Saturday, April 27, 2019

David Bowie 1996-01-20 Scandinavium Gothenburg, Sweden

david Bowie Outside tour
sweden, Scandinavium, Gothenburgh 20th january 1996
Original Bootleg Live Gothenburg 1996 on CDR
Converted to wave with Switch Sound File Converter
Cleaned with Magix Audio Cleaning Lab
then converted to flac by Switch Sound File Converter - flac level 8

Disc 1
The Motel
Look Back In Anger
The hearts filthy lesson
Scary Monsters
The Vouyer Of Utter Destruction
I have not been to oxford town
Andy warhole
The man who sold the world
A small plot of land
Strangers when we meet

disc 2
Hallo Space boy
Jump they say
Breaking glass
We prick you
Nite flights
Teenage wildlife
My death
Under pressure
Boys keep swinging
Moonage daydream

Artwork Included.



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