Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gov't Mule 2017-08-05 Charlotte Metro Credit Union Ampitheatre, Charlotte NC

Gov't Mule
Charlotte Metro Credit Union Ampitheatre, Charlotte NC

Source: schoeps mk41>nbob actives>sound device 744 @ 24/48
fob dfc 9 ft. up PAS 
transfer: sdhc>audacity dither> cd wave splits>tlh flac 8

t&s by c. cage

A Home Team Dirty South Recording

Set 1
01 "Revolution Radio" samplings
02 Come & Go Blues 
03 Dreams 
04 Rocking Horse 
05 Time To Confess
06 Birth Of The Mule w/ Power Of Love tease
07 Revolution Come, Revolution Go 
08 Stone Cold Rage 

Set 2
01 John The Revelator
02 Just Got Paid 
03 Monkey Hill with She's So Heavy ending 
04 Kind Of Bird w/ Happy Together tease 
05 Child Of The Earth 
06 Funny Little Tragedy w/ Message In A Bottle & The Bed's Too Big Without You lyrics 
07 Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground 
08 Crowd

09 Dreams & Songs 

Thanks to Dan Harris for clamp space!


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