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KISS 1990-07-21 Starwood Amphitheatre Nashville, TN

Starwood Amphitheatre
Antioch (Nashville), TN
July 21, 1990
Hot In The Shade Tour
Supported by Danger Danger and Slaughter

FLAC - Audience Recording
Lineage Unknown

I moved to Nashville from Michigan in late 1989 and this was my first concert in the area. I was 16 years old and it was my first time seeing Kiss. For me, it was a righteous experience. I had been listening to them for years and to finally see them live blew me away. None of my friends really liked them at the time and so I was on my own and didn't have a car yet so my sister dropped me off at the venue. I went to buy a concert t-shirt and having little experience going to shows at this point in my life I didn't think to buy a bigger t-shirt because they would shrink. So, being a smaller guy, I grabbed a medium. Then I bought a tour book and waited for the show to begin. I really wanted a good look, so I got as close as I could afford which was under the amphitheatre over on the right, row FF.

Then guitars wailed and drums boomed as Slaughter took the stage. I really liked Slaughter's album "Stick It To Ya" and was looking forward to seeing them. They absolutely blew me away. To this day STILL, one of the most energetic opening acts to start a night of rock and roll. They only played six songs, but all of them kicked ass.

After a short set change, Danger Danger came on. I wasn't really into them as much although the song "Bang Bang" was good. They were fun, but by then I was hoping they would finish so we could get to the main course.

Then, after a longer delay to set up the big stage, Kiss came on at last. Seeing that massive sphinx in the back of the stage (that they jokingly call "Leon") and band coming out of the mouth to start the show was really cool. They busted into a bunch of classics which people in the U.S. hadn't heard for many years and everyone was into the show. I think back and can still see myself looking up towards the roof of the amphitheatre with my mouth hanging open during the slowed down part of "Hide Your Heart" as the laser lights danced all around. Then to hear "God of Thunder" followed by Eric Carr's incredible drum solo made me think I was the luckiest guy alive to be there to see this. Add the pyro at the end of Detroit Rock City, the surprise encore of "I Want You" and of course "Rock and Roll All Nite" and this young boy had a night of memories he would never forget.

I was working a restaurant job then and had to be there at 5am to help open it. So after getting maybe 3 hours of sleep (if I was lucky) I got there still amped up from the experience. The manager was pretty young too (only in his late 20's) and it turns out he went too. We went on and on all morning about Eric's solo and the rest of the show. Now, as I look back 23 years later, I realize a couple of things:

- I was damn lucky to get to see Eric Carr perform live in person (RIP).

- I should have bought that large t-shirt (but I still have it in a chest (only worn once). Pictures of it are in the files as well as my well worn, barely readable ticket stub.

So here it is, a somewhat distant recording but full representation of the show (not taped by me). This is a transfer from the version I had directly on cassette. The version I had picked up online somewhere was missing "God of Thunder", the drum solo and "Forever." Plus that other version appeared to be the same recording only boosted too much which created distortion in several places. This version has a tiny cut in "Calling Dr. Love" and a fade out at the very end of "I Love It Loud", but other than that is a complete show. Lastly, why Kiss felt obligated to play "Oh Susannah" not once, but twice during the set is beyond me. I guess it was the whole Nashville country music thing.

Hope you like it!



I Stole Your Love
Heaven's On Fire
Crazy Crazy Nights
Black Diamond
Shout It Out Loud
Calling Dr. Love (small cut)
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Oh Susannah/Rise To It
Fits Like A Glove
Hide Your Heart
Lick It Up
God of Thunder
Eric Carr Drum Solo
Cold Gin
Tears Are Falling
I Love It Loud (fade out at the end)
Love Gun
Detroit Rock City
Oh Susannah/I Want You
Rock And Roll All Nite

I posted the Slaughter set not long ago and it is only a partial because two songs were officially released on their live ep "Stick It Live" and I could not included them. That torrent can be found here:

As for Danger Danger, that set has yet to turn up. If anyone has it or knows about it, please let me know! I would love to have the full night.


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