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Dire Straits 1991-08-24 The Point Depot Dublin,Ireland

 Dire Straits - 1991-08-24 Dublin,Ireland -"Together Again 91"- The second show of the OES world Tour, with 6 rarely played songs (samples included)

Dire Straits
The Point Depot
Dublin, Ireland
24th August 1991

Source Audience
Format 2CD-R

 CD 1

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk of life
3. Romeo and Juliet
4. Heavy fuel
5. Planet of New Orleans
6. Private investigations
7. Sultans of swing
8. Fade to black
9. On every street

 CD 2

1. Portobello belle
2. I think I love you too much
3. Two young lovers
4. Tunnel of love (with band introduction)
5. Setting me up
6. Money for nothing
7. Brothers in arms
8. Wild theme
9. The long highway

Dire straits tour members:

Mark Knopfler : guitars and vocals
John Illsley : bass and backing vocals
Chris Whitten : drums
Phil Pamer : guitars
Alan Clark : keyboards
Guy Fletcher : keyboards and backing vocals
Chris White : sax and backing vocals
Danny Cummings : percussions
Paul Franklin : pedal steel guitar

comment J.Van Tol(OEB):

Second concert of the On every street 1991-1992 world tour .
The sound is not too bad.

The concert itself is very interesting because of the rarely performed songs like:

-Fade to black
-Portobelle belle
-I think I love you too much,
-Setting me up,
-Wild theme (rare as a 1991 version!)
-The long highway

"The long highway" was completely new for everybody at that time and has an ending that is very different from the one of the Golden heart tour!


Enlight note:

Second show of the EOS huge 1991/1992-worldtour in Dublin

Great performance.

The sound is a bit "far-off" and the audience present is loud sometimes

some rarely played songs and other setlist-order because this is the beginning of the tour

Nice to hear "Fade to black" , Portobello belle and "The long highway" for example.

The fist time that"Tunnel of Love" was played after the 1985/1986 tour, "telegraph road" was played the night before instead ( the First show, 1991-08-23).
Also "Fade to Black" was played for the first time this night.

"The Bug" was left out the setlist comparing to the night before...but returned later to be never left out in later shows.

"Wild theme" is a rerae version, first the tune is played by keyboard(s)and Mark joins in on guitar later.(samples)

"The long highway" seems to be finished after Mark says "...thank you.."...but seconds later the band restart for the outro (nice to hear)(samples)

So this it the recording of the second night of the OES 1991/1992 world tour started in Dublin(24th August 1991) also named "DIRE STRAITS-TOGETHER AGAIN91".

The start (First night) of the oes-world tour in Dublin (23th August 1991) named "DIRE STRAITS -THE ON EVERY STREET KICK-OFF"
can be downloaded here:

covers (thx Nico) included in the download folder.

take care and be nice

Enlight 2011-Aug


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