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Jimi Hendrix Experience 1969-01-09 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden,

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden,
09th January 1969

Uploaded by Axel(a.k.a. RoryGallagher), Friesland, Germany

for the good ppl, friends, sis's and bro's who share the ride, my love always

Lineage(JHE): sbd > unknown transfer > liberated 'On The Killing Floor' 2CD set > EAC(enjoy EAC logs in German language) > Wav > Flac Frontend(level8) > Flac (> YOU)
Taped by: unknown, HANX :-)
Title: 'On The Killing Floor'
Artwork added, scanned by myself
Art lineage: CD cover > HP Scanjet 4370(at 200dpi) > HD > jpeg's named to their destination (> YOU)

late show

01) I Don't Live Today
02) Spanish Castle Magic
03) Hey Joe
04) Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
05) Sunshine Of Your Love
06) Red House
07) Fire
08) Purple Haze
09) The Star Spangled Banner

Length: 126:08min

Jimi Hendrix: Vocals, Guitar
Neil Redding: Bass
Mitch Mitchell: Drums

AVOID MP3 ~ Don't Let It Bring You Down

These shows are for free trading only ~ if you sell you'll go to hell

Move over rover,

(source: liberated 'On The Killing Floor' 2CD set and traded flac files sets from a great friend, thanksamillion)

Note: The early show has several tracks released officialy, so i didn't include anything from these tracks, neither the notes or the logs. Just the artwork because both discs are mentioned in the same pictures.


Contrast Clause:

FM recording sourced from a 1st Gen cassette. However, as the description states, "The station used EQ it and added compression, etc. to bring out the sound."
This, in my opinion, sounds more natural.
So you could consider this not an upgrade in lineage, but of course an upgrade in quality!


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