg ( upped by me here, so browse or click my user-name).And IMHO this version sounds (much) better! (listen sample 1)

It still give me the shivers to hear the overall Enthausiasme from the (most) Irish fans in Dub, especially during "Portbello belle" after the.......,,She do a song about the long gone Irish girl"...lyric parts. (listen sample 3)

Mark speaks a lot , like during wild theme/going home which is more a small goodbye to the audience tune ( it sounds like Mark doesn't plays one off his usual guitars on this version), which nicely goes over (as an interlude/intro) into "the long highway" which was never played before back then!

so enjoy,revive and be surprised with this great concert (imho)!

covers, flaclog,md5 included

take care



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