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The Police 2007-06-13 McAfee Coliseum Oakland, CA

The Police
McAfee Coliseum
Oakland, CA
June 13, 2007

Mics: Sound Professionals binaurals (unmodified Panasonic capsules)
Location: Section 14, Row 12, seat 13.  Separated stereo config
          (lapels).  Approximately 120' from and directly lined up
          with the stage-left speaker stacks.
Lineage: SPB(s) > iRiver H120

1. Message In A Bottle
2. Synchronicity II
3. [ Band introductions ]
4. Don't Stand So Close To Me
5. Voices Inside My Head > When the World Is Running Down
6. Spirits in the Material World
7. Driven To Tears
8. Walking on the Moon
9. Truth Hits Everybody
10. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
11. Wrapped Around Your Finger
12. The Bed's Too Big Without You
13. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
14. Invisible Sun
15. Walking in your Footsteps
16. Can't Stand Losing You / Reggatta de Blanc
17. Roxanne
Encore 1:
18. King of Pain
19. So Lonely
Encore 2:
20. Every Breath You Take
Encore 3:
21. Next To You

This is certainly a flawed recording; I'm mainly putting it out there
for the completists.  With the Bay Area's taper culture, I expect a
better version to show up sooner or later.  In the meantime:

1) Due to a last-second decision to tape, I was missing a few key
   pieces of equipment -- like an ADC, preamp, or even a simple
   battery box.  The low-end distorts throughout the recording as a

2) The women directly in front of me felt that the middle of the
   headliner set at a $225-per-ticket concert was the perfect time to
   catch up with each other's lives.  And my mics were there to
   immortalize their chat.

3) A slip of the finger led to a dramatic, unintentional fade-in on
   the master through the first ten seconds or so of the show.  Rather
   than try to clean it up and botch the job, I left it as-is.  Levels
   were untouched through the rest of the show (the clipping mics kept
   the meters topping out at around -3 dB).

You've been warned; flames about quality will be cheerfully ignored.

For those of you that still burn shows to audo CDs, splitting before
track 13 (De Do Do Do) will result in a pretty well-balanced two-disc

No artwork with this one, sorry.  Feel free to make some.


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