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Stills-Young Band 1976-07-07 Providence Civic Center Providence, RI

Stills-Young Band
Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI
7 July 1976

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

Electric Set
01 Love The One You're With
02 The Loner
03 Helpless
04 For What It's Worth
05 Long May You Run 
06 Black Queen
07 Southern Man

Acoustic Set
08 Sugar Mountain (spliced)
09 Midnight On The Bay
10 After The Goldrush
11 Word Game
12 49 Bye-Byes >
13 Circling >
14 49 Bye-Byes
15 Treetop Flyer

01 Blackbird
02 Heart Of Gold
03 Ohio 

Electric Set
04 band introductions
05 Buyin' Time
06 Let It Shine
07 Make Love To You
08 Cowgirl In The Sand
09 Mr. Soul
10 E: Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Jerry Aiello - keyboards
Joe Lala - percussion, vocals
George "Chocolate" Perry - bass, vocals
Stephen Stills - guitar, vocals
Joe Vitale - drums, vocals
Neil Young - guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals

Sony TC-152SD Tape Recorder
Sony ECM-99 Stereo Microphone
Maxell cassettes

Mastered and FLAC'ed by Carl Morstadt (dantalion8@yahoo.com)
Master Cassette ->
Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with azimuth correction ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files ->
Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) ->
CDWAV (track breaks) ->
dBpowerAMP Audio Converter (24-bit/96-KHz wav files converted to
  16-bit/44.1 KHz wav files) ->
FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment)
FLAC files tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

No EQ'ing.

Dan Lampinski recorded over 100 concerts in the Providence/Boston area, mostly between 1974 and 1978.  His earliest recordings were made with an internal microphone deck, and though they are somewhat lo-fi compared to his later work, some very great moments in rock history were captured for posterity.  In late 1974 he bought a Sony TC-152SD tape recorder, a Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, and began using Maxell cassettes.  He was also fortunate enough to have a friend who provided excellent taping seats for many shows, resulting in high quality recordings.  In 1977, he switched over to a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder, two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones, and continued using Maxell cassettes.

He recorded many of the major 70's bands:  Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, ELP, Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Who, Al Stewart, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, Jean-Luc Ponty, Moody Blues, Neil Young, The Faces, Rush, Rick Wakeman, Kansas, as well as several "under the radar" acts.

Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated.  Some copies were made for friends, but these releases are the first time most of these recordings have ever seen the light of day, and are direct from his master cassettes.  No EQ'ing has been done to any of the transfers.  Feel free to EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you like, just give Dan credit for the original recording.

Dan was very meticulous about taking good care of his tapes and is very pleased that these recordings will now circulate among the trading community.  Please honour his kindness and generosity by sharing these recordings freely.


Neil Young 1973-03-22- Winterland, San Francisco, Ca

Neil Young
03-22-1973, Winterland, San Francisco, California
w/ The Stray Gators and Crosby & Nash

source : low gen aud > ? > cdr > cdr > macintosh

xACT 1.5b3 > wav > xACT 1.5b3 > flac
thanks to a great northern california friend

for this one  

01. Sugar Mountain
02. I Am A Child
03. After The Goldrush
04. Old Man
05. Heart Of Gold
06. The Loner
07. Band Intros

08. Time Fades Away  
09. Don't Be Denied 
10. Lookout Joe 
11. Tuning and Talk 
12. Alabama 
13. Last Dance 
12. Yonder Stands The Sinner 
13. New Mama 
14. Southern Man 
15. Are You Ready For The Country? 
16. Cinnamon Girl

info from Sugar Mountain (thanks Tom) <http://members.cruzio.com/~tah/sets/19730322.html>



Bob Dylan 1997-10-29 Exhibition Hall Athens, Georgia

Athens, Georgia
October 29, 1997

Lineage:  Trade discs > EAC (no errors) > Frequency Analysis (not lossy) > FLAC level 8 via
Frontend > md5 via TLH (flac files only) > maketorrent. > HC

Excellent sound, quite loud, good instrument separation, perhaps a little over-cooked on some
electric songs.  Great performances, especially second half of the show on Baby Blue and Blind
Willie.  Early incarnations of four new Time Out Of Mind songs.  No existing LB number.

Disc One – 38:00
1.  Maggie's Farm
2.  I Want You
3.  Cold Irons Bound
4.  Ballad Of A Thin Man
5.  Can't Wait
6.  Silvio

Disc Two – 68:48
1.  Roving Gambler
2.  Tangled Up In Blue
3.  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
4.  'Til I Fell In Love With You
5.  Blind Willie McTell
6.  Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
7.  Like A Rolling Stone
8.  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
9.  Love Sick
10. Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35


Blue Oyster Cult 1999-11-09 Northern Lights Clifton Park, NY

Blue Oyster Cult-Northern Lights,Clifton Park,N.Y.U.S.A. 1999-11-09

Source:Audience Recording(Unknown Deck/Mics)>Cassette(Generation Unknown)>Sony TC-D5M Cassette deck(Playback)>Edirol R-09 HR

(24/44.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac Level 8.Sector Boundaries Aligned Using

Traders Little Helper.


Stairway To The Stars
Before The Kiss,A redcap
Harvest Moon
ME 262
Buck's Boogie
Career Of Evil
Take Me Away
Joan Crawford
Cities On Flame
Burnin For You
Harvester Of Eyes
Then Came The Last Days Of May
Godzilla(W/Bass And Drum Solos)
Don't Fear The Reaper(Missing)
Dominance And Submission


1)Quality Is About A/A-(Subjective Of Course).Samples Included.

2)For Those Who Care,"Don't Fear The Reaper"Is Not Included As Part Of This torrent.On My Cassette

Copy,The "Jam" Which Cuts Off On My Cassette Copy Usually Precedes "Don't Fear The Reaper".After The "Jam",

That Is The End Of My 90 Minute Cassette Copy.The Encore"Dominance And Submission"iS On a 2nd tape.However,

Don't Fear the Reaper" Is Not On The 2nd Tape.I Don't Know If Whoever Taped This Show Had Technical Problems

Or Just Didn't Tape "Don't Fear The Reaper",Or Whoever Gave Me this Tape Just Forgot To Include "Don't Fear The Reaper".

We've Heard "Reaper" 60 Billion Times At Shows And On The Radio,So Once Not Hearing It Won't Hurt,Right? ("Its Not Like

They Played "She's As Beautiful As A Foot",Or "Workshop Of The Telescopes" At This Show And They Are Missing.)

3)I Did A Torrent Search For This Show On The Yahoo Dime Search Group And This Show Didn't Turn Up,So Here It Is.



Blackfoot 2010-09-18 The Sandbar Erie, PA

The Sandbar
Erie, Pennsylvania USA
Saturday September  18, 2010
Audience Master recording by concerts1
This is their 40th Anniversary Tour

bassy at first few seconds, they also had trouble with feedback at times. But nice to have.
Any help with the setlist would be appreciated.
Cover art included

Lineage; ZOOM H2 recorder > harman kardon tracks > flac level 8 tlh > checksum tlh > torrent tlh > you
Do not sell. Transfer to mp3s for your own use if need be. You maybe asking yourself where's Train Train I am asking myself that also.
I know they played it, but I cant find it anywhere on the ZOOM.


01. Intro
02. Wishing Well  (Free cover song)
03. ???
04. I Got A Line On You
05. Baby Blue
06. Drum solo
07. Bass solo / ??
08. Fox Chase
09. Down The Line
10. Dry County
11. ???
12. Ride Away / break (some idiot ran into the table and knocked the ZOOM off "Yes that is correct" thankfully it did not harm the ZOOM.
That is why there is a break.)
13. Highway Song

Total 67:52


Cheap Trick 1979-06-16 International Ampitheater Chicago, IL(FM)

JUNE 16, 1979








Journey 1983-07-21 Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman, Ok(FM)


I think everyone deserve's to have this amazing 2CD set, 'cause it's a must have! There are many versions of this gig, "Escape To Frontiers", "Keep On Running", "Open Up Charlotte" just to name a few. Though, this is transferred from master LP's, EQ'd and sounds amazing, best version i've ever heard of this gig and most likely the best version there is. Special thanks and credit goes to mrpowerride for doing a great job! Hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do!

Title: Shades Of Passion
Venue: Lloyd Noble Arena, Norman, Oklahoma, USA
Date: July 21 1983
Source: FM Radio Broadcast
Taper: Unknown
Transfer: Master LP's > EQ > FLAC > You
Sound Quality: A+

Artwork: Rubicon Reproductions artwork included!


Disc One:

[01] J.J. Jackson's Journey History
[02] Chain Reaction
[03] Wheel In The Sky
[04] Line Of Fire
[05] Send Her My Love
[06] Still They Ride
[07] Open Arms
[08] No More Lies
[09] Back Talk
[10] Edge Of The Blade
[11] Jonathan Cain On Keyboards
[12] Rubicon
[13] Steve Smith On Drums

Disc Two:

[01] Escape
[02] Faithfully
[03] Who's Crying Now
[04] Don't Stop Believin'
[05] Stone In Love
[06] Keep On Runnin'
[07] Lights
[08] Any Way You Want It
[09] Separate Ways (World's Apart)

Steve Perry: Lead Vocals
Neal Schon: Lead Guitar / Vocals
Jonathan Cain: Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals
Ross Valory: Bass Guitar / Vocals
Steve Smith: Drums

Do NOT encode to MP3 or any other lossy compression format!!
This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!


/ Stulken


Lynyrd Skynyrd 1977-01-21 Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

nakano sun plasa, tokio japan 1/21/1977
aud : b+
lots of tape hiss here, but is still a grait show.
1 workin' for MCA
2 i ain't the one
3 saturday night special
4 whiskey rock-a-roller
5 that smell
6 ain't no good life
7 gimme three steps
8 call me the breeze
9 t for texas
10 sweet home alabama
11 crossroads
12 freebird
lynyrd skynyrd
Ronnie VanZant - voc
steve gains - gt
allen collins - gt
garry rossington - gt
leon wilkason - base
billy powl - keyb
artemis powl- drumbs


Linda Ronstadt 1974-07-21 My Father's Place Roslyn, NY(FM)

Linda Ronstadt
Live at My Father's Place
Roslyn, NY  USA

The Definitive FM version, with full "Colorado", and curses included.

Rebroadcast (early 80s) over 92.7 WLIR-FM, Garden City, Long Island, NY USA.
From my off-air master cassette. This transfer has not appeared anywhere previously.
WLIR-FM > Technics Receiver > BIC Cassette Deck > Maxell XLSII >
Sony TC-WE835S Cassette Deck > Behringer UCA202 > Sony Soundforge 9.0 >
FLAC level 6 aligned on SB

Original recording and transfer by beatpop.
Posted August 2009.


01 - Colorado  (5:18)
02 - That'll Be The Day  (2:53)
03 - Love Has No Pride  (4:44)
04 - Silver Threads and Golden Needles  (3:57)
05 - I Fall to Pieces  (3:50)
06 - Willin'  (3:19)
07 - Desperado  (3:49)
08 - When Will I Be Loved?  (3:19)
09 - I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)  (2:27)
10 - Band Intros  (1:09)
11 - Long, Long Time  (5:38)
12 - Your're No Good  (4:15)
13 - Heart Like a Wheel  (3:06) *

* last 30 seconds patched from:

Total Running Time: 47:50

The Band:

Linda Ronstadt - vocals
Andrew Gold - keyboards, guitar
Lloyd Myers - drums
Kenny Edwards - bass
Bob Warford - lead guitar
Eddie Black - steel guitar

Linda Ronstadt info:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Ronstadt (wiki)
http://ronstadt-linda.com/ (unofficial fan website)

Please do not trade this in lossy format.
Convert to lossy for personal use only.


U2 1981-03-20 The Old Waldorf San Francisco, CA

"Twilight At The Old Waldorf"

San Francisco, CA, USA

The Old Waldorf

March 20, 1981

Format: 1 CD-R


Source: ???

Quality: Good Audience

Taper: - - -

Transfer: CD-R [obtained in trade] > Easy CD-DA Extractor > dB Power AMP Music Converter > Flac

Converted to Flac by: Midnight


Disc One: [62:30]
01. The Ocean
02. Twilight
03. I Will Follow
04. 11 O' Clock Tick Tock
05. An Cat Dubh
06. Into The Heart
07. Another Time, Another Place
08. Cry / The Electric Company
09. Things To Make And Do
10. Stories For Boys
11. Boy Girl
12. Out Of Control
13. A Day Without Me
14. 11 O' Clock Tick Tock
15. The Ocean
16. I Will Follow


Van Halen 1995-03-20 Orlando Arena Orlando, FL

Van Halen - Orlando Aftershock
March 20, 1995
Orlando Arena
Orlando, FL

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: Unknown Generation CD-Rs > EAC > wav > TLH > Flac (Level 8)
Quality: B
Time: 2:11:45

Disc 1 - 1:07:53
01 The Seventh Seal (5:16)
02 Big Fat Money (3:47)
03 Runaround (4:47)
04 Amsterdam (4:55)
05 When It's Love (5:26)
06 You Really Got Me (6:25)
07 Bass Solo (2:24)
08 Aftershock (5:35)
09 Drum Solo (4:33)
10 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (4:06)
11 Feelin' (6:18)
12 Eagles Fly (6:26)
13 Guitar Solo (7:48)

Disc 2 - 1:03:51
01 Why Can't This Be Love (3:45)
02 Finish What Ya Started (6:09)
03 Right Now (6:19)
04 Panama (7:00)
05 Dreams (4:46)
06 The Seventh Seal (5:37)
07 Big Fat Money (3:51)
08 Finish What Ya Started (5:59)
09 Guitar Solo (2:34)
10 Why Can't This Be Love (3:43)
11 Feelin' (6:14)
12 Right Now (5:46)
13 Dreams (2:02)

Disc 2 Tracks 06-13 are from 1995-03-11 Pensacola, FL.
Disc 2 Track 13 cuts out.

Van Halen:
Sammy Hagar - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Eddie Van Halen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Anthony - Bass, Backing Vocals
Alex Van Halen - Drums

Flac Fingerprints:
1-01 The Seventh Seal.flac:b7f80325b1c61758cf0618ff69c9cb50
1-02 Big Fat Money.flac:c6c3a40117c9114f6b0d0f7434eecfc3
1-03 Runaround.flac:002ea2c8f92d84616cafac3febc10ee6
1-04 Amsterdam.flac:0e726267f922859712fc903ff19b1635
1-05 When It's Love.flac:007f46ad696b81b6958f94ae61b2bb55
1-06 You Really Got Me.flac:1c6a8c257aa71f511a6dc51dd093d8d7
1-07 Bass Solo.flac:dbec587fbd5cb65ba4c69de3f3ddb3b2
1-08 Aftershock.flac:61449ca1d6a05f0b43dfec546316ac4d
1-09 Drum Solo.flac:6ea9097c05b629d0633682ea428c57e6
1-10 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.flac:caaa41752a38f998f86f7b9a1e9694b0
1-11 Feelin'.flac:a58e07db96fea3914a0f9e332ea5fa39
1-12 Eagles Fly.flac:44d625ad6d3c0d4be6012d865254afe2
1-13 Guitar Solo.flac:8240c2f15b9fada2d344931e6495be67
2-01 Why Can't This Be Love.flac:3bc05675e0b009bc49c54632a51641af
2-02 Finish What Ya Started.flac:ef44226bbc07ce8941915a353a815419
2-03 Right Now.flac:d176b22a2c2acd26398d8b4815d5da16
2-04 Panama.flac:c8204cb210a0c8f275b6d0f5b230b8b4
2-05 Dreams.flac:4451af8f3c2c214761f42c78c5d8c88f
2-06 The Seventh Seal.flac:61da0766171cb9fb6a7855c61cbe06a1
2-07 Big Fat Money.flac:54b550c7b31e37d211b18c0a10113773
2-08 Finish What Ya Started.flac:ef858f4a74634b782bebc207720bb9f2
2-09 Guitar Solo.flac:7404aaf189c8d229db873ba73042bbb4
2-10 Why Can't This Be Love.flac:064b12815cb99588766d4c4d1e91d86c
2-11 Feelin'.flac:610592e4fa960bf53362544900261acc
2-12 Right Now.flac:e744f25933eebaeb4256559c7f07eea7
2-13 Dreams.flac:4ee422433176e0f8d8b51306184b39cc

Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band 1999-03-20 Town Hall, New York, NY

Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band
Town Hall, New York, NY
March 20, 1999

-- Steve Earle & Del MCCoury Band
01 Texas Eagle
02 My Old Friend The Blues
03 Graveyard Shift
04 Outlaw's Honeymoon
05 Dixieland
06 Connemara Breakdown
07 Harlan Man
08 The Mountain
09 I Still Carry You Around
-- Del MCCoury Band
10 Far Cry From Virginia
11 Don't You Think it's Time to Go
12 Red Eyes on a Mad Dog
13 She's Left Me Again
14 I Feel the Blues Movin' In
15 Black Jack County Chains
16 Nashville Cats
17 Get Down on Your Knees

18 Love is a Long Road
-- Steve Earle solo
19 No. 29 intro
20 No. 29
21 Now She's Gone
22 Goodbye
23 Song intro
24 So Different Blues
25 Song intro
26 Ellis Unit One

-- Steve Earle & Del MCCoury Band
27 Mystery Train Pt. II
28 LeRoy's Dustbowl Blues
29 Raleigh and Spencer
30 Song intro
31 Hometown Blues
32 Long Lonesome Highway
33 I'm Looking Through You
34 Ben McCulloch
35 Tom Ames' Prayer
36 Carrie Brown
37 Copperhead Road
38 Lonesome Road
39 Hillbilly Highway
40 Down the Road

dsb dat > cdr > cdwave > flac


The Eagles 1973-03-20 BBC Television

The Eagles
Recorded for BBC Television

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: CD-R (trade) > EAC (secure) > FLAC compression level 8
Taped by: N/A
Transfered by: J-B0nd

Bootleg Title: Early Bird
File Size: 287 Meg FLAC compression level 8


 1.  Train Leaves Here This Morning (4:07)
 2.  (Whatever Happened To) Saturday Night? (3:45)
 3.  Peaceful Easy Feeling (4:40)
 4.  Certain Kind of Fool (3:40)
 5.  Early Bird (5:22)
 6.  Witchy Woman (5:36)
 7.  Take It Easy (5:31)
 8.  Out of Control (3:26)
 9.  Early Bird (alternate take) (8:24)
10. Already Gone (6:22)


BBC 1973 1 disc (10 tracks, Soundboard) Tracks 1-9: Recorded for BBC Television 3-20-73. track 10-BBC Television-Old Grey Whistle Test

From bootleg 'Early Bird'


Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe 1990-03-20 Wang Center Boston Ma

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
Wang Center
Boston Ma


01. Time and a Word/Owner of a Lonely Heart/Teakbois
02. Clap
03. Mood for a Day
04. Rick Wakeman Solo
05. Long Distance Runaround
06. Bill Bruford Solo
07. Birthright
08. And You and I
09. I've Seen All Good People
10. Close to the Edge
11. Themes
12. Brother of Mine
13. The Meeting
14. Heart of the Sunrise
15. Order of the Universe
16. Roundabout
17. Starship Trooper

vg/ex-  sound quality (some tape hiss)

Source: 2nd gen normal bias tape > technics rs-t60r> phillips cdr 760> EAC> TLH> flac 8> you

no artwork available



The Police 1979-03-20 The Decade, Pittsburgh PA

The Police
The Decade, Pittsburgh PA
March 20, 1979

Panasonic Boom Box cassette master tape
Cassette master>Tascam DA-30 DAT
DAT>Fostex D5>aes/ebu out>coax in>HHB CDR 830
CD>Plextor>EAC>WAV>FLAC Frontend (level 8, sector align)

01. Can't Stand Losing You
02. Truth Hits Everybody
03. So Lonely
04. Fall Out
05. Born In The 50's
06. Be My Girl - Sally
07. Hole In My Life
08. Peanuts
09. Roxanne
10. Landlord
11. Next To You
12. Can't Stand Losing You (encore)


Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 2000-03-20 First Union Center Philadelphia, PA

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA
March 20, 2000

Schoeps MK4V's>Schoeps KCY 250/05I Active Cable>Schoeps VMS02IB>Sony SBM-1>Sony TCD-D100

Recorded From Section 2 Row 15 Seat 6 & 7 By Flying Gonz & Pepper

DAT Master>Sony TCD-D10PROII>Sound Devices 702>Soundforge 9(Fades/Sample Rate Conversion)>CDWAV>FLAC

Carry On
Southern Man
Stand And Be Counted
Pre-Road Downs
49 Bye Byes
Marrakesh Express
Faith In Me
Almost Cut My Hair
Cinnamon Girl

Set 2:

Helplessly Hoping
Our House
Old Man
Dream For Him
Someday Soon
Looking Forward
After The Gold Rush
Out Of Control
Seen Enough
Teach Your Children
Love The One You're With
Down By The River


For What It's Worth
Rockin' In The Free World


Bruce Springsteen 1988-03-20 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA.

Title: A Prisoner Of Pittsburgh
Label: EV2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: March 20, 1988.
Location: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA.

Disc One:
01 Tunnel Of Love
02 Be True
03 Adam Raised A Cain
04 Two Faces
05 "Here She Comes Walkin'"
06 All That Heaven Will Allow
07 Seeds
08 Roulette
09 Cover Me
10 Brilliant Disguise
11 Intro
12 Spare Parts
13 War
14 Born In The U.S.A.

Disc Two:
01 Tougher Than The Rest
02 She's The One
03 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
04 "Let Me Regain My Composure"
05 I'm A Coward
06 I'm On Fire
07 One Step Up
08 Part Man, Part Monkey
09 Backstreets
10 Dancing In The Dark
11 Light Of Day
12 Introduction
13 Born To Run (acoustic)

Disc Three:
01 Hungry Heart
02 Glory Days
03 Love Me Tender
04 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
05 The Detroit Medley (w/ I Hear A Train, Sweet Soul Music)
06 "Grushecky Intro"
07 Raise Your Hand (w/ Joe Grushecky)

08 Across The Borderline
09 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
10 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) [w/ Irish Jig]
11 Walk Like A Man

- D3 Track 8: April 28, 1988. Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA. ("Thousand Footprints In The Sand")
- D3 Tracks 9,10: March 17, 1988. Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL. ("Taking Two Steps Back - Live At Rosemont Horizon")
- D3 Track 11: March 16, 1988. Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL. ("Taking Two Steps Back - Live At Rosemont Horizon")


EDITED from the new source, uploaders comments:
"I got this in trade (from the taper) a long time ago. I don't remember the taper's name, but whoever it is, he deserves a huge thank you."

I couldn't agree more, this is a great recording of a great tour. Huge thanks to the taper and the uploader (tapdancinbat) who  shared this recording with us all.

Removed many cuts, changed track indexing and altered the speed of the recording a bit (very little). Oh yeah, I edited the overall sound too.


Neil Young 1992-03-20 Orpheum Theater Boston, Mass.

Neil Young (acoustic)
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Mass.
March 20, 1992
3rd of 3 nights in Boston this tour
(1st 18 songs)
runtime: 79:57
 1: long may you run 4:43
 2: from Hank to Hendrix 5:35
 3: comes a time 3:55
 4: silver and gold 3:43
 5: you and me 4:08
 6: like a hurricane 6:30
 7: heart of gold 3:34
 8: the old laughing lady 5:13
 9: the needle and the damage done 2:32
 10: too far gone 3:22
 11: homefires  (cuts in, tape flip) 3:17
 12: helpless 5:21
 13: are you ready for the country? 3:13
 14: tonight's the night 4:52
 15: stringman > one of these days (abbreviated version) 4:06
 16:  don't let it bring you down 5:11
 17: after the gold rush 6:02
 18: f*ckin' up 4:32
thanks to musicjaime for providing the master recording for this.
lineage: Sony stereo mike (unknown model #) >
         Sony D-6 cassette deck (dolby off) >
         Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassettes >
         played on Nak. 125 into soundforge to WAV (realtek soundcard) >
         CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC > torrentially yours.
  some remastering was done initially, and a little bit more was done
 following the CD extraction, mostly level balancing and some reduction
of loud claps between songs. So this may very well be the best this
recording has ever sounded. I don't know if it's been posted before at all.
  I have not posted it until March of 2009.
Do not sell this recording.
trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
 in this show after about a minute of one of these days
Neil just stops and says I don't feel like playing that one.
Apparently according to the setlist on etree this is the
whole show, and Neil did feel like finishing the others.
as you can tell by the time, this is a cram to get on one CD,
but I did not speed adjust this or edit out any music or Neil
commentary to make it fit, just some applause.


Iron Maiden 1982-03-20 Hammersmith Odeon London, England, UK

1982-03-20 London, England, UK
Hammersmith Odeon

Audience recording - Full gig
Source: Audience

Length: 54:42 / 54:21

CD 1

1. Murders In The Rue Morgue (4:46)
2. Wrathchild (4:05)
3. Run To The Hills (4:46)
4. Children Of The Damned (5:05)
5. The Number Of The Beast (5:37)
6. Another Life (3:54)
7. Killers (6:14)
8. 22, Acacia Avenue (7:25)
9. Total Eclipse (4:19)
10. Drum solo (2:23)
11. Transylvania (3:56)
12. Guitar solo (2:12)

CD 2

1. The Prisoner (6:01)
2. Hallowed Be Thy Name (8:06)
3. Phantom Of The Opera (7:40)
4. Iron Maiden (5:50)
5. Sanctuary (4:21)
6. Drifter (11:49)
7. Running Free (5:34)
8. Prowler (4:54)

Note : This audience version includes the Clive Burr drum solo, which is missing from the FM version


Oasis 1995-03-20 The Orbit Room; Grand Rapids, MI


The Orbit Room; Grand Rapids 20th March 1995

01. Rock 'N' Roll Star
02. Columbia
03. Fade Away
04. Digsy's Dinner
05. Shakermaker
06. Live Forever
07. Up In The Sky
08. Slide Away
09. (It's Good) To Be Free
10. Cigarettes & Alcohol
11. Married With Children
12. Supersonic
13. I Am The Walrus

NOTE : Noel Takes Over On All Vocals From "Digsy's Dinner" Onwards


John Lennon The Lost Lennon Tapes Episodes 009-010

Episode 009
88-13 (March 21-27, 1988)
Lennon on "Help!"
"Help!" - John Lennon / "Help!" - The Beatles
Too Many People - Paul McCartney
How Do You Sleep - John Lennon (alt. take)
[(Down In Eastern Australia) - John]
Lennon Reads from In His Own Write & A Spaniard In the Works
You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) - John Lennon / You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) - The Beatles
Mal & Moon
Move Ovewr Miss L - Keith Moon
In My Life - Keith Moon
John Lennon Live with Chuck Berry
Memphis - Chuck Berry & John Lennon (w/ Yoko Ono & Elephant's Memory)
Johnny B. Goode - same as above

Episode 010
88-14 (March 28-April 3, 1988)
The Beatles live in Stockholm, 10-24-63
Money - The Beatles
She Loves You - The Beatles
Twist & Shout - The Beatles
Pete Shotton & Cynthia Lennon & John's school days
Starting Over - John Lennon [demo]
John's sailing adventure from Newport to Bermuda
Sea Ditties - John Lennon [including "My Old Man's A Dustman", "By The Beautiful Sea", "Leaning On A Lamppost", and others]
I Am the Walrus - basic track - The Beatles [with vocals]
I Am the Walrus - The Beatles


Dire Straits 1983-03-20 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia

Dire Straits - 1983-03-20 - Melbourne (I Dug up a Diamond, vol 12)

Set list:


1: Intro
2: Once upon a time in the west
3: Industrial disease
4: Expresso love
5: Romeo and Juliet
6: Love over gold
7: Private investigations
8: Sultans of swing
9: Twisting by the pool
10:Two young lovers


1: Portobello Belle
2: Tunnel of love
3: Telegraph road
4: Solid rock
5: Going home

This recording suffers from distortion during the loud parts of the show. The sound is also a bit distant. During the quiet parts (where there is no distortion) I'd  say it's average - when it distorts it's pretty poor. Complete show, I think.

This is for Bernd




Neil Young 1996-03-20 Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA Vol.3

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE (THE ECHOS) - Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, California, USA - 20.March 1996

Lineage: audience DAT master -> DAT clone -> Hucht Copyprocessor -> standalone Philips CD burner -> CDR -> EAC -> wav ->
         CoolEdit (treble boost, fading) -> wav -> WavePad (tracking) -> wav -> flac

Disc 1:
01 Country Home
02 Stupid Girl
03 Bite The Bullet
04 When Your Lonely Heart Breaks
05 Drive Back
06 Wonderin'
07 The Losing End
08 Barstool Blues
09 Like A Hurricane

Disc 2:
01 Roll Another Number
02 Dangerbird
03 Don't Cry No Tears
04 Down By The River
05 Homegrown
06 Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
07 The Old Country Waltz
08 Powderfinger
09 Baby What You Want Me To Do?

Neil Young - vocals, guitar
Frank Sampedro - guitar
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums


Neil Young 1976-03-20 Sportshalle, Köln, West Germany

March 20th, 1976

After tour compilations in the past,my hobby (from these last 3 years  passed) was transfer lots of shows from my DATS collected in the past , specially from analog and digital masters,I'm new of DIMEADOZEN,and I can understand this is a today view
that substitute the old trades, so I'm happy to condivide my passion with all of you.
So my first upload on DIMEA begin with an excellent show of 1976 ...directly from the master !!
This is not a Rip from A CDR copy.
The F.K. audience analog master tapes of the SPORTHALLE KOLN March 20th, 1976 show
transfered on DAT and through an external soundcard (EXTIGY) and optical cable captured with GOLDWAVE software at 96 Khz and 24 bit to preserve the full DAT quality sound.
My personal copy transfered was on DVD-AUDIO (24 bit - 96 Khz), but for not create large files hard to download
I have resampled for you at 48 Khz and 16 bit for the usual burning on 2 AUDIO CD, and encoded in FLAC the Files splitted with CD WAVE.
This is an Audience show that not contain nothing that can offend the official discography, NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE in splendid form.....long May You Run.



(enclosed the Art covers)

1976 Tour Of Japan & Europe with Crazy Horse

20-03-76, Sportshalle, Köln, West Germany

Tell Me Why
Old Man
After The Gold Rush
Mellow My Mind
Too Far Gone
A Man Needs A Maid
No One Seems To Know
Heart Of Gold
Country Home
Don't Cry No Tears
Down By The River
Lotta Love
Like A Hurricane
The Losing End
Drive Back
Southern Man
Cortez The Killer
Cinnamon Girl

Crazy Horse,
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, banjo, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals


Pink Floyd 1970-03-20 Spectrum Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Pink Floyd
Interstellar Highlights
Akademiska Foreningens Stora Sal, Lund Sweden 3-20-70
Spectrum Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 3-15-73 (Side B tracks 2-11)

Orange Records Silver > EAC > WAV > Flac

Side A: Very good to excellent audience recording

Side B: Soundboard (except track 1 from 3-20-70) (recorded off WNEW New York)

Side A
1. Astronomy Dominee
2. Careful with the axe, eugene
3. Cymbaline
4. A saucerful of secrets
5. The embryo
6. Interstellar overdrive
7. Set the controls for the heart of the sun

Side B
1. Atom heart mother
2. Speak to me
3. Breathe
4. On the run
5. Time
6. The great gig in the sky
7. Money
8. Us and them
9. Any colour you like
10. Brain damage
11. Eclipse


Yes 2018-03-18 Hall 1, The Sage Gateshead UK

YES 50
Hall 1, The Sage


I've been listening to YES for as long as I've had an interest in music.  There's nothing quite like them – unique sound, stellar musicianship and, over the years, they've been more creative than most.  Still, there's been the odd "twist and turn" (some very odd indeed), and these days is no exception, with classic-era YES members straddled across two touring bands, each playing the music of YES.

Both versions still attract a fair amount of attention, and truth be told I probably favour the other version because of the combination of Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman (Trevor Rabin plays his part well…but then I prefer Steve Howe on lead and rhythm guitar duties).

Whilst not quite sold out, Hall 1 at The Sage is very nearly full of (All Good) people and brimming with anticipation…or at least brimming with as much anticipation as is feasible at our times of life.

Eight O'Clock prompt, lights down and in time honoured tradition Stravinsky's Firebird Suite leads us in (might have been a bit louder, but there you go).  The stage set comprises of three video panels at the back of the stage, onto which YES related imagery is shown throughout.  At the conclusion, the band take their positions and launch into "Yours Is No Disgrace".

Having seen the "other version" of the band last year, I'd forgotten just how good – and how important to the sound and feel of YES – Steve Howe is.  Great touch, and those oh, so familiar tones and textures.  His contribution alone made the evening worthwhile…takes me right back.

That said, there are no "passengers" in this band, and whilst Geoff Downes might remind me of Yegglier times (not my favourite, although accept some do like the Drama era) he puts in a cracking shift with enthusiasm.

Two sets.  One of classic "hits", the second, largely dominated by a long swim on Topographic Oceans.  Whilst well received, from listening to the comments on the way out it seemed to have been a bit of a Marmite moment for some, although the majority (me included) in favour.

Oddly (from a timing perspective), Alan White took to the drum stool half way through Ritual, and remained there for the rest of the show.  Hasn't enjoyed the best of health of late (and it shows), but great to see him there in whatever capacity.

Two long "goodnight kisses" closed proceedings with encores consisting of stupendous versions of Roundabout and Starship Trooper (delicious work by Steve Howe on both).

Depending on your point of view, you can be left wishing for Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/White to…do something "together" for the half centenary, or else just be pleased to get bites of two YES cherries this year.  As one doesn't seem to be on the cards, I recommend you do the latter, although if there were more of a reUNION, I'd for one would be trying to push my way to the front of the line for tickets.

Set 1:
01 The Firebird Suite
02 Yours Is No Disgrace
03 I've Seen All Good People
04 Sweet Dreams
05 South Side of the Sky
06 Mood for a Day
07 Wonderous Stories
08 Parallels
09 And You and I

Set 2:
01 The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)
02 Leaves of Green
03 Ritual (Nous sommes du soleil)
04 Encore Break
05 Roundabout
06 Starship Trooper

Played By

Steve Howe: Guitar
Jon Davison: Vocals, guitar
Billy Sherwood: Bass, vocals
Geoff Downes: Keyboards, vocals
Jay Schellen: Drums
Alan White: Drums (mid-ritual onwards)

Lineage :

Sound Forge Pro 10 >
Trader's Little Helper (level 8) >
Torrent Site

Continue to support the band in whatever way, shape or form they present themselves.


Monday, March 19, 2018

Ted Nugent 1976-01-16 St.Louis Arena, (?) St.Louis, Missouri

St.Louis Arena, (?)
St.Louis, Missouri - January 16, 1976.

Source: Unknown audience recording.
Quality: Very good-, 7/10 rating.

Set List:

1.Stranglehold (Cuts In) 8:18
2.Just What the Doctor Ordered 4:38
3.Stormtroopin' 7:52
4.Where Have You Been All my Life 6:49
5.Great White Buffalo 12:37
6.Snakeskin Cowboys 4:50
7.Queen of the Forest 4:01
8.Hibernation 14:39
9.Motor City Madhouse 9:50

73:37 Minutes.

**********PLEASE PRESERVE QUALITY, DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3************************
**********KEEP OUR RIGHT TO TRADE FREELY ALIVE*********************************
**********DON'T BE A FUCK & SELL THIS SHOW*************************************
**********ENJOY AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE********************************************

Trade List: http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/princessbelle74/otherbands.html
Master Recordings: http://www.angelfire.com/musicals/princessbelle74/masters.html



Blue Öyster Cult 1975-11-18 Ancienne Belgique Brussels, Belgium

Blue Öyster Cult
Ancienne Belgique
Brussels, Belgium

Cassette > PC > FLAC

Sound Quality: B/B+
Time: Disc 1: 39:58
      Disc 2: 49:06

Disc 1:
01. Intro (3:00)
02. Stairway To The Stars (3:58)
03. O.D.'d On Life Itself (4:57)
04. Harvester Of Eyes (5:41)
05. Flaming Telepaths (7:04)
06. Then Came The Last Days Of May (6:28)
07. Before The Kiss, A Redcap (4:55)
08. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll (3:54)

Disc 2:
01. I Ain't Got You (8:21)
02. Buck's Boogie (10:05)
03. ME 262 (17:06)
04. Dominance And Submission (6:13)
05. Born To Be Wild (7:22)

Shared on dime by tonsofsobs (aka evangp) July 2014.

I'm searching for any Blue Öyster Cult (1972-1989), but these especially, since I know they exist.

12.17.76 - San Diego, CA
03.07.78 - Lansing, MI
03.10.78 - Toronto, Canada
05.15.78 - Ludwigshafen, Germany
06.01.78 - Newcastle upon Tyne, England
06.02.78 - Leicester, England
09.29.78 - New York, NY
05.08.79 - Osaka, Japan
09.04.79 - Birmingham, AL
09.30.79 - Baltimore, MD
11.01.79 - Brighton, England
10.13.80 - Buffalo, NY
12.29.80 - Biloxi, MS
09.23.82 - Albany, NY
09.04.83 - Nuremberg, Germany - complete
01.25.84 - Offenbach am Main, Germany
02.22.84 - Passaic, NJ
12.14.84 - Brooklyn, NY
11.30.85 - Stoke-on-Trent, England
12.01.85 - London, England
12.03.85 - Ipswich, England
12.11.85 - Newcastle upon Tyne, England
02.15.86 - Zürich, Switzerland
02.17.86 - Böblingen, Germany
07.22.86 - Washington, DC
08.02.86 - Brooklyn, NY
02.26.88 - Münster, Germany
03.07.89 - Manchester, England
03.11.89 - Kingston upon Hull, England
03.19.89 - Nottingham, England
04.04.89 - Mannheim, Germany
05.07.89 - St. Petersburg, FL

I'm looking for new or different transfers of the following, as the previous dime uploads look lossy to me, at least heavily compressed with noise reduction.

04.28.72 - New Haven, CT
10.01.78 - New York, NY
08.20.79 - Fresno, CA

If you have any Blue Öyster Cult from the period I collect, especially if still on cassette, PLEASE contact me!


Blackfoot 1980-10-28 Hammersmith Odeon, London

Blackfoot - Hammersmith Odeon, London (UK) 28th October 1980

Source > Unknown audience recording

Quality > Fair/Good

Transfer > Aiwa AD-F410 tape deck > CD Wave > DBpoweramp > Flac level 8 > TLH > Dime

01 Gimme Gimme Gimme. (cuts in)
02 On The Run.
03 I Got A Line On You.
04 Every Man Should Know Queenie.
05 Road Fever.
06 Highway Song.
07 Train Train. (sound quality drops)

Notes > Support to The Scorpions

Do not compress to MP3



Frank Marino 1983-11-xx Fort Worth,Texas(SBD)

Frank Marino
Fort Worth,Texas

Lineage:Analog Cassette>DAT>CD-R>EAC WAV>TLH FLAC8>TTD
Transfered from cassette and uploaded by:winterlandblizzard


1-Maybe Its Time
2-Strange Dreams
5-Strange Universe


1-Somethings Comin Our Way
2-All Along The Watchtower
3-You Got Livin
4-Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame
5-Johnny B Goode

I'm back.Here's another board tape.
Enjoy the Chili.


King's X 1992-06-26 Empire Club Cleveland, OH

King's X
Empire Club
Cleveland, OH



quality: EX+

Disc 1
01. World Around Me
02. Shot of Love
03. Lost in Germany
04. The Big Picture
05. It's Love
06. We Are Finding Who We Are
07. Summerland
08. Fall On Me
09. Prisoner
10. Mr. Wilson
11. Makes Me Wonder
12. Power of Love
13. Born to Be Loved
14. Black Flag
15. Goldilox

Disc 2
01. Over My Head
02. Moanjam
03. Mission
04. Not Just for the Dead

Welcome to the church of Rock'n'roll....

Amzingly the ONE and ONLY, the greatest, the bands' band, the mighty
King's have returned lately to Europe for a short stint (see photo folder)
and I was lucky enough to catch dUG and the boys both in Milan and
on the last date in Bonn.
I will definetely regret all my life not being able to board a flight to London
for the DVD shoot...anyway....I guess I'll JUST have to stay happy with the
memories of their astonishing April 5th 1990 gig.
(just released on the dvd "Gretchen goes to London" check it out at www.molkenmusic.com)

We've been lucky untill now that 3 great 2009 recordings have so far surfaced
on Dime for which I thank you uploaders onces again........
Let's hope more will come although i doubt that will happen.....
Milano or Bonn would be great ,,,,  thanks much..........

What you have here instead is an absolute masterpiece of the real beginnings....
go tell somebody......
1992 in Cleveland - excellent+ wwms fm - amazing perfect sound (imo) and hystorical
performance to boot where... 
PRISONER sees the unusual presence of a 4th member (Ty's guitar tech named Jerry) on acoustic guitar.
link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjUPDyucmEY
MOANJAM is a 13+ minutes tsunami (Jerry for president)
and so on.....special night indeed..........

It came to me with the flac files as they are on a dvd data
I just added this text file and the 2009 photos
dont have lineage...sorry ... but I would assume:
100,7 WMMS broadcasting-tape-CD-flac-DVD DATA-me-you

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do......

Go tell somedoby !!!!!

ps: one thing still buggers me.... why? oh why? why did they print on
the Gretchen Goes to London 1990 DVD the date 5/6/90 when in fact it
was April 5th with Icon supporting ??? (i have the ticket in my hands now)
Actually they played another date in London that year.
It was December 19th still at the Astoria but with galactic Cowboys supporting.
I know 'cause I attended that one as well.........

But 5/6/90 does not make any sense to me.. am i missing something???

This is dedicated to the long time King's X brothers:
Fabry-Simon-Piero-Bytor not to mention Ol & Tobi (the crazy germans!)
love you mates.........

Dont take no bullshit from anyone !!!!
Welcome to the church of Rock'n'roll....


Led Zeppelin 1969-03-19 Maida Vale Studio, London, England(House of Elrond)

Led Zeppelin
March 19, 1969
Maida Vale Studio, London, England

Lineage: Silver>EAC>WAV>FLAC Frontend Level 7  (verified and aligned)

1 I Can't Quit You
2 You Shook Me
3 Sunshine Woman


Led Zeppelin 1969-03-19 Maida Vale Studios

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1969-03-19
Location: Maida Vale Studios (BBC)
Source: Radio Broadcast
Title: Anybody Got A Les PAul (Equinox)
Lineage: CDR>Eac>WAv>flac

01. Alexis Korner Intro
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. I CAnt Quit You
04. You Shook Me (cut)
05. Sunshine Woman

Radio broadcast taken i believe from the acetate since the masters had been destroyed. Anybody Got A Les Paul contained more tracks than this but this is only maida vale studio tracks from it. Thanks goes to vinnieman for this.


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1984-03-19 CBS Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - March 19, 1984 ("SBD" - REPOST - with Jimmie Vaughan and Jeff Beck - from the Liberated Bootleg "Hottest Live From Exotic Honolulu", Super Sonic label - "Pitch/Speed Corrected" - 89 Minutes Long) CBS Record Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Contrast Clause: Previously a recording from this show was offered by "nopride" (THX!!!) at: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=478106
That previous offer has unknown lineage, where this offer is from the Liberated Bootleg "Hottest Live From Exotic Honolulu", Super Sonic label, & has been "Pitch/Speed Corrected"

REPOST from 2005 (not a RESEED), as this has another DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) in it.
Thanks to whoever originally offered this. These are not those original files.
I'm always looking for uncirculated, alternate versions, upgrades, etc., of anything Jeff.
If you have any of those & can not share, please get them to someone who can do so - THX!!!
Additional Lineage: FLAC files (> 2005 download, & audio burn to CDR (Nero)> 2009 DAE using EAC (wav)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Length: 16 tracks = 89:13 minutes
Artwork: included.
Samples: none.


Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - March 19, 1984 (the artwork incorrectly lists the date as July 7, 1984)
"Hottest Live From Exotic Honolulu"; CBS Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii


Disk 1
01. 01-Testify   [0:03:58.43]
02. 02-Voodoo Chile    [0:08:17.49]
03. 03-Pride & Joy    [0:04:25.43]
04. 04-Tin Pan Alley    [0:11:13.44]
05. 05-Mary Had A Little Lamb [0:03:07.33]
06. 06-Love Struck Baby    [0:03:38.63]
07. 07-Couldnt Stand The Weather [0:04:40.28]

Disk 2
01. 01-Things That I Used To Do [0:05:05.51]
02. 02-Your Alone    [0:07:15.51]
03. 03-Stangs Swang    [0:02:52.44]
04. 04-Little Wing    [0:05:49.46] (REMOVED - Officially Released)
05. 05-Third Stone    [0:06:02.29] (REMOVED - Officially Released)
06. 06-Wham    [0:04:35.37]
07. 07-Texas Blues    [0:02:59.07]
08. 08-Last Call    [0:09:41.08]
09. 09-Jeffs Boogie    [0:05:30.11]

d2t02 w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Angela Strehli
d2t06 & 07 w/ Jimmie Vaughan and Jeff Beck
d2t08 w/ Jimmie Vaughan, Beck and Strehli
d2t09 w/ Jeff Beck

Original Silver CD> PIONEER DVD-ROM DVD-303> EAC(v0.9 beta 4)> WAV(44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo)> SHN-MKW

The original ran too slow by almost a semitone. Each song was almost a half-step flat from where Stevie usually played them and his vocals sounded a bit sluggish.
The correct pitch was determined by comparing with a properly tuned guitar.
Cool Edit Pro's 'Pitch Bender' tool was used to increase the speed/pitch by 0.78 semitones, which made everything sound in tune, and in the correct keys, to my ear.
The whole thing was then retracked and re-encoded to FLAC(8), with the code "spc" (speed/pitch corrected) added to the file names.

joshd (9/29/2005)
Seeded by LOCO 11/24/2002

Support the artists: Purchase releases, etc.
Keep this lossless, do not convert to lossy (mp3, etc.)

2014 REPOST torrent prepared by Jeffrey James (roryglzep@aol.com)


Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 1996-03-19 Georgia Theater Athens, GA

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
Georgia Theater
Athens, GA
akg463>da-p1(oade akgmod) 16/44.1
t&s by c. cage
dat(m)>r4>pc cdwave splits>tlh flac 8  

Set 1
01 Up & Running
02 Scuttlebutt
03 Stomping Grounds
04 Bela banter 
05 Rainlands
06 BluBop
07 Wooten Solo
08 County Clare
09 New South Africa

Set 2
01 D 6/8
02 Oddity
03 Spain
04 Blues For Gordon
05 Futureman Solo
06 New Tune ?
07 Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
08 More Luv
09 Bela Fleck Solo
10 Sinister Minister

Paul McCandless on woodwinds


Dire Straits 1983-03-19 Festival Hall Melbourne, Australia

Artist: Dire Straits
Date of Performance: 19th of March, 1983
Venue: Festival Hall
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Track List:

DISC 1 [1:03:36]:

01. Intro / Once Upon a Time in the West [11:52]
02. Industrial Disease [5:19]
03. Expresso Love [5:30]
04. Romeo and Juliet [8:17]
05. Love Over Gold [3:40]
06. Private Investigations [6:57]
07. Sultans of Swing [10:06]
08. Twisting By The Pool [6:32]
09. Two Young Lovers [5:23]

DISC 2 [51:16]:

01. Portobello Belle [10:31]
02. Tunnel of Love [13:57]
03. Telegraph Road [15:01]
04. Solid Rock [5:34]
05. Going Home (Local Hero) [6:13]


cass[?]>CD-R(?)>EAC(Secure Mode, DC Offset Corrected)>WAV>FLAC(level 6)


This is being seeded by request for direFran. Average sound on this recording- most likely below the level of what you would listen to for normal enjoyment. It's distant sounding, there is some slight background hiss, and the audio has very little high end and dynamic range. That said, it appears to be the complete show, and sounds better than the tape of the concert from the 20th in Melbourne. Typical 1983 performance.

Please do not compress this to mp3 format. Md5 checksums included. Certified lossless. No artwork.

oneveryboot - April, 2007


Muddy Waters 1980-03-19 The Main Act, Lynn, MA

Muddy Waters
The Main Act,
Lynn, MA

Audience recording
--Disc 1--
04.Chicken Shack > Muddy intro
05.Mean Mistreater
06.Baby, Please Don?t Go
07.Nine Below Zero
08.They Call Me Muddy Waters

--Disc 2--
01.Champagne & Reefer (fades in)
02.Hoochie Coochie Man
03.Everything Gonna Be Allright
04.Baby, Don?t Say That No More
05.Kansas City
06.Mannish Boy
07.Sweet Home Chicago

MUDDY WATERS, guitar & vocals
PINETOP PERKINS, piano & vocals
JERRY PORTNOY, harmonica
LUTHER "Guitar Jr." JOHNSON, guitar & vocals
WILLIE "Big Eyes" SMITH, drums

Running time: 84:29

Notes: This is another Muddy show I got as part of a large, multi-show folder at a now defunct, hobgoblin of a tracker.
Many of these shows seem to be lightly circulated, mostly via etree trades,
and I've not seen them on BT trackers.  If you have seen them torrented before,
I'd like to hear about it, please leave a comment.
I've renamed the folder and files, checked for SBE's
and added checksums and a new info text for each.
Original info and EAC text files are included.

Setlist help always welcome


Grateful Dead 1995-03-19 The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA

Grateful Dead 1995-03-19 The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA
Recording Info:
SBD -> Dat -> Cassette Master -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Tascam DA-20) -> Tascam DA-3000 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC/48k

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
September 15, 2016

Set 1:
01 - Alabama Getaway
02 - Walkin' Blues
03 - So Many Roads
04 - Easy Answers
05 - Don't Ease Me In
06 - Unbroken Chain

Set 2:
07 - Samson And Delilah
08 - Way To Go Home
09 - Crazy Fingers ->
10 - Corrina ->
11 - Matilda ->
12 - Drums ->
13 - Space ->
14 - I Need A Miracle ->
15 - Stella Blue ->
16 - Not Fade Away

17 - Brokedown Palace


Bruce Springsteen 1999-03-19 Convention Hall, Asbury Park NJ

"Tearing The Walls Of Jersey Down"

CD-r Trade> EAC (Secure Mode)> Flac Frontend (Level 7, Align Sector... Verify)

Upload will include EAC Logs, MD5, Spectral and Frequency Graphs and Quickpar Recovery Blocks.


Disc 1: (79:15)

   1. The Promised Land (6:47)
   2. Two Hearts (3:32)
   3. Darkness On The Edge Of Town (5:12)
   4. Darlington County (6:11)
   5. Mansion On The Hill (4:11)
   6. The River (8:01)
   7. Youngstown (5:07)
   8. Murder Incorporated (5:35)
   9. Badlands (5:01)
  10. Out In The Street (5:16)
  11. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (7:52)
  12. The Promise (4:47)
  13. My Love Will Not Let You Down (6:11)
  14. For You (5:25)

Disc 2: (75:10)

   1. The Ghost Of Tom Joad (8:14)
   2. Give The Girl A Kiss (7:49)
   3. She's The One (6:04)
   4. Backstreets (8:07)
   5. Light Of Day (10:22)
   6. Streets Of Philadelphia (3:51)
   7. Bobby Jean (4:09)
   8. Born To Run (5:09)
   9. Thunder Road (6:04)
  10. If I Should Fall Behind (7:04)
  11. Land Of Hopes And Dreams (8:10)

Audience tape - Warm up rehearsal for the tour - features the long awaited return of The Promise,
performed solo on piano, and the live debut of Give The Girl A Kiss.
Released on CD "Tearing The Walls Of NJ Down" (Dandilion)



Rush 1980-03-19 Center Arena, Seattle, Wa

Rush - Permanent Tour
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 63:10, 67:45
Catalog: I-Vent: 1903.59-01
Source: Audience
Date: March 19, 1980
Location: Center Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA
Bookmark: http://www.digitalrushexperience.com/database/review.php?RecordingID=1373


01 - 2112 Overture / Temples of Syrinx   6:38
02 - Discovery / Presentation / Soliloquy / Finale   7:49
03 - Freewill   6:00
04 - ByTor And The Snowdog   5:12
05 - Xanadu   13:12
06 - The Spirit of Radio   5:29
07 - Natural Science   9:20
08 - A Passage To Bangkok   3:54
09 - The Trees   5:32


01 - Cygnus X-1   7:51
02 - Hemispheres   13:31
03 - Closer To The Heart   4:23
04 - Beneath, Between And Behind   2:24
05 - Jacob's Ladder   8:18
06 - Working Man / Finding My Way / Anthem / Bastille Day   7:09
06 - In The Mood   2:55
07 - Drum Solo   8:39
08 - La Villa Strangiato   11:17
09 - Radio Promo   1:13


Genesis 1977-03-19 Moody Coliseum University Park Dallas, TX(GASP 015)


GASP 015

Moody Coliseum
University Park
Dallas, TX

March 19, 1977

1-1. Squonk
1-2. One For The Vine
1-3. Robbery, Assault & Battery
1-4. Inside And Out
1-5. Firth Of Fifth
1-6. Carpet Crawlers
1-7. ... In That Quiet Earth/

1-8. Afterglow

2-1. (cut) I Know What I Like
2-2. Eleventh Earl Of Mar
2-3. Supper's Ready
2-4. Dance On A Volcano/
2-5. Drum Duet/
2-6. Los Endos
2-7. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/
2-8. The Musical Box (closing section)

Presented by the Genesis Authentic Soundboard Project
Thanks: WB, TM


KISS 1975-03-19 The Roxy Northampton, PA

Northampton, PA

Back when the band was out on the streets and hungry.

1. Deuce
2. Strutter
3. Got To Choose
4. Hotter Than Hell
5. Firehouse
6. She
7. ACE guitar solo
8. Nothing To Loose
9. Parasite
10. 100,000 years
11. Black diamond
12. C'mon & Love Me
13. Let Me Go Rock And Roll
14. Cold Gin


Neil Young 1976-03-19 Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany(LTB Re-Master)


Offenbach, Germany

19 March 1976


Lineage (LTB):
Philips microphone > Telefunken Magnetophon 302 (4-track mono reel-to-reel) >
reel master > ASC AS 4504 > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > TLH > FLAC

Additional lineage (Bombdiggity):
TLH (FLAC to WAV) > Cool Edit Pro 2.1
(Repair a number of momentary transit issues from the master, selectively adjust
levels to maximize output and better balance relative volumes of crowd and music, 
correct minor DC offset, track set 1, for the remaster only: minor equalization) >
TLH (WAV to FLAC level 8, sectors aligned)

Taper: LTB

Set 1:
01 Tell Me Why
02 Old Man
03 After The Goldrush
04 The Needle And The Damage Done
05 Mellow My Mind
06 A Man Needs A Maid
07 Ohio
08 Heart Of Gold

Set 2:
01 tune up
02 Country Home
03 Don't Cry No Tears
04 Down By The River
05 Lotta Love
06 Like A Hurricane
07 Barstool Blues
08 Southern Man
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Cinnamon Girl

TT: approx 85:00


Neil Young 1976-03-19 Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany(LTB Master)


Offenbach, Germany

19 March 1976

Lineage (LTB):
Philips microphone > Telefunken Magnetophon 302 (4-track mono reel-to-reel) >
reel master > ASC AS 4504 > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > TLH > FLAC

Additional lineage (Bombdiggity):
TLH (FLAC to WAV) > Cool Edit Pro 2.1
(Repair a number of momentary transit issues from the master, selectively adjust
levels to maximize output and better balance relative volumes of crowd and music,
correct minor DC offset, track set 1) >
TLH (WAV to FLAC level 8, sectors aligned)

Taper: LTB

Set 1:
01 Tell Me Why
02 Old Man
03 After The Goldrush
04 The Needle And The Damage Done
05 Mellow My Mind
06 A Man Needs A Maid
07 Ohio
08 Heart Of Gold

Set 2:
01 tune up
02 Country Home
03 Don't Cry No Tears
04 Down By The River
05 Lotta Love
06 Like A Hurricane
07 Barstool Blues
08 Southern Man
09 Cortez The Killer
10 Cinnamon Girl

TT: approx 85:00


Neil Young 1976-03-19 Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany

Offenbach 1976-03-19

Good audience recording

Disc 1:
1. Tell Me Why
2. Old Man
3. After The Goldrush
4. The Needle And The Damage Done
5. Mellow My Mind
6. A Man Needs A Maid
7. Ohio
8. Heart Of Gold
9. Country Home
10. Don't Cry No Tears
11. Down By The River
12. Lotta Love
13. Like A Hurricane
14. Barstool Blues
15. Southern Man
16. Cortez The Killer
17. Cinnamon Girl


Neil Young 1996-03-19 Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, CA Vol.2

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE (THE ECHOS) - Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-By-The-Sea, California, USA - 19.March 1996

Lineage: audience DAT master -> DAT clone -> Hucht Copyprocessor -> standalone Philips CD burner -> CDR -> EAC -> wav ->
         WavePad (fading, tracking) -> wav -> flac

Disc 1:
01 Country Home
02 Stupid Girl
03 Bite The Bullet
04 Barstool Blues
05 Wonderin'
06 Drive Back
07 The Losing End
08 Dangerbird
09 Like A Hurricane

Disc 2:
01 Prisoners Of Rock 'n' Roll
02 Roll Another Number
03 Baby What You Want Me To Do?
04 The Old Country Waltz
05 Don't Cry No Tears
06 Down By The River
07 Powderfinger

Neil Young - vocals, guitar
Frank Sampedro - guitar
Billy Talbot - bass
Ralph Molina - drums


Joe Bonamassa 2008-03-19 De Handelsbeurs Gent

Joe Bonamassa
19 march 2008
De Handelsbeurs

A zimmy21 recording !!

Sound quality : I can't do better !!!

Listen to the samples . To my opinion , better than a soundboard !!

Source : SP-CMC-10 > battery SP-SPSB-1 (95 hz) > Edirol R-09 > PC > EAC > Wav > Flac

Size :   525 Mb

Disc 01  : 62.36 minutes

01. Bridge to better days
02. Walk in my shadows
03. So many roads
04. Mountain time
05. Another kind of love
06. Sloe Gin
07. Highwater everywhere
08. Your funeral and my trial
09. Don't burn down that bridge
10. Woke up dreaming

Disc 02   : 38.08 minutes

01. Just got paid
02. - crowd -
03. One of these days
04. Asking around for you
05. - crowd -
06. Ball peen hammer
07. New day yesterday

Not for sale !!!
Trading only !!!
Support the artist, buy his records !!


Yes 1974-03-19 Long Beach Arena Long Beach, CA

Yes-"The Word Is Love"-Tarantura Box Set
-From the original silver discs of the limited edition Tarantura 10 cd box set "The Word Is Love", stated to be from Mike Millard audience masters.

Set Two
March 19, 1974, Long Beach, California, Long Beach Arena

Disc #1-TCDY-2-1
1. Firebird Suite
2. Siberian Khatru
3. And You And I
4. Close To The Edge
5. The Revealing Science Of God

Disc #2-TCDY-2-2
1. The Ancient
2. Ritual
3. Roundabout
4. Starship Trooper


Jon Anderson 2012-03-19 Bergen PAC Englewood, New Jersey

01. Yours Is No Disgrace
02. Sweet Dreams
03. America
04. Time And A Word
05. One Love
06. Under Heaven's Door
07. Flight Of The Moorglade
08. Long Distance Runaround
09.  - Starship Trooper
10. Unbroken Spirit
11. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
12. Piano
13. Light Of Love
14. And You And I
15. Leaves Of Green
16. Ritual
17. Tony And Me
18. To The Runner
19. Turn Of The Century
20. I've Seen All Good People
21. Roundabout
22.  - State Of Independence
23. Wonderous Story
24. Soon

H2 / CD EDITOR / NTI Wave editor / TradersLittle helper


AC/DC 1977-03-19 Kursaal Ballroom Southend, England

Band: AC/DC
Venue: Kursaal Ballroom
City: Southend
Country: England
Date: March 19 1977
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Tour: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap UK Tour
Support Act: Jenny Darren Band

Lineage: Trade > Tape > Maxell Normal Position UD 90 Tape > Soundsaver MC Plexgear 33208 >
USB > Audacity Wave > CD Wave Editor (Split Tracks) > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7,5 out of 10.

During this concert, photographer Keith Morris shots What will become the cover of the album "Let There Be Rock".


01. Problem Child
02. Jailbreak
03. She´s Got The Jack (With Gonorrhea Intro)
04. Dog Eat Dog
05. High Voltage
06. Whole Lotta Rosie
07. Audience
08. Bad Boy Boogie (Cut at the very end)

Total Time: 45:07


Bon Scott - Vocals
Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Evans - Bass
Phil Rudd - Drums


KISS 1999-03-19 Olympiahalle Munich, Germany

A very, mega special thanks to Mick E. Gee for laying his "magical hands" on this show!!! :)

Venue: Olympiahalle
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Date: March 19, 1999
Quality: Ex
Psycho Circus Tour

Lineage: AUD...? (Sorry no lineage!)

Information by Mick E. Gee:

I "tweaked" all shows to MY LIKING and I feel many of these shows sound better than ever!!!!


01 Psycho Circus
02 Shout It Out Loud
03 Deuce
04 Do You Love Me
05 Firehouse
06 Shock Me
07 Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
08 Calling Dr. Love
09 Into The Void
10 God Of Thunder
11 Within
12 Peter Criss
13 I Was Made For Lovin' You / Love Gun
14 100,000 Years
15 Rock And Roll All nite
16 Beth
17 Detroit Rock City
18 Black Diamond

I can´t seed 24/7...be patient!


ARW 2017-03-19 Hammersmith Apollo London, Eng.

ARW (Anderson, Rabin and Wakeman)
An Evening Of Yes Music And More
Hammersmith Apollo, London
March 19 2017

1. Intro
2. Cinema
3. Perpetual Change
4. Hold
5. Intro
6. I've Seen All Good People
7. Intro
8. Drums
9. Lift Me Up
10. Intro
11. And You And I
12. Rhythm Of Love
13. Intro
14. The Meeting
15. Heart Of The Sunrise
16. Wrong Intro

1. Changes
2. Intro
3. Long Distance Runaround
4. The Fish
5. Awaken
6. Make It Easy
7. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
8. Crowd
9. Roundabout
10. Outro

Jon Anderson - Vocals
Trevor Rabin - Guitar
Rick Wakeman - Keyboards
Lee Pomeroy - Bass
Louis Molino III - Drums

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

An EBR Recording


Led Zeppelin 1975-03-19 Pacific Coliseum Vancouver, BC

Led Zeppelin
Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
**Remastered** by thir13en
Snow Jobs (Empress Valley Supreme Disc)-original source upped by hottiemagnet
Lineage:silvers>EAC offset corrected, secure mode, test and copy>WAV>Traders Little Helper level 6 with align on Sector Boundaries>FLAC

Thanks to mixwell for a really great remaster IMO. Very tastefully done. Picked this up at Zomb a while back.

mixwell's notes:
Had some fun with this one, a good raw source that I felt needed some touch-ups. I'd certainly recommend it for all, but it might be best for diehard 13 fans only, as the changes are subtle, more what a general mastering job should be.

As I said, raw, and I've been meaning to play around with one like this, adding a bit of spatial-simulator reverb to try to recreate some ambience of the venue. Not far off from blending with an AUD, just not as obvious. Mostly it gives the rawness a smoother edge and helps to warm up some of the brittle crunch (and eliminate the need for de-noising). Then the spectrum was tightened up as the highs were too bright, the lows were undefined and the mid's (especially Page) needed a slight boost.

I like it, I like it a lot.

1.Rock And Roll
2.Sick Again
3.Over The Hills And Far Away
4.In My Time Of Dying
5.The Song Remains The Same
6.The Rain Song

8.No Quarter
9.Trampled Underfoot
10.Moby Dick

11.Dazed & Confused (includes Woodstock)
12.Stairway To Heaven
13.Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge
14.Black Dog