Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yes 1974-12-05 Tulsa Convention Center Arena Tulsa, Oklahoma

My friend taped this (same guy who taped Memphis, Mar 10, 1974 show).
This is from the master tapes. There is a bootleg of this show called South of the Tulsa
(Highland). I have not heard the bootleg, but I'm willing to bet its this same show/source.
My buddy doesn't trade, but he lent me the tapes.
I have tweaked the sound some to make it a tad clearer.
The sound is slightly distorted in spots; its not the cleanest recording,
but because it has South Side of the Sky it is a rarity.
I believe my friend told me he was sitting in the nose bleed section.
This show has circulated around since the late 80's on tape amongst Yes traders so I guess
its not all that rare any more. In any case I had a request for it so
here it is from the master tapes.

Relayer Tour
Tulsa Convention Center Arena
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dec. 5, 1974

Lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Patrick Moraz, Alan White

1.01 Firebird Suite (2.52)
1.02 Sound Chaser (9.47)
1.03 Close To The Edge (20.44)
1.04 To Be Over (9.16)
1.05 The Gates Of Delirium (22.51)
1.06 And You And I (10.30)

2.01 Ritual (27.53)
2.02 Roundabout (11.13)
2.03 South Side Of The Sky (cut) (4.28)




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