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Led Zeppelin 1979-07-24 Falkoner Theatre Copenhagen Denmark(Geiko-Sukui)

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Venue - Falkoner Theatre
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Title: Copenhagen warm-ups (the second night)
Date: 7/24/79
Media: Geiko-Sukui Stereo 3ZC-07249 (3 LP Set)

Source: Audience

Rating - Fidelity:
Starts off at a B and gets much. much better.  The Led Zeppelin
Vinyl Bootlegs Discography rates this a Very Good Stereo Audience recording.
I say by the 3rd song, you'll be into it.

Rating - Performance:
Their last warmup before Knebworth.  They're absolutely ready.

Realistic LAB 400 Direct Drive Turntable w/ Shure AT130E Stereo Cartridge>
Cool Edit 2000 44.1 *.wav>CDWAV>EAC to FLAC>YOU!


Disc 1
01 The Conversation Changes
02 Commeration Night
03 White Cat
04 Everybody's Flaw But Theirs
05 Under The Mountain and Nearby
06 Foggy Hill Jump
07 Since I've Been (Seven Till Eleven)
08 No Dimes
09 Five Weeks Here
10 Cold Cat

Disc 2
11 Snow Song
12 Black Winter/White Hilltop
13 Cashmere Sweater
14 Crushed Overhead
15 Afflicted Once More
16 Ulysses First Fall
17 So Low
18 In the Morning
19 Staircase to Above
20 Whole Lot Of Infatuation

Honest - that's what's on the back of the record!  So if you can't figure out what the
songs are, you really have no business downloading this bad boy.  <grin>

Okay.  Okay - Here are the ordered on the LP with correct names:.

GEIKO SUKUI 3ZC-07249 1-6

Side 1: The Song Remains The Same
Celebration Day
Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Side 2: Over The Hills & Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
Side 3: No Quarter
Ten Years Gone
Hot Dog
Side 4: The Rain Song
White Summer medley incl. Black Mountain Side - Kashmir
Side 5: Trampled Underfoot
Sick Again
Achilles Last Stand
Side 6: Guitar & Drum Solo - In The Evening
Stairway To Heaven
Whole Lotta Love

Poster's notes:
I went into a record store, whose name escapes me at the moment, in
Bethesda, MD about 1982 and asked the good fellow behind the counter if he had
any Led Zeppelin bootlegs.  He laughed and proceeded to cover the counter with
well over 50 recordings from nearly every year.  I settled on this one because it
was complete, the most recent he had, and contained a couple songs from
In Through The Out Door.  Although I had no idea of the sound quality of the boot,
in those days you just shelled out your $45 and hoped for the best....

I made a cassette copy immediately, and carefully stored the record away in
anti-static record sleeves....

A buddy of mine for years has been insisting I transfer this to CD.  I always thought
I had much better quality Led stuff to listen to so it went to the bottom of the
priority list.  Once he heard I married  my turntable setup with my computer,
he was right there, johnny-on-the-spot asking me to do this one first.  Plus since
we're in a LedFest at the moment, I thought I'd contribute.

So Baxter, this is for you.

I went after the super annoying pops in the recording, but there are
LP crackles that are still there.  Nothing that should deter you though.  This
was literally the second time I ever tracked these LP's.

I ran no EQ, added no effects, and did nothing to 'improve' this recording as my
philosophy is: what sounds good on my speakers will probably NOT sound good
on yours.

Enjoy!  Don't you just LOVE all this Led that's surfacing?


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