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Jeff Buckley 1995-01-30 Liquid Room Tokyo, Japan

January 30 (Monday), 1995
Tokyo, Liquid Room, Japan

Mistery White Boy European and Japanese Tour 1995 (January 14 - March 5, 1995)

01. Dream Brother 8:54
02. Grace 7:17
03. So Real 6:38
04. Last Goodbye 4:47
05. What Will You Say 7:36
06. Lilac Wine (Robert Shelton/Nina Simone) 6:12
07. Mojo Pin 7:10
08. Eternal Life 7:19
09. "Mystery Gig" (made up song) > Lover, You Should've Come Over 9:05
Running time: 1:04:58

01. talk > tuning 3:10
02. Vancouver 4:42
03. Kanga-roo (A.Chilton/Big Star) 8:52
04. talk > intro 1:55
05. < Hallelujah / I Know It's Over (Leonard Cohen/The Smiths) 9:56

Running time: 28:35

Total running time: 1:33:33

Lineage: ?? > CDr(x) Trade > WAV > CDWave > Flac Frontend > FLAC (Aligned - Level 8)
Complete show
Uploaded to Dime on June, 2006 by AintNoBody

This performance is commonly circulated via the 'Japanese Whisper' bootleg (Godfather Records #G.R.14) which one assumes, to fit onto a single CD was edited, with 'Vancouver' & 'Kanga-roo' getting the chop from the setlist.
This is the COMPLETE 2Disc show in all it's glory!!

"I acquired this show in a trade minus the info file but i believe this is taken from the same source used for the 'Japanese Whisper' bootleg with the exception that this includes the missing tracks (Disc2 - tracks1-3) edited out, one assumes to make up a more marketable single CD set..........
To my knowledge, there exists a DAUD sony ecm727p source of this great performance & it's quite possible that this is indeed generated from that audience recording..."
Uploaded to DIME by AintNoBody June 12th 2006

This is the second of the six shows Jeff played in Japan and the final at Liquid Room.

Video of Jeff performing Hallelujah on the previous night, January 29, 1995: http://www.dailymotion.com/jB88jkRE/live/video/x2lycs_jeff-buckley-hallelujah-live-at-the_music


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