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Yngwie J. Malmsteen & Rising Force 1985-07-06 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI

Yngwie J. Malmsteen & Rising Force - Summerfest 1985-07-06

Performer:  Yngwie J. Malmsteen & Rising Force
Venue:  Summerfest
Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Date:  6 July 1985
Source:  FM broadcast - 93.3 WQFM in Milwaukee
Quality:  Excellent!

FM broadcast > cassette > TEAC CD recorder > EAC > WAV > FLAC


01 As Above So Below  6:05
02 I’ll See The Light Tonight  4:42
03 Far Beyond The Sun  6:07
04 Icarus Dream Suite Intro >  2:28
05 I Am A Viking  6:24
06 On The Run Again  4:07
07 Little Savage > SSB > Keyboard Solo  11:44
08 Kree Nakoorie >  4:37
(tape flip)
09 Kree Nakoorie (conc.) > Guitar Solo  12:54
10 Anguish And Fear (inc. drum solo)  8:11
11 Disciples Of Hell  5:34
12 DJ and Crowd  1:43
13 Acoustic Guitar Solo  3:09
14 Black Star  5:04
15 Hiroshima Mon Amour  4:42


This has been on the tracker before, but this is a brand new transfer of my master recording
of the original live FM broadcast (the day after the Electric Sun broadcast, whew! what a
pair of recordings).

The tape flip was towards the end of "Kree Nakoorie," the two parts of which I didn't try to
splice together.  I left in the DJ chatter during the encore break and at the end of the show.
In between songs early in the concert there are some horrendous sounds which I assume are
caused by the volume of Yngwie's amps.  But that's rock and roll, enjoy.


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