Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Police 1980-02-20 West Auditorium Kyoto, Japan

The Police
Kyoto West Auditorium
february 20 1980

audiance recording

next to you
so lonely
walking on the moon
truth hits everybody
bring on the night
hole in my life
fall out
visions of the night
the beds too big without you
message in a bottle
cant stand losing you
born in the fifties
no time this time
next to you

yes a small riot at this show, students again...very noisy people :-)
best you will find, didn't fix anything on thisone came straight from the
original master recorder first on tape, now on CDR.
last show of the 1980 japan tour, enjoy

Brings back some other memories with an old friend Toni, yes hunting down
boots at the Barcelona record fair, great time there, great dealers and
a lot of boots.

any requests? for a nice police story I'll do everything!




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