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Lenny Kravitz 1989-12-20 Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland

Lenny Kravitz - If Six Was Nine
Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland
December 20, 1989

Source: Speedball Company (SBC010) - Two CD Set (Blue & Red) - Released 2001

Sound Quality: FM or Pre-FM

Lineage: Silver CD -> EAC -> Waves -> TLH -> Flacs Level 8

[Log, ffp & md5 included - Artwork: only Front]

01- Flower Child
02- My Flash On You
03- Blues For Sister Someone
04- Mr. Cabdriver
05- Be
06- My Precious Love
07- Freedom Train
08- If Six Was Nine
09- Does Anybody Out There Even Care
10- Let Love Rule

Lenny Kravitz: Guitar & Lead Vocals
Adam Widoff: Lead Guitar & Keyboards
Kenneth Grouch: Keyboards
Karl Denson: Saxophone
Lebron Scott: Bass
Zoro: Drums


Gov't Mule 2015-05-17 Live Music Hall Köln, Germany

Gov't Mule
European Spring Tour
Live Music Hall
Köln, Germany
17.05.2015 [2015-05-17]

A Team Southern Germany Production

neumann km184 [matched pair] > xlr-in tascam dr-100 mk II [medium gain setting - 16 bit/ 44.1 khz]
> audacity [amp +2 db - fades - converted to 16/ 44.1] > .wav > cdwave [tracked and converted] > .flac
> tagged with foobar 2000
mic-position ab, fob, dfc, 60 ft from stage
9 ft high [mics fixed to stand]
Taper: Ulrich Rettinger [africolaman AT gmx DOT de]

Disc 1 [1:16:21]
Set 1
01 Audience
02 Brand new Angel
03 Streamline Woman
04 Mr. Man
05 Game Face > w/ Mountain Jam Tease
06 Whisper in your Soul
07 Banks of the deep End
08 Fool's Moon
09 No need to suffer
10 Kind of Bird w/ Hottentot, Les Brers in A Minor & The Wind cries Mary Teases > Outro 1st Set > Audience

Disc 2 [1:10:17]
Set 2
01 Audience
02 It's my own Fault
03 Larger than Life >
04 Thelonius Beck
05 No Reward >
06 Drums
07 Mr. High & Mighty
08 I can't quit you
09 Mule > w/ Les Brers in A Minor, Superstition & Getaway Teases
10 Soulshine > Outro 2nd Set > Audience Encore Call

Disc 3 [0:12:55]
01 Masters of War >
02 Rocking in the free World >
03 Machine Gun (Instrumental) >
04 Rocking in the free World > Farewell > Audience > House Music

Discs 2 and 3 are seamless

Dr. Warren Haynes [guitar, vocals]
Matt Abts [drums]
Jorgen Carlsson [bass]
Danny Louis [keys, guitar, trombone]

Show 59 of the Never-Ending-ACM-Mule-Tour.

Taped with permission of the band.

Share freely and the sun will always shine on you.
Definitely never sell.

Support the performers. See their shows and buy their official recordings.


Yes 1984-03-21 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, NM


"Langdon Tapes Series: Yes1984-03-21"

Tingley Coliseum
Albuquerque, NM
March 21, 1984

The Band:

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Tony Kaye (Keyboards)
Trevor Rabin (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)

Media:        2CDR (2CDR SHN)
Catalog:    Langdon Tapes Series LTS-YES-01
Taper:        Tom B.
Recording:    Audience (MCass > Nakamichi BX-150 > 1st Gen)
Source:     Aiwa Mic > Aiwa Recorder
Transfer:     Nakamichi CR-7A > Sony PCM-R500 > Sony CDR-W33 > EAC (secure) > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWav > SHN (mkwAct)


Disc One:.......................................72:56

1.01 Looney Tunes 1 (7:08)
1.02 Looney Tunes 2 (7:49)
1.03 Intro ~ Cinema (8:10)
1.04 Leave It (4:27)
1.05 Yours Is No Disgrace (10:35)
1.06 Hold On (7:15)
1.07 Hearts (8:55)
1.08 I've Seen All Good People (7:09)
1.09 Kaye's Solo (fades in) ~ Solly's Beard (4:43)
1.10 Changes (6:45)

Disc Two:......................................73:23

2.01 And You And I (11:09)
2.02 Soon (2:50)
2.03 Make It Easy ~ Owner Of A Lonely Heart (6:48)
2.04 It Can Happen (6:18)
2.05 Long Distance Runaround ~ Whitefish ~ Amazing Grace (15:24)
2.06 City Of Love (8:47)
2.07 Intro ~ Starship Trooper (13:24)
2.08 Roundabout (8:43)



Many thanks go out to J. Langdon for opening up his tape collection for the Langdon Tapes Series releases.
The tapes were transfered via a Nakamichi CR-7A deck with manual playback azimuth adjustment on both sides of each tape.
No noise reductions were used during playback and bias setting was matched for each tape.  Each tape was unpacked before playback.
The A>D conversion was done by a Sony PCM-R500 DAT deck with Super Bit Mapping on and at 48kHz sampling frequency.
The DATs were converted to cdr on a Sony CDR-W33 CD writer via the S/PDIF connection.
Thereafter, the CDRs were extracted to a SCSI harddrive using a Plextor SCSI cdrom and EAC (secure) for remastering.

Several amplitude adjustments were made to even out the show.
EQ: slight LF boost, vocal boost & HF boost for some crispness.
Several single channel dropouts were repaired.  Tape flips mended as best as I could.
Removed/reduced some loud audience noise. Finally, the entire show was normalized to 0dB.

Few notes about the recording. Kaye's solo faded in on the tape and leads into Rabin's "Solly's Beard".
By the end of the show, the recording becomes really saturated especially from "City of Love" to the end.
There is very little stereo separation in the recording, almost sounding mono in some places.
The Looney Tunes cartoons are not short, but I decided to keep them for amusement sake.
Lastly, the crowd noise is very loud at times with whistles, much handclapping and overall loud crowd noise.

Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.

-leegeddy (APR '04)


Neil Young 2015-07-11 Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln, Ne

Neil Young
Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
w/ Promise Of The Real

Lineage: Schoeps MK40> Tinybox> Edirol R-05 (16bit/44.1 Khz)
Transfer: SD/USB > aiff > ProTools (cleanup, fades & tracking) > xACT 2.36 > flac(8)
Recorded By: ridemyllama
(Transferred by: zuma11)

Length: 184:05

01. After The Gold Rush
02. Heart Of Gold
03. Long May You Run
04. Old Man
05. Mother Earth
06. Hold Back The Tears
07. Out On The Weekend
08. Unknown Legend
09. Peace Of Mind
10. From Hank To Hendrix
11. Field Of Opportunity
12. Wolf Moon
13. Harvest Moon
14. Words
15. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
16. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
17. Walk On
18. A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop
19. People Want To Hear About Love
20. A New Day For Love
21. Down By The River
22. Workin' Man
23. Big Box
24. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
25. If I Don't Know
26. Monsanto Years
27. Love And Only Love
28. Hippie Dream
29. Cinnamon Girl

Tour: 2015 Rebel Content Tour
Band: Promise Of The Real

Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, pump organ, harmonica
Lukas Nelson - electric guitar, vocals
Micah Nelson - electric guitar, electric charango, piano, vocals
Corey McCormick - bass, vocals
Anthony Logerfo - drums
Tato Melgar - percussion


Neil Young 1976-03-23 Sportpaleis Ahoy', Rotterdam, Holland

Neil Young
1976-03-23 Sportpaleis Ahoy', Rotterdam, Holland

Source: Unknown
Location: unknown
Transfer: Analog Master > Nakamichi DRAGON > Pioneer D-05 > DAT > DAL Digital Only > EAC > WAV > editing > Flac (TLH, best)
Editing: Reel Records (Soundforge, Magix Samplitude, BBE Sonic Maximizer, sev. Plug-Ins > WAV > FLAC)
Release: JvV-2004-012-a/b

As Southern Man was missing a 1st gen copy from another source was included.

Many years ago I was able to borrow this master via a friend, unfortunately it is not possible anymore to get information about equipment, etc.

Disc 1:

Tell Me Why
Old Man
After The Goldrush
Mellow My Mind
Too Far Gone
The Needle And The Damage Done
A Man Needs A Maid
Heart Of Gold

Disc 2:

Country Home
Don’t Cry No Tears
Down By The River
Lotta Love
Like A Hurricane
The Losing End
Drive Back
Southern Man
Cortez The Killer
Cinnamon Girl
Southern Man (1st gen complete)

Please Note:
Sorry we don't do MP3's - Our uploads are ex unless noted otherwise by a sound warning.
Don't sell & please don't convert to MP3 - or any other lossy formats.
Please wait 2 weeks after this initial upload before uploading to other sites.
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Bob Dylan 1995-06-04 Paramount Theater Seattle, WA

Bob Dylan, 6/4/95, Seattle, Washington, 2CDR

LB-10686, (64min+50min), nta, net taper A, long drop in I Shall Be Released, ? -> portable DATrecorder - clone -> (digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496, -> Wavelab -> ssrc -> Wavelab, levels raised -> cdwave, tracking -> tlh, I did not harm the sound of the recording in any way
bittorrent download 02/13; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at beginning of d1t8; this is very similar to lonwa LB-10683 except that is a little warmer; LB-4480 is of lower quality than these; excellent sound [A]
12 second drop d2t7 6:12
1 intro, 2 Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood), 3 If You See Her, Say Hello, 4 All Along The Watchtower, 5 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met), 6 Shooting Star, 7 Silvio (Bob Dylan & Robert Hunter), 8 Mr. Tambourine Man, 9 Boots Of Spanish Leather, 10 Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, 1 Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again, 2 I Believe In You, 3 band introduction, 4 Obviously Five Believers, 5 Cat's In The Well, 6 My Back Pages, 7 I Shall Be Released
Please retain this info file and its LB number as a marker for this lossless set
and if you spread it please list it in the description to avoid others getting duplicates


The Rolling Stones Soundboard Recordings For The Never Released 1972-1973 Live Album

The Rolling Stones
Nasty Music - Soundboard Recordings For The Never Released 1972-1973 Live Album
VGP Vinyl Gang / Singer's Original Double Disk SODD 012 / 1997 remaster

Disc 1
1.  Brown Sugar (*)
2.  Happy (**)
3.  Gimme Shelter (**)
4.  Tumbling Dice (*)
5.  Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (**)
6.  You Can't Always Get What YOu Want (*)
7.  Dancing With Mr.D. (*)
8.  Angie (*)

Disc 2:
1.  Honky Tonk Women (*)
2.  Midnight Rambler (*)
3.  All Down The Line (+)
4.  Bye Bye Johnny (+)
5.  Love In Vain (+)
6.  Sweet Virginia (+)
7.  Rip This Joint (*)
8.  Jumpin' Jack Flash (*)
9.  Street Fighting Man (**)

(*)    Brussels, Forest Nationale, Oct. 17, 1973 - 1st show
(**)    London, Wembley Empire Pool, Sep. 9, 1973
(+)    NYC, Madison Square Garden, July 26, 1972


Friday, March 24, 2017

The Eagles 1976-07-04 Tampa stadium Tampa, FL


Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. -intro-
02. Take It Easy
03. Outlaw Man
04. Doolin-Dalton
05. Desperado (reprise)
06. Turn To Stone
07. Seven Bridges Road
08. Lyin' Eyes
09. Take It To The Limit
10. Desperado
11. Midnight Flyer
12. Already Gone
13. One Of These Nights
14. Funk #49
15. Too Many Hands
16. Good Day In Hell
17. Witchy Woman
18. Rocky Mountain Way
19. James Dean
20. Best Of My Love (cuts off)


Neil Young 1973-11-04 Hippodrome, Bristol, England

Neil Young
11-04-1973, Hippodrome, Bristol, England
w/ The Santa Monica Flyers

Disk 1
1.    Tonight's The Night
2.    Mellow My Mind
3.    World On A String
4.     Speakin' Out
5.     Albuquerque
6.     New Mama
7.     Roll Another Number
8.     Tired Eyes
9.     Tonight's The Night
Disk 2
10.    Cowgirl In The Sand
11.    Don't Be Denied
12.    Tonight's The Night

Tour : 1973 Tonight's The Night Tour with The Santa Monica Flyers
Band : The Santa Monica Flyers
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, piano, vocals
Nils Lofgren - guitar, piano, accordion, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Lineage: Audience master cassettes > DAT > CDR > EAC(secure) > FLAC(8)

This came from a friend who got a hold of the master tapes. Not a great
quality recording, but this is as good as you will find.  This show is
mentioned in the Neil biography "Shakey" - "things totally spun out of
control at the Bristol Hippodrome"


Bruce Springsteen 1984-08-08 Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands, NJ.

Title: Night At The Meadowlands
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: Audience
Date: August 8, 1984.
Location: Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands, NJ.

Disc One:
01 Born In The U.S.A
02 Out In The Street
03 Spirit In The Night
04 Atlantic City
05 Reason To Believe
06 Introduction
07 Nebraska
08 Darlington County
09 Glory Days
10 The Promised Land
11 "Time To Get A New Guitar"
12 Used Cars
13 "Who Is That Guy!?"
14 My Hometown
15 Badlands

Disc Two:
01 Thunder Road
02 Cadillac Ranch
03 Hungry Heart
04 Dancing In The Dark
05 Sherry Darling
06 "For Little Steven's Mama"
07 No Surrender
08 Prove It All Night
09 Fire
10 Growin' Up
11 Bobby Jean
12 Backstreets
13 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Disc Three:
01 Jersey Girl
02 Jungleland
03 Introduction
04 Born To Run
05 Street Fighting Man
06 Twist And Shout (w/ Do You Love Me)

07 Tunnel Of Love
08 Be True
09 Two Faces
10 Tougher Than The Rest
11 One Step Up
12 Introduction
13 Born To Run (acoustic)
14 Across The Borderline
- D3 Tracks 7-14: April 28, 1988. The Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA.


- Second BITUSA tour performances of 'Spirit In The Night' & 'Jersey Girl'.
- 'No Surrender' played for Little Steven's mother who's in the audience.
- 'Rosalita' includes a snippet of the 'Perry Mason' theme after introducing Clarence.
- During 'Out In The Street' someone's instrument fails to make any sound at all causing a short delay in the song.
- During 'Darlington County', after Clarence's solo the band seems lost again for a while but picks up soon.
- Very good performance of 'Nebraska'.

Thanks to Jeff for the original source upload and 'The Mayor' for instrumental info.

Bonus tracks from the master recording of April 28, 1988 with the amazing 'Across The Borderline'.


Van Halen 1982-10-07 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT

Van Halen 1982-10-07 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT

Lineage: AUD>low-gen cass>Sony tape deck>TDK standalone>CDR>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC

Quality: B+ (25 year old audience recording)

Disc 1/2
1. Romeo Delight 4:05
2. Unchained>Drum Solo 6:15
3. //The Full Bug 3:20
4. Runnin' With The Devil 3:05
5. Dave Raps (cut) 2:27
6. //Jamie's Cryin' 3:15
7. Little Guitars 4:30
8. Where Have All The Good Times Gone! 3:15
9. Bass Solo 4:21
10. Hang 'em High 3:10
11. Cathedral 1:35
12. Secrets 3:19
13. Everybody Wants Some!!// 3:15
14. //More Dave Rap>Everybody Wants Some!! 7:55

Disc 2/2
1. Dance The Night Away 3:00
2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor>I'm So Glad 5:13
3. Ice // Cream Man 9:00
4. Intruder 2:02
5. (Oh) Pretty Woman 2:47
6. Guitar Solo 10:03
7. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 5:22
8. Bottoms Up!// 1:59

// = cut


The Rolling Stones 1975-07-13 The Forum, Inglewood, CA

Rolling Stones
July 13, 1975
The Forum, Inglewood, CA

Lineage: Millard Master > VHS > DAT > CDR(x) > EAC/Flac frontend > flac8 

01 Fanfare For The Common Man
02 Honky Tonk Women
03 All Down The Line
04 If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud
05 Star Star
06 Gimme Shelter
07 Ain't To Proud To Beg
08 You Gotta Move
09 You Can't Always Get What You
10 Happy
11 Tumbling Dice
12 Band Introductions
13 It's Only Rock'n Roll

01 Doo Doo Doo Heartbreaker
02 Fingerprint File
03 Angie
04 Wild Horses
05 That's Life (Billy Preston)
06 Outta Space (Billy Preston)
07 Brown Sugar
08 Midnight Rambler
09 Rip This Joint
10 Street Fighting Man
11 Jumpin' Jack Flash
12 Sympathy For The Devil

Mick Jagger    - Vocals
Keith Richards - Guitar, Vocals
Ian Stewart    - Piano
Billy Preston  - Keyboards
Ron Wood       - Guitar
Charlie Watts  - Drums
Ollie Brown    - Percussion
Bill Wyman     - Bass

*** Do not encode to MP3 or other lossy formats ***


This appears to be a complete show.  All track transitions
appear normal both to the ear and eye.  The set list is a
little different from the other '75 Forum shows.  There appears
to have been some equipment problem after "Tumbling Dice"
causing Mike to stall for while then do the band introductions
before "It's Only Rock and Roll" instead of after it.  It also
appears that most bootlegs do not include Billy Preston's two
songs which are present here.

<plagiarized from this web page:>


The tour was called the “1975 Tour Of The Americas”
but as the South American leg was cancelled, and a
few more U.S dates was added the name is a bit misleading.

The´75 tour was interesting in many aspects, the Stones
had not toured for almost two years and Mick Taylor had
left the band just before the first recording sessions
for the Black& Blue album. To make a tour without him must
have been a big challenge as he had become a very important
part in the Stones sound, especially during live shows. I
think the decision to add a percussion player (Ollie Brown)
and to use both Billy Preston and Ian Stewart was a smart way
to fill the gap. This tour was also the first of three 75, 76,
and 78 when they performed without a brass section in the
regular line-up. Ron Wood from The Faces was hired as Mick
Taylor’s replacement, and he made this summer tour with The
Stones in between The Faces two last tours. When The Faces
broke up after the1975 autumn tour he could join as a permanent
member. But I think that Ronnie was an employee until 1992!
My ambition with this document is to make a guide to all the
1975 shows that have been released either on regular CDs or
by well known CDR companies in the bootleg jungle of The Rolling
Stones live shows. Most of the CDs are done from audience tapes,
just a few soundboard recordings can be found on the market
(no one is perfect)           



Paul McCartney 2015-05-23 O2 Arena, London

Paul McCartney
O2 Arena, London
May 23 2015

1.  Intro
2.  Eight Days A Week
3.  Save Us
4.  Intro
5.  Can't Buy Me Love
6.  Listen To What The Man Said
7.  Intro
8.  Temporary Secretary
9.  Let Me Roll It
10. Intro
11. Paperback Writer
12. Intro
13. My Valentine
14. Nineteen Hundred And Eight Five
15. The Long And Winding Road
16. Intro
17. Maybe I'm Amazed
18. I've Just Seen A Face
19. Intro
20. We Can Work It Out
21. Another Day
22. Intro
23. Hope For The Future
24. Intro
25. And I Love Her
26. Intro
27. Blackbird
28. Intro
29. Here Today

1.  Intro
2.  New
3.  Intro
4.  Queenie Eye
5.  Lady Madonna
6.  Intro
7.  All Together Now
8.  Intro
9.  Lovely Rita Meter Maid
10. Eleanor Rigby
11. Intro
12. Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
13. Intro
14. Something
15. Intro
16. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
17. Band On The Run
18. Back In The USSR
19. Intro
20. Let It Be
21. Live And Let Die
22. Hey Jude
23. Crowd

1.  Intro
2.  Another Girl
3.  Hi Hi Hi
4.  Signing Cynthia->Introduction of Dave Grohl
5.  I Saw Her Standing There (with Dave Grohl)
6.  Crowd
7.  Yesterday
8.  Helter Skelter
9.  Thanks
10. Golden Slumbers->Carry That Weight->The End
11. Outro

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

An EBR Recording


U2 2015-05-23 US Airways Center Phoenix, AZ

US Airways Center
Phoenix, AZ

Taped and transferred by opsopcopolis

Lineage: CA-11 (cardiod) > Ugly Battery Box > Tascam DR-05 > ProTools > WAV > xACT > FLAC

01. Intro (People Have the Power)
02. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
03. Vertigo (snippet) / Out Of Control
04. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (snippet) / Vertigo
05. I Will Follow
06. Iris (Hold Me Close)
07. Cedarwood Road
08. Song For Someone
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday
10. Raised By Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
11. Until The End Of The World / Macbeth Act 5 Scene 1 (snippet)

12. (Intermission)

13. Invisible
14. Even Better Than The Real Thing
15. Mysterious Ways / Young Americans (snippet)
16. Angel Of Harlem
17. When Love Comes To Town
18. Every Breaking Wave
19. Bullet The Blue Sky / Whole Lotta Love (snippet) / 19 (snippet)
20. The Hands That Built America
21. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
22. Beautiful Day / One (snippet)
23. With Or Without You

24. Encore Break
25. Miracle Drug
26. Mother And Child Reunion (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
27. One


Neil Young 1989-09-30 Saturday Night Live New York City, NY

Neil Young

Saturday Night Live, TV Studio, New York City, New York

unknown lineage  > Trade > eac (secure) > wav > flac (level8)

flac transfer by GigoLOW



Rockin' In The Free World
The Needle And The Damage Done
No More


Rockin' In The Free World
The Needle And The Damage Done
No More

Set List provided by Sugar Mountain, Thank You Tom.

Enjoy the show!

Share the Music !!!  Don't encode to mp3 !!!  Trade freely !!!


Bob Dylan 1997-10-01 International Conference Center Bournemouth, Eng.(Masters Series 164)


OCTOBER 1, 1997

Masters Series 164
D6 A8 S8 H9 F8 BC2      83 mins

Absolutely Sweet Marie
Man In The Long Black Coat
Tough Mama
You Ain't Going Nowhere
Silvio (Dylan/Hunter)
Cocaine (Trad Arr Rev Gary Davis)
Tangled Up In Blue
Mr. Tambourine Man
Stuck Inside Of Mobile 
Blind Willie McTell


Highway 61 Revisited
Like A Rolling Stone

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Love Sick
Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 (frag)

Not only are both these shows well filmed they were brilliant concerts
The band an Bob really COOK,, don't miss em.

EC30 tapes transferred to PC via a Panasonic NV-W1 Professional triple standard vhs machine.
Files authored to DVD with Tempgenc DVD Works Author 4

Remember even if you have some of the Daves films already that at best your copies
will be 2 generations poorer than anything in the Masters series, so get em all.
These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually
with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out


Van Halen 1982-08-13 Cobo Hall Detroit, MI

Van Halen
Cobo Hall
Detroit, MI
August 13, 1982

Unknown gen.cassette.aud>SonyTCWE435>PioneerPDR-

Quality: C+

Notes: Van Halen on their Diver Down tour, the first night here. Almost sounds like this was recorded with a microcassette recorder, clear enough, but a narrow spectrum and no bottom, like an AM radio broadcast. Enoyable nonetheless, and the taper caught the show earlier enough in the tour that D.O.A. is still being played.

Romeo Delight (cuts in)
Drum Solo
The Full Bug
Runnin' With The Devil
Jamie's Cryin'
Little Guitars
Where Have All The Good Times Gone!
Bass Solo
Hang 'em High
Everybody Wants Some!!
Dance The Night Away
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Ice Cream Man
(Oh) Pretty Woman
Guitar Solo
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Bottoms Up!
You Really Got Me
Happy Trails


Leftover Salmon 1995-07-07 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA

Leftover Salmon
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

CD 1 - Set 1
01.Blue Night
02.Green Thing > Whiskey For Breakfast
03.Tu N'as Pas Aller
05.Get Me Out Of This City
06.Madame Goodreaux
07.Paint It Black
08.This Is The Time
09.Boo Boo
10.Funky Mountain Fogdown
11.Up On The Hill Where We Do The Boogie
12.Reuben's Train

CD 2 - Set 2
01.Head Bag
02.Zombie Jamboree
03.Bend In The River
04.Ask The Fish
05.Bosco Stumble > LA Woman
06.River's Rising
07.Hot Burrito Breakdown
08.Carnival Time
09.When The Levee Breaks
10.E: White Freightliner
11.Wake and Bake

Source: SBD > MAC
Transfer: MAC > Harmon Kardon TD4200 > Sony PC-R300 (LEVEL BOOST) > NJB3 > CDWAV > TLH > FLAC
Recorded and transferred by Lobster


Bob Dylan 2010-10-31 Murat Theatre Indianapolis, Indiana

Bob Dylan
Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, Indiana

01. intro
02. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
03. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
04. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
05. Queen Jane Approximately
06. The Levee's Gonna Break
07. Simple Twist Of Fate
08. Cold Irons Bound
09. If You Ever Go To Houston
10. High Water (For Charley Patton)
11. Tryin' To Get To Heaven
12. Highway 61 Revisited
13. Tangled Up In Blue
14. Thunder On The Mountain
15. Ballad Of A Thin Man
16. Jolene
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18. band intro
19. All Along The Watchtower

Band Members
Bob Dylan - vocals, guitar, keyboard, harp
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar
Donnie Herron - trumpet, banjo, mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel
Charlie Sexton - guitar
George Receli - drums
Tony Garnier - bass

source: soomlos
neumann skm140 > grace lunatec v3 > m-audio microtrack II (24/48)
m-audio microtrack II > usb > pc > sound forge 9.0 > cd wave > tlh > flac (16/44.1)


Led Zeppelin 1971-09-27 Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium, Hiroshima, Japan

Led Zeppelin 1971-09-27 audience mix
Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium, Hiroshima, Japan
EVSD "Love and Peace"

lineage - audience sources 2,4 and 5 > silver CD's > EAC(secure)wav > TLH flac 8

101 intro
102 immigrant song
103 heartbreaker
104 since I've been loving you
105 black dog
106 dazed and confused
201 stairway to heaven
202 celebration day
203 that's the way
204 going to california
205 tangerine
206 what is and what should never be
207 moby dick
301 whole lotta love
302 communication breakdown

art,md5,ffp,eac logs included
note - source identification came from
------ used the name Prefectural Gymnasium opposed to Municiple Gymnasium due to artwork


The Rolling Stones 1981-10-15 Kingdome, Seattle WA

The Rolling Stones - Seattle Supersonic (Empress Valley EVSD 268-269)

Kingdome, Seattle WA - October 15, 1981

Disc 1:  Take The A Train, Under My Thumb, When The Whip Comes Down, Let’s Spend The Night Together, Shattered, Neighbors, Black Limousine, Just My Imagination, Twenty Flight Rock, Let Me Go, Time Is On My Side, Beast Of Burden, Waiting On A Friend

Disc 2:  Let It Bleed, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Little T & A, Tumbling Dice, She’s So Cold, All Down The Line, Hang Fire, Star Star, Miss You, Start Me Up, Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Star Spangled Banner/School Days

Robducati original Empress Valley 2cd set>EAC (secure mode/offset corrected/logs included in torrent)>Traders Little Helper (flac level 8/tested/fingerprint)>bit torrent

Please note that Hang Fire is not listed on the EV back cover, but is included on the recording. EV also has this performance listed at the Seattle Center Coliseum, but it is actually at the Kingdome.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

David Bowie 1972-06-04 Guild Hall, Preston, England

DAVID BOWIE - Preston 1972-06-04

Guild Hall, Preston, England

Audience recording
Lineage: TDK SA90 tape (Arcorman) > Denon DRM-500 tape deck > direct wire > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 65:04


1. Ode To Joy Intro
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. The Supermen
5. Queen Bitch
6. Song For Bob Dylan
7. Starman
8. Changes
9. Five Years
10. Space Oddity
11. Andy Warhol
12. Amsterdam
13. I Feel Free
14. Moonage Daydream
15. White Light/White Heat
16. Suffragette City
17. Waiting For The Man


iZotope RX denoiser used (one pass on side 1, two passes on side 2) to remove hiss.
Annoying whistle all the way through side one.  Nuked the frequency of 8,685Khz, ±150Khz to remove.
Volume boosted on Space Oddity, Andy Warhol and Amsterdam by 25%.  Volume also boosted at end of side 2, from the encore break, and then also again from around 2 minutes into Waiting For The Man, where the volume was dropped for no apparent reason.
Join between Amsterdam and I Feel Free.  Nothing lost, but sound quality change, as I Feel Free has brighter sound.
Momentary drop in volume just before Suffragette City is on the tape.
Gap removed from Suffragette City @ 2:27 - broadly OK, but sound quality changes after.
Fix @ 5:10 in I Feel Free with small gap removed - minimal impact.


Fleetwood Mac 1977-12-01 Nagoya-shi-Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan

Fleetwood Mac - Live in Nagoya, Japan 1st Dec 1977
1 Say You Love Me
1-2 Monday Morning
1-3 Dreams
1-4 Oh Well
1-5 Rhiannon
1-6 Oh Daddy
1-7 Never Going Back Again
1-8 Landslide
1-9 Over My Head.

2-1 Gold Dust Woman
2-2 You Make Loving Fun
2-3 I'm So Afraid
2-4 Go Your Own Way
2-5 World Turning
2-6 Blue Letter
2-7 The Chain
2-8 Second Hand News
2-9 Songbird


Date & Venue:
1st Dec 1977 at Nagoya-shi-Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan

Sound Quality:
A- (audience)

Linage: AUD -> ??? -> CDR -> EAC  ->TLH


Bob Dylan 1996-06-29 Hyde Park London, Eng.(Masters Series 163)


JUNE 29, 1996

D9 A8 S8 H8 F8 SR  Viewscreen 58 mins
Masters Series 163

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (frag)
All Along The Watchtower
Positively 4th Street
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Tangled Up In Blue
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Silvio (Dylan/Hunter)
Seven Days
Highway 61 Revisited

Festival gigs are never easy to film getting to the right place and keeping everyone out of teh way is not easy, but teh Daves have done better here than most..

EC30 tapes transferred to PC via a Panasonic NV-W1 Professional triple standard vhs machine.
Files authored to DVD with Tempgenc DVD Works Author 4

Remember even if you have some of the Daves films already that at best your copies
will be 2 generations poorer than anything in the Masters series, so get em all.
These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually
with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out


Yes 1992-03-04 Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan Yokohama, Japan


Date : March 4, 1992
Venue: Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan (Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium)
City : Yokohama, Japan

Jon Anderson - vo
Steve Howe - g
Trevor Rabin - g
Chris Squire - b
Rick Wakeman - key
Tony Kaye - key
Alan White - dr
Bill Bruford -dr

a01 Firebird Suite
a02 Yours Is No Disgrace
a03 Rhythm Of Love
a04 Shock To The System
a05 Heart Of The Sunrise
a06 Steve Howe solo (Mood For A Day)
a07 t//itle unknown [tape flip at the beginning]
a08 Owner Of A Lonely Heart

b01 Heiwa No Uta (A Song For Peace) - title unknown
b02 And You And I
b03 Drumz
b04 Changes
b05 I've Seen All Good People //[tape flip right after the final note]
b06 Trevor Rabin solo (Solly's Beard)
b07 Chris Squire solo (Fish > Tempus Fugit > Amazing Grace)

c01 Lift Me Up
c02 Tombo No Megane
c03 Rick Wakeman solo
c04 Awaken // [tape flip during the applause]
c05 Happy Birthday Dear Christopher
c06 Roundabout

audience recording ECM-121 > WM-D3 > Cassette Master (SONY Type II) > Teac W-6000R > Roland UA-30 > PC > Soundforge 7.0 > wav > TLH > flac

a08 to b01, b07 to c01 seamless

ALERT: a girl in the right channel is very noisy at times


Led Zeppelin 1973-05-19 Tarrant County Convention Center Fort Worth, TX

Led Zeppelin
May 19th, 1973
Tarrant County Convention Center
Fort Worth, Texas

The Butter Queen - Moonchild Records

101. Rock And Roll
102. Celebration Day
103. Black Dog
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. Misty Mountain Hop
106. Since I've Been Loving You
107. No Quarter
108. The Song Remains The Same
109. The Rain Song

201. Dazed And Confused
202. Stairway To Heaven

Silvers > db cd ripper > flac > you

Contrast clause 2nd gen Sbd tape remaster of above tarantura midas touch


Bluegrass Sessions 1999-10-21 Sanders Theatre Harvard University Cambridge, MA

Bluegrass Sessions
Sanders Theatre
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
October 21, 1999

Source: Stealth DAUD Schoeps CMC641 > Lunatec V2 > DAT >
Tascam CD-RW700
Transfer: > Tascam CD-RW700 > WaveLab > CD Wave > Flac
Seeded to January 2007

Béla Fleck– Banjo
Sam Bush – Mandolin
Jerry Douglas – Dobro
Bryan Sutton – Guitar
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Mark Schatz – Bass

Disc 1        53:03
1.    Intro, Do You Have Room?
2.    Blue Mountain Hop
3.    Ginseng Sullivan
4.    Band Intros
5.    Cincinnati Rag
6.    Spanish Point
7.    Sam introduces Béla
8.    Polka On The Banjo
9.    When Joy Kills Sorrow
10.    We Hide & Seek
11.    White House Blues

Disc 2    68:19
1.    Banter
2.    The Over Grown Waltz
3.    The Valley Of The Rogue
4.    Banjo Fiddle Duet: Dance de Diablo > Mark on the hambone
5.    Same Old River
6.    Wheel Hoss
7.    I Know You're Married, But I Love You Still
8.    Major Honker //
9.    Crowd, Béla gives thanks
10.    Katmandu
11.    Salty Dog
12.    Whitewater
13.    final band intros, goodnight…

Note: Discs are seamless.


Neil Young 1989-09-09 Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, CO

Neil Young
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, Colorado

Source - Beyer M201s > Sony WM-D6C > Master Cassette (Maxell MX90) > VHS HiFi (Maxell XL120)
Transfer - Panasonic AG-5210 > M-Audio 2496 > Sound Forge 8 > 16bit @ 44.1 kHz > Flac (by Dub Irie 2007-02-26)

Neil Young w/ Ben Keith, Pancho San Pedro


01 - My My, Hey Hey
02 - Rockin' In The Free World
03 - Sugar Mountain
04 - Someday
05 - Helpless
06 - Pocahontas
07 - Crime In The City
08 - Talking
09 - This Old House
10 - Too Far Gone
11 - Roll Another Number
12 - This Note's For You
13 - The Needle And The Damage Done
14 - No More
15 - After The Goldrush
16 - Heart Of Gold
17 - Ohio
18 - Rockin' In The Free World
19 - Powderfinger

This circulated previously on Dime in 2006 and the torrent was missing Track 05 - "Helpless". This is the full show and was recently re-mastered on better equipment from the original HiFi back-up recording of the master cassette (which is missing). It sounds much better than the previous seed and is a killer aud from a classic show. There are level fluctuations between 0:40 and 1:10 but it stays even for the rest of the show.  - Dub Irie


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Rolling Stone 1975-06-01 State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LA

(Silkcut1978 source)

Silkcut1978 nice tape -> DIME torrent -> me -> CDRs [using nero7] -> WAV (EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 - secure, Offset "actual") -> FLAC (flacfrontend, level 6) -> You

State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 1st 1975 [1st show]

Good - Very Good Audience

There's a LOT of energy here - I absolutely love this show. Much better than the 2nd show that day, allthough that one is quite good as well
Rolling Stones seems both fueled with energy AND nervous - which makes a good combination.....Baton Rouge 1975 1st show is one of a kind....!

It's worth mentioning that this is Ronnie Wood's FIRST concert with the Rolling Stones. And he does a great well as all other members of the band
The setlist features some rarities; Rocks Off, Luxury and Dance Little Sister
Why didn't they continue having Dance Little Sister and Luxury in the setlist for the 1975 Tour Of The Americas ? Those 2 songs are the highlights in this Baton Rouge show (IMO), as well as all other 1975 shows in which they performed these 2 tracks

I downloaded this recording in 2006 - from DIME. At the time, I had a tiny hard-drive, and therefor didn't store the torrents, but burned them to CDR. This torrent here is a rip from such CDRs.
This recording was shared by mr Silkcut1978, taken from his tapes. Many thanks to him
I never put up CDR-copies of previous torrents on tracker. It's better to have the whole torrent intact - and then reseeding it
But I'm doing an exception in this case, as I was STUNNED by the difference between the DAC release (which I recieved on silver yesterday) and this Silkcut1978 share

The best "bootleg" of this historical show is DAC's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
This torrent here features the exact same recording, but in way better soundquality. I don't know if DAC just completely butchered the Silkcut1978 torrent by "EQ-work", or if they put out a higher generation tape of this recording.
Anyway - THIS torrent is a grand upgrade (IMO) over all bootlegs. Especially over the VGP release "First Night Stand" (which is a completely different recording of the same show)

The bonus track is taken from a "well known" TV report of Baton Rouge 1975. Great quality - but incomplete.

Selfmade artwork included. I made them years ago for my own enjoyment, but I'm including them in this torrent.....hope they are decent enough.

All the thankses goes to Silkcut1978. He is the one who kindly shared his tapes - from trades, way back then.
Also thanks to the person who recorded this concert of course.



01. Honky Tonk Women
02. All Down The Line
03. If You Can't Rock Me / Get Off Of My Cloud
04. You Gotta Move
05. Rocks Off
06. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
07. Star Star
08. Gimme Shelter
09. You Can't Always Get What You Want
10. Band Introductions
11. Happy
12. Tumbling Dice


01. Luxury
02. Fingerprint File
03. Angie
04. That's Life (Billy Preston)
05. Outa Space (Billy Preston)
06. Dance Little Sister
07. Brown Sugar
08. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
09. Jumpin' Jack Flash
10. Rip This Joint
11. Street Fighting Man
12. Midnight Rambler

*13. All Down The Line [taken from TV broadcast = video ] *

Enjoy.....Erik Snow, August 2010


Yes 1977-12-05 Pavillon de Paris Paris, France

Well, boys and girls, here we have what I think is one of the best shows of the Going For The One tour (this is one I had forgotten about until I listened to it again today). I got this show in a tape trade in the early 80's from one of my UK traders and while I think that this is probably a 2nd gen tape the show is Yes at their full-ahead rock'n'roll steamroller best. The tape was pretty good, but I worked roughly 6 hours or so to get this bad boy in shape and I'm quite pleased with the result. I can't quite give this show an A, but maybe an A-. The recording is very good and the performance is, well, excellent! At times you'll think you are right at the foot of the stage as the music gets right in your face and every instrument's notes are heard. Steve Howe is on fire, Chris's bass is thunderous, and every drum lick can be heard from Alan. There are even some Wakeman things that I had never heard before such as some synth sound effects during some spots during various songs. I actually like this show better than the Paris 12-6-1977 show that was seeded awhile back (that was a good recording, but cold have used some work). This recording gives you more of an impression of being there and up close. It also shows you Jon's meek personality during his in-between song talking as its so soft. The all of the sudden you're plunged into a song where his voice just soars above the instruments. The soundman gets it right after the first couple of songs.

This recording had its usual tape problems such as pitch problems and microphone movement here and there. Here's the lowdown on the work done:
1. pitch corrected
2. channel volumes adjusted
3. EQ applied for high end (could have used a tad more, but turned hissy)
3. EQ applied for low end to 'feel' the bass rather than just hear it
4. bright applause was adjusted or removed
5. applied vinyl restoration to remove some clicks and pops (even though its a tape transfer)
6. readjusted overall volume before compression applied
7. applied compression for voice enhancement
8. applied overall compression for mastering
9. fixed some spots where volume overloaded the microphones and caused some static
10. fixed some minor low-end pops

lineage: tape (2nd gen maybe) > PC > SoundForge > CD > FLAC > you

lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White

Pavillon de Paris
Paris, France
Dec. 5, 1977
(1st of 2 nights)

Disc 1
1. Firebird Suite
2. Parallels
3. I've Seen All Good People
4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories
6. Colours Of The Rainbow
7. Turn Of The Century
8. Tour Song (good one, a bit different)
9. And You & I
10. Nous Sommes du Soleil
11. Going For The One

Disc 2
1. Flight Jam
2. Awaken (whew, killer!)
3. Yours Is No Disgrace
4. Roundabout




The Band 1990-09-23 Cooper River Be-In Camden,NJ

the band - cooper river be-in camden nj usa
sept 23 1990

levon helm-drums/vox
rick danko-bass/vox
garth hudson-organ/sax/accordian
jim weider-guitar
stan szelest-piano
randy ciarlante-drums
sredi vollmer-harmonica


01.deep feeling
02.i finally got you
03.stage fright
04.caledonia makes no difference
06.high price of love
07.mystery train
09.little red rooster
10.rag mamma rag
11.when i get my rewards
12.the shape i'm in
13.up on cripple creek
14.blues stay away from me

audience master. A


Nirvana 1989-11 01 Villa 65 (Nozems-a-GoGo) Hilversum, The Netherlands

November 1, 1989
Villa 65 (Nozems-a-GoGo)
Hilversum, The Netherlands

soundboard > unknown

Nakamichi CR-7A > Hosa RCA cable > PreSonus FireStudio Project > Adobe Audition 3.0 > CD Wave 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0

FM > ANA(1) > WAV [48kHz] > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]


01. Love Buzz
02. Dive
03. About A Girl

a9ed62f61b55cf8557fba06254c22f54 *Nirvana_1989-11-01_early_SBD1a_t01.flac
a98e271a4a4f3968552379607378a455 *Nirvana_1989-11-01_early_SBD1a_t02.flac
68e83fc80427d4eebfc988003bd8af68 *Nirvana_1989-11-01_early_SBD1a_t03.flac

Mike Ziegler



Nirvana 1989-11-13 Fabrik Hamburg, West Germany

November 13, 1989
Hamburg, West Germany

unknown > Sony WM-D3

Nakamichi CR-7A > Hosa RCA cable > PreSonus FireStudio Project > Adobe Audition 3.0 > CD Wave 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0

ANA(1) > WAV [48kHz] > WAV [44.1kHz] > FLAC [Level 8]


01. intro
02. School
03. Scoff
04. Love Buzz
05. Floyd The Barber
06. Dive
07. jam
08. Polly
09. Big Cheese
10. Spank Thru
11. About A Girl
12. Mr. Moustache
13. Sappy
14. Even In His Youth
15. Breed
16. Been A Son
17. Negative Creep
18. Blew
19. Stain

Mike Ziegler



KISS 1976-01-25 Cobo Hall Detroit,MI

KISS - 1976-01-25 - Cobo Hall

03.C'mon And Love Me
04.Hotter Than Hell
07.Ladies In Waiting
08.Nothin' To Lose
09.100,000 Years
10.Black Diamond


KISS 1976-01-26 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI

Source: Soundboard recording
Location: Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
Date: January 26, 1976
Bootleg title: Detroit Rock 2nd Night
Bootleg label:
Catalogue #:
Artwork: No

Disc 1: (74:12)
1-01 Deuce
1-02 Strutter
1-03 C'mon And Love Me
1-04 Hotter Than Hell
1-05 Firehouse
1-06 She - Guitar Solo
1-07 Parasite
1-08 Nothin' To Lose
1-09 Bass Solo - 100,000 Years - Drum Solo
1-10 Black Diamond
1-11 Cold Gin
1-12 Rock And Roll All Nite
1-13 Let Me Go, Rock And Roll


Bob Dylan 1996-06-27 The Empire Liverpool, Eng.(Masters Series 162)


JUNE 27, 1996

D8 A8 S8 H7 F8 BC5    63 mins
Masters Series 162

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
Under The Red Sky
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
John Brown
To Ramona
Ballad Of A Thin Man
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Seven Days
Alabama Getaway (Hunter/Garcia)

Not only are both these shows well filmed they were brilliant concerts 
The band an Bob really COOK,, don't miss em. 

EC30 tapes transferred to PC via a Panasonic NV-W1 Professional triple standard vhs machine. 
Files authored to DVD with Tempgenc DVD Works Author 4 

Remember even if you have some of the Daves films already that at best your copies 
will be 2 generations poorer than anything in the Masters series, so get em all. 
These will be with original sound though many will feature as sound upgrades eventually 
with my two mates Yassou and Madhasse helping out

The Strypes 2014-02-17 Leeds Metropolitan University Leeds, UK

The Strypes
Leeds Metropolitan University
Leeds, UK
Monday 17th February 2014

Recording details; Audience recorded by hanoi
RHS, 5 metres from stage.

Core sound binaurals** > CS battery box (flat response) > Roland R05 (16 bit/44.1 khz) >Master wav > Adobe Audition (fade in/out, hard limit +3db) > CD wave >foobar/FL8 > TLH **Hats off to Duncan

01 What a Shame
02 So They Say
03 Lucky 7 (Lew Lewis cover)
04 She's So Fine
05 What the People Don't See
06 I Don't Wanna Know
07 I'm a Hog for You (The Coasters cover)
08 I Can Tell
09 Angel Eyes
10 Ooh Poo Pah Doo (Jessie Hill cover)
11 Concrete Jungle (The Specials cover)
12 Perfect Storm
13 Hard To Say No
14 Mystery Man
15 Hometown Girls
16 Got Love If You Want It (Slim Harpo cover)/Band Intro
17 Blue Collar Jane
18 Heart of the City (Nick Lowe cover)
19 Rollin' and Tumblin' (Hambone Willie Newbern cover)
20 Encore Break
21 Still Gonna Drive You Home
22 Rockaway Beach (Ramones cover)
23 Louie Louie (The Kingsmen cover)
24 You Can't Judge a Book by the Cover (Bo Diddley cover)

checked for sbe
ffp included for flacs

This is a good audience recording with some background chatter.... when you are a student, every night is Saturday night. ;-)

Leeds Metropolitan University union is a 1,100 capacity standing venue which is principally on one level with a small balcony around the back and side.
The hall was not quite full.


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1981-09-09 Chef's, Baton Rouge, LA

Happy Freaking New Year!! Not quite yet here (E.S.T., U.S.A.), but soon enough we'll be drinking.

Man, these are the reasons for posting & hoping for upgrades. This offer is an upgrade.
Please thank "keytohwy", as he contacted me after noticing my SRV efforts. This recording comes from him. THANK YOU!!!

Contrast Clause: I previously uploaded this show/recording (same source, etc.) at:
The version presented here is from a known gen ("1st Gen") & is an upgrade in sound quality.

Stevie Ray Vaughan .... September 9, 1981
Chef's, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals
Chris Layton - drums
Tommy Shannon - bass

Taper, Taping Gear, Trader: ??unknown??
Lineage: "AUD" master cassettes> 1st generation analog cassette tapes> DAT> Sony 60ES via optical cable to PowerMac G5 (flac)> Trade (single) Flac file>  (wav) Trader's Little Helper > CD Wave & Wave Joiner> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Transfer, DAT to FLAC lineage: Sony 60ES via optical cable to PowerMac G5, by "keytohwy". Thank You!!!
Mastering: Roryglzep (JAJ) with CD Wave (dithered 48>44.1kHz, track splits, no EQ'ing, no speed changing, etc.)
Trades: Louisiana Trader> (DAT) keytohwy> (flac) roryglzep (JAJ)
Quality: vg+
Length: 24 tracks = 123:33 minutes
Artwork: none.
Samples: none.

Set list:

Disc One (61:27m):
01 (fades in) Collins Shuffle
02 In The Open
03 The Sky is Crying
04 Look at Little Sister
05 Come On (Part 3)
06 Dirty Pool
07 Love Struck Baby
08 Little Wing (cut)
09 (cuts in) Drivin' South>
10 Third Stone From The Sun
11 Hideaway

Disc Two (62:05m):
01 So Excited
02 Love Me Darlin
03 You'll Be Mine
04 Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
05 I'm Crying
06 Guitar Hurricane
07 Empty Arms
08 I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)
09 Slide Thang
10 Manic Depression, band intros
11 Boiler Maker
12 Don't Lose Your Cool>
13 Wham

1 - Always looking for upgrades or uncirculated SRV!!
2 - There are a few tape source cuts between songs, but no music lost unless specified. Disc one to disc two is seemless.
3 - You'll notice here that there is a song cutting out, & then the next song cutting in (Little Wing (cut), (cuts in) Drivin' South), which wasn't noted in my last offer of this show/recording. It is also present on that version, just missed in my description.
4 - This is a definite upgrade! It's immediately noticed in the first track, where previously it sounded a bit muffled, but here you get a very clear sound. Nice!

Support the artists: Buy the officially released items, etc.

Prepared by Jeff James (


Stiff Little Fingers 1995-09-27 Slim's San Francisco, CA

stiff little fingers
slim's, san francisco ca
september 27, 1995

a 'teddy ballgame' DAT Soundboard Master

recording info:
Soundboard > DAT Master @ 16bit/48kHz

DAT Master > tascam da45-hr > adobe audition > cdwav > tlh flac 8

these are 16bit/48kHz flac files


Stevie Ray Vaughan 1981-10-14 Fitzgeralds Houston, Texas

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Houston, Texas
October 14, 1981

Disc 1
1)  Collin's Shuffle
2)  In the Open
3)  Come On (Part III)
4)  Look At Little Sister
5)  Thunderbird
6)  The Sky Is Crying
7)  I'm Cryin'
8)  Crosscut Saw
9)  Shake For Me
10) Wham

Disc 2
1)  Hideaway
2)  So Excited
3)  Pride and Joy
4)  Tin Pan Alley
5)  Love Struck Baby
6)  May I Have A Talk With You
7)  Letter To My Girlfriend
8)  Little Wing
9)  Manic Depression

Disc 3
1)  Boilermaker
2)  Close To You
3)  You'll Be Mine
4)  You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
5)  Empty Arms
6)  Slide Thing
7)  I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)
8)  Texas Flood
9)  Rude Mood
10) Don't Lose Your Cool

Notes:  This show has been circulated as the bootleg entitled 'Force of Nature'.  FON included only 24 tracks.  The sound is outstanding and the performance by Stevie is raw and enormous and just about the most awesome blues power you will EVER want to hear.  A number of years after obtaining FON, I located a copy of the source tapes that are generations away from the original tapes.  The tapes include five more songs than the FON discs.  The sound isn't as good on the tapes.  Because this was such an incredible show, it really needs to be circulated intact in it's original form.  Obviously, the best thing would be to obtain the original tapes and torrent from those.  However, since it took a number of years of searching for me to obtain these tapes as it is, I figure the next best thing is to improvise.  Therefore, the logical solution is a hybrid, which is presented in this torrent.
The tapes had the same song order as identfied in the gig database, which is different from FON.  I listened closely throughout these shows for audio clues, tape breaks, continuity between songs, etc.  Based on my research and the things that Stevie says during the show, I am 95% certain that the tape setlist (and gig database) are correct...which means that the FON setlist would be incorrect.  This is supported by the fact that Stevie is introduced before the first song on the tapes, and he definitely signs off for the night just prior to 'Don't Lose Your Cool' which is the last song on the tapes, but is on FON disc 1 but not even at the end. 
So, Tracks 1 - 4 from Disc 1 and track 7 from disc 2 are supplemented from the lower quality tape source.  I made sure that the breaks in the songs were as close as possible to the original tapes so as to preserve as much as the show as perfectly as possible.  If anyone ever runs across the original FON source tapes, do us all a favor and seed those things!
Make you download this show if you are even remotely interested in Stevie, because you will be GREATLY rewarded by this show.  Highlights amongst the shining stars are 'You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now', 'Crosscut Saw', and 'Letter To My Girlfriend' all of which which Stevie unfortunately stopped performing in around '82.

Source:  Audience Audio
Conversion:  Audition 1.0 > CDWave (for track splits) > FLAC


Neil Young 1989-09-06 Palladium New York City, NY

 Neil Young

Palladium, New York City, New York, USA

Solo w/ Frank Sampedro and Ben Keith

Analog 3rd gen.
JVC tape deck > Edirol R-09 > Adobe Audition (edits, fades) > CDWave (tracking) > flac(8)

01. My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue) (intro missing)
02. Rockin' In The Free World
03. Sugar Mountain
04. Someday
05. Helpless
06. Pocahontas
07. Crime In The City
08. This Old House (very low levels)
09. Too Far Gone
10. Roll Another Number
11. This Note's For You
12. The Needle And The Damage Done
13. No More
14. After The Gold Rush
15. Heart Of Gold
16. Ohio
17. Rockin' In The Free World
18. Powderfinger

Tour:  1989 A Solo Acoustic Evening - US Tour with Ben Keith and Frank Sampedro
Band:  Solo with Frank Sampedro and Ben Keith
Neil Young - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica
Frank Sampedro - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Ben Keith - dobro, keyboards, vocals


Leftover Salmon 1997-02-14 Varsity Music Hall Tuscaloosa, AL

Leftover Salmon
February 14, 1997
Varsity Music Hall
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Source: SBD>DAT
Transfer: DA20mkII>DIO-2448>Cool Edit>CDWav>TLH (2010-08-06)
by Daniel Ritchey (

Set I
01. Tuning
02. Jackknife
03. Rueben's Train
04. Jokester
05. Tu N'as Pas Aller
06. Little Maggie
07. Squirrel Heads & Gravy
08. Fire & Brimstone
09. Cash On The Barrelhead
10. Hoodoo Bash
11. Zombie Jamboree
12. Gold Hill Line
13. Euphoria
14. 4:20 Polka
15. Midnight In Paris

Set II
16. Honky Tonk Women
17. Better
18. Muddy Water Home
19. Headbag
20. Nine Pound Hammer
21. Whatcha Gonna Do?
22. Dance On Your Head
23. Valley Of The Full Moon
24. Washington At Valley Forge
25. When The Levee Breaks >
26. Doin' My Time
27. Stay Away Monday
28. Carnival Time
29. Bend In The River
30. Reach
31. Redneck Friends
32. Funky Mountain Fogdown
33. Baby Hold On
34. Hey Joe
35. encore break
36. E: Wake & Bake


Bob Dylan 1990-10-28 Stegeman Coliseum Athens, GA

Bob Dylan, 10/28/90, Athens, GA, 2CDR

(45min+52min), very good sound, a little hiss; glitches d1t2 2:31, d1t3 0:20, 0:49, 1:09, 1:2x, d1t6 2:11, 2:16, 3:46, 4:42, d1t7 0:1x, 1:08 1:58, dt9 1:05, 1:1x, 1:2x, 2:0x, 2:26, level fluctuations d2t5 5:xx, shakiness d2t9 4:0x

1 Shenandoah 2 Silvio 3 Simple Twist Of Fate 4 What Was It You Wanted 5 Gotta Serve Somebody 6 Tomorrow Is A Long Time 7 Highway 61 Revisited 8 Ballad Of Hollis Brown (acoustic w band) 9 Gates Of Eden (acoustic w band) 10 Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic w band) 11 short intro to next song probably repeated on cd2t1

1 It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic w band) 2 Joey 3 Wiggle Wiggle 4 I Want You 5 T.V. Talkin' Song 6 Maggie's Farm 7 I Shall Be Released 8 Like A Rolling Stone 9 Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic w band) 10 All Along The Watchtower

lineage : cdr trade>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC 6
source :   could be same source as LB-381 with same timings and same flaws, better sound than LB-6347


Led Zeppelin 1975-05-18 Earls Court Arena, London, UK

No Quarter (Bonus Discs)

Date: May 18,  1975, The UK Return
Venue: the Earls Court Arena, London, UK
Label: Empress Valley  Supreme Disc, 2 CD
Sound: AUD 
Notes: Jules  McTrainspotter July 02
taken from the undergrounduprising  website
Disc 1:   Introduction by Johnnie Walker, Rock & Roll, Sick Again, Over the Hills & far away, In my Time of Dying, the Song remains the same, the Rain Song, Kashmir
Disc 2:   No Quarter, Tangerine, Going to California, Thats the Way, Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp
In addition  to the complete audience recording for this show, Empress Valley  released the classic vinyl LP No Quarter. The original tapes  perished in a fire, along with a lot of the vinyl copies, when the  garage lock-up where they were stored burnt down. However Empress  Valley have tracked down the original acetates, taken from the master  tapes, and released them on 2CDs. This contains the first half of the  show, as far as Bron-yr-Aur Stomp. The CDs are housed in a matt card  gatefold slipcase, and the original Red Devil label vinyl cover is  used on the front. The sound quality is near excellent stereo, and the  snaps, crackles and pops inherent on an acetate have been digitally  removed. In the booklet it is revealed that Empress Valley had  originally planned to release this night only as a 6CD set, the four  audience CDs plus the acetate on 2CDs. It would have been better to  have released it seperately rather than include it in this box set.  However it is a very important addition to the Earls Court catalogue
Liner  Notes from the Cover:  In the late Seventies The Master  Tapes Made The Original Vinyl Were destroyed By Fire At The Warehouse  With All Stock. Fortunately, The Original Acetate For The Vinyl Did  Survive! This Is Why The Master Tape Never Exists Today. We Thank You  Very Much For The Great Discovery! Recording Equipments: Sony 152SD  Taperecorder & Two Sony Microphones


The Rolling Stones 1981-10-03 Folsom Field, Boulder, CO

(no label - 2CD release)

Original "no label" silvers -> WAV (EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 - secure, Offset "actual") -> FLAC (flacfrontend, level 6) -> You

Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado
October 3rd 1981

Very Good Audience

Great performance! Quite ragged....and plenty of mistakes, but a lot of energy and great fun to listen to
Also worrth noting that they played "Tops" at this concert, for the 3rd and last time - ever.

This "no label" release is taken from the vinyls "Pave Boulder 81" and "My Hearts Pounding"
But there are no crackles. This "no label" didn't EQ the sound of the vinyls, so the quality is pretty much alike the "vinyl-rip" which midnrambler shared on a different torrent-tracker a few months ago.
But this "no label" release was released 1-2 years ago, so they didn't use his torrent.

Included. I have scanned everything, including the discs themselves.



01. Radio Report
02. Under My Thumb
03. When The Whip Comes Down
04. Let's Spend The Night Together
05. Shattered
06. Neighbours
07. Black Limousine
08. Just My Imagination
09. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Let Me Go
11. Time Is On My Side
12. Beast Of Burden
13. Waiting On A Friend
14. Let It Bleed
15. Tops


01. You Can't Always Get What You Want
02. Tumbling Dice
03. Little T & A
04. She's So Cold
05. All Down The Line
06. Hang Fire
07. Star Star
08. Miss You
09. Start Me Up
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Brown Sugar
12. Band Introduction
12. Jumpin' Jack Flash
13. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Enjoy.....Erik Snow, October 2010


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Police 1979-04-07 Paradise Theater Boston,MA

Live at Paradise Theater
BOSTON  April 7, 1979
Outlandos d'Amour TOur

1. Can't Stand Losing You
2. Truth Hits Everybody
3. So Lonely
4. Fall Out
5. Born In The '50s
6. Hole In My Life
7. Be My Girl - Sally
8. Peanuts
9. Roxanne
11.Next To You
12.Can't Stand Losing You (encore)
13.Born in the 50's (encore) + Backstage interview

Total playing time : 55:10


Rush 1976-05-30 Nelson Center, Springfield, IL

One Hot Night

Media: 1 CDr
Time: 71:45
Catalog: Xanadu Records - FJP0R001
Source: Soundboard
Quality: VG
Date: 05-30-76
Location: Nelson Center, Springfield, IL


Track Listing
Bastille Day  5:11
Anthem  4:48
Lakeside Park  4:13
2112  15:26
Fly By Night / In the Mood  4:56
By-Tor and the Snow Dog  11:24
In the End  7:01
Working Man, Finding My Way, Drum Solo  13:31
What You're Doing  5:15


Steve Earle 1986-08-15 Park West, Chicago, Illinois

Steve Earle & The Dukes
Park West, Chicago, Illinois
August 15, 1986.

01 Guitar Town
02 Sweet Little '66
03 Goodbye's All We've Got Left
04 Hillbilly Highway
05 Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough)
06 My Old Friend The Blues
07 Someday
08 Think It Over
09 Little Rock 'n' Roller
10 State Trooper

11 The Week Of Living Dangerously
12 Angry Young Man
13 Nowhere Road
14 Fearless Heart
15 I Love You Too Much
16 San Antonio Girl
17 The Devil's Right Hand
18 Down The Road
19 No. 29

Soundboard recording

The Park West show is probably the definitive representative of Guitar Town era Steve Earle. It was professionally recorded, with a couple of tracks having since appeared on official releases - State Trooper and Good Ol' Boy (Gettin' Tough) as bonus tracks on different releases of Guitar Town itself, with the former also appearing as a B-side to the Back To The Wall single.

This is the entire show (a partial version of which also circulates as a single disc - with additional filler from the Atlanta Copperhead Road show - under the the title of Living Dangerously.) The two releases are probably sourced from the same recording - Living Dangerously might have marginally better sound (or it could just be a result of the volume level being slightly higher on that one).

In its complete form the Park West show boasts not only every track from Guitar Town but also no fewer than seven which were to appear on Exit 0 the following year (only I Ain't Ever Satisfied, The Rain Came Down and It's All Up To You are absent) and an early rendition of The Devil's Right Hand (which had just been committed to record by Waylon Jennings).


Neil Young 2001-07-04 Oslo Spektrum Oslo, Norway

Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse
07-04-2001, Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway

I got this in a trade.
CDR>EAC(secure noC2)>Flacfrontend(level 8)

Cd 1
01. Don't Cry No Tears
02. I've Been Waiting For You
03. Love And Only Love
04. Piece Of Crap
05. Goin' Home
06. Hold You In My Arms
07. From Hank To Hendrix
08. Don't Let It Bring You Down
09. Pocahontas
10. After The Gold Rush
11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart

Disc 2
01. Standing In The Light Of Love
02. Gateway Of Love
03. Hey Hey, My My
04. Sedan Delivery
05. Powderfinger
06. The Losing End
07. Goin' Home
encore 2
08. Like A Hurricane

Notes : 
Tour : Eurotour '01
Band : Crazy Horse, Line Up 6
 Neil Young - vocals, guitar, piano, pump organ
 Frank Sampedro - guitar, keyboards, vocals
 Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
 Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
 Larry Cragg - piano


Bob Dylan 2010-10-24 McLeod Center Cedar Falls, IA

Bob Dylan 2010-10-24
Cedar Falls, IA - McLeod Center

01   Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
02   Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
03   Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
04   Just Like A Woman
05   Rollin' And Tumblin'
06   Tryin' To Get To Heaven
07   High Water (For Charley Patton)
08   Blind Willie McTell
09   Summer Days
10   Tangled Up In Blue
11   Highway 61 Revisited
12   Workingman's Blues #2
13   Thunder On The Mountain
14   Ballad Of A Thin Man
15   Jolene
16   Like A Rolling Stone  

Bob Dylan - guitar, keyboard, harp
Tony Garnier - bass
George Recile - drums
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton - lead guitar
Donnie Herron - banjo, electric mandolin, lap steel, pedal steel

Recording: Core Sound binaurals > Core Sound phantom power with
hi-pass filter (120Hz) > Edirol R-09HR @96kHz-24bit with hi-pass
filter (100Hz) from the main floor, center section, row 7
(sec 2, row G, seat 14)

Transfer: Edirol R-09HR > USB transfer to computer > Sound Forge 6.0
(dc offset, volume, de-clapping, fades, tracks) > Voxengo r8brain (resample to 44.1kHz-16bit - "very high" quality) > Trader's Little Helper (level 8)


Led Zeppelin 1972-06-11 Civic Center, Baltimore, MD

Led Zeppelin
The Axman Of Cometh (Flagge)
Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
June 11, 1972

Disc 1:
1. Immigrant Song
2. Heartbreaker
3. Black Dog
4. Since I' ve been loving you
5. Stairway to Heaven
6. Going to California
7. That' s the  Way

Disc 2:
1. Tangerine
2. Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp
3. Dazed & Confused
4. What is & what should never be
5. Moby Dick

Disc 3:
1. Whole Lotta Love
2. Rock' n' Roll
3. Communication Breakdown

Bonus Disc 4:
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, USA
June 18, 1972

Disc 4:
1. Announcement
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Black Dog
5. Since I' ve been loving you
6. Stairway to Heaven
7. Going to California


The Rolling Stones 1994-10-14 MGM Grand Garden Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, Nevada, MGM Grand Garden, 14 & 15 October
Excellent audience
CD 1
Not Fade Away
Tumbling Dice
You Got Me Rocking
Rocks Off
Sparks Will Fly
Beast Of Burden
Out Of Tears
I Can’t Get Next To You
I Go Wild
It’s All Over Now
Miss You
Band introduction

CD 2
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run
The Worst
Love Is Strong
Monkey Man
Street Fighting Man
Start Me Up
It’s Only Rock’n Roll
Brown Sugar
Jumping Jack Flash
Memory Motel*
Love Is Strong*
Sympathy For The Devil *

* Bonustracks from the 15 october

Lineage > CD > to HD to WAVE TO FLAC with dBpowerAMP Music Converter