Monday, July 10, 2017

William Shatner 2013-10-24 The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA

William Shatner
The Canyon Club,
Agoura Hills, CA
October 24, 2013

Source Info:
AT853 cards>CA-9200 3-wire>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize,
resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>Flac

Taper: David Sell
Location: 60' front of left stack
Sound Quality: Excellent


01. Red Shift
02. Where it's Gone...I Don't Know
03. Manhunt
04. ~banter~
05. Ponder the Mystery
06. So am I
07. Change
08. Sunset
09. Twilight
10. Rhythm of the Night
11. Imagine Things
12. Do You See?
13. Deep Down
14. I'm Alright I Think
15. Where Does Time Go?
16. Alive
17. ~banter~
18. Tony Kaye solo
19. Scotty Conner solo
20. ??


I received some free tickets to this show so we decided to check it out. I was surprised to see a packed house on a Thursday night, and a very enthusiastic crowd. I must say that it was a very enjoyable show and the musicianship was stellar. How could it be anything less with 2 former members of YES accompanying Bill for this endeavor. They played his new album "Ponder the Mystery" in its entirety. I am very glad we decided to check it out. I hope I can find the correct genre for this hybrid "spoken word/progressive rock" recording.

William Shatner - Vocals
Tony Kaye - Keyboards
Billy Sherwood - Guitar, vocals
Scotty Conner - Drums

As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, and always support the artists' commercial endeavors.



  1. A William Shatner bootleg.... NOW my life feels complete! A campy thanks for this and a sincere thanks for all your good works here.