Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Bash & Pop 2017-01-14 Cobra Lounge Chicago, IL

Bash & Pop
Cobra Lounge
Chicago, IL
January 14, 2017

Fast & Hard
Not This Time
Rip This Joint
On The Rocks
Never Wanted To Know
Bad News
Jesus Loves You
Tiny Pieces
Come To Hide
Zero To Stupid
Anybody Else
Breathing Room
Not A Moment Too Soon
Anything Can Happen
It's A Drag
Unfuck You
First Steps
Never Aim To Please
Friday Night Is Killing Me
First Steps (reprise)

Source: Edirol R-09 w/internal mics
Location: 25 ft back, dead center, in shirt pocket
Taper: lucca
Lineage: Edirol R-09> wav> ACL (normalization, tracking)> flac  




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