Friday, August 11, 2017

Van Halen 1979-06-27 The Apollo Theatre Manchester, England

Van Halen 6/27/79
The Apollo Theatre
Manchester, England
unkown gen cassette>CDR>WAV>FLAC
extracted to wav with EAC, cvonverted to FLAC with FRONTEND
as tree'd at VHTrading august 2006
This is an average recording for the 1979 tour, Nothing special, But a show for the collection.

It starts out clearly saying Hello Manchester,
Please welcome back from thier 2nd Worldwide tour, The mighty VH

Light up the sky
Dave addresses Manchester
Somebody get me a Doctor
Dave says Alex Van Halen Manchester
Runnin with the Devil
Dave asks Manchester how the hell you been, Van Halen Returns,
He talks about doing only a few special English dates, And the setlist
Brand new Dance the night Away
Beautiful Girls
Daves Story to Manchester-Pre everybdy wants some quotes
On Fire
Mikes Bass Solo
Your no Good
Jamies Crying
Feel your love tonight (tape flips, beginning few seconds are lost from the taper)
Outta Love Again
Ice Cream Man
More Manchester refrences
Aint talking Bout Love (Dave says this is being taped to play in the US.
He also says Manchester, You people are alot louder than New Castle was Last Night.)
Long crowd Chant of Halen, Halen, Halen
Edwards Solo
You Really Got Me
Bottoms Up!
Atomic Punk

16 tracks 78:39 A ton of Manchester refrences.

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