Thursday, May 13, 2021

Too Much Joy 1995-02-22 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

Too Much Joy
Mercury Lounge, New York, NY (USA)
February 22, 1995

Equipment: Sony 909 mic > Sony D-6
Lineage: Master Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette > Tascam 202MKV > Edirol R09 (16/44) > Adobe Audition 5.5 (level boost/hiss reduction) > CD Wave Editor (track) > flac8
Taper: Stonecutter15: Stonecutter Archives
Transfer & Tracking: Smores
1. That's A Lie [LL Cool J]
2. Magic
3. William Holden Caulfield
4. Weak
5. A Texas Sunday
6. What It Is
7. Mrs. Now
8. Half Life
9. Long Haired Guys From England
10. Donna Everywhere
11. A New England [Billy Bragg]
12. Susquehanna Hat Company
13. I'm Your Wallet
14. The Kids Don't Understand
15. King Of Beers

notes: there was a tape flip in the middle of King Of Beers. I edited it out, but there is a slight jump at the spot.

This show is from the Stonecutter Archives who was kind enough to share some of his tapes for this forum. If you have masters that you would like to share PLEASE contact me or anyone that is willing to work on them to get them out to the collecting community. Thanks.



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