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Van Halen 1980-07-18 Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto Ontario Canada

Have You Seen Junior's Grades?
Format: 2 Compact Discs (Homemade CD-R)

Label: Back It Up! 2001

Source: Maple Leaf Gardens - Toronto Ontario Canada - July 18, 1980

Disc 1
1.Romeo Delight 4:20
2.Bottoms Up 3:30
3.Drum Solo 2:25
4.Running With The Devil 3:34
5.Dave Speaks 1:28
6.Tora, Tora, Tora/Loss Of Control 3:17
7.Take Your Whiskey Home 5:19
8.Dance The Night Away 3:02
9.Women In Love 3:42
10.Jam 2:05
11.Jamie's Crying 3:14
12.Bright Lights, Big City 8:49

Disc 1 Time - 44:50

Disc 2
1.Everybody Wants Some 5:39
2.The Cradle Will Rock 5:02
3.On Fire 2:59
4.Eddie's Solo 7:20
5.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 8:30
6.Ice Cream Man 6:44
7.You Really Got Me 3:21
8.Radio Interview from July 11, 1980 - Toledo OH 11:43

Disc 2 Time - 51:20

Total Running Time - 96:10

The artwork for this show says the venue was the C.N.E Coliseum in Toronto. It was actually the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.
Cover art has the title and pertinent show information along with a collage of "in concert" images framed on a dark green background.
Rear artwork contains a track listing in red script text on a speckled background with three larger "in concert" images along the right side.
The show is a fairly clean audience recording with a bit of echo letting you know the size of the coliseum. The audience certainly enjoys the performance.
During the interview, (Track 8, Disc 2), Dave talks about the following topics:
A visit from the Toledo police
The poster included in the WACF LP
Story behind Everyone Wants Some
Rain and woman from "It Could Be Magic?"
Women problems
Almond Joy jingle / Monkey Hour
Family / Travel
Roller Hockey
Life on stage
Released in 2001.
(info from

Dave's notes:

Well I was at this show and it makes me feel old to think that it was 26 years ago now.
Me and my best friend Mike travelled to the show from tiny Warsaw Ontario. We had a not-so-tiny bag of Columbian weed too.
Van Halen was our favourite band and we were ecstatic to see them live. Dave, Ed and the boys did not disappoint. We weere hanging around the back of Maple Leaf Gardens, smoking some green hash that we had bought.
A limo pulls up and it's Eddie and Al and they wave and jumped around like crazy when they got out of the limo in the tunnel under the Gardens. Well, Ed did. Al just waved.
and then the can hear it all here before your naked, steaming ears. not the best aud recording but perfectly listenable.
the art that i found was incomplete and crappy, if anyone can find better please post it, thanks!

Lineage is Trade CDR>EAC (secure, no C2)>WAV(no errors)>Traders Little Helper>FLAC level 6>Bootcity Torrent Wizard>You

torrented by hkdave at Bootcity August 2006. an ongoing series of shows that I have attended.

Enjoy!!  NO MP3!!!

certified lossless


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