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*INXS 1990-11-11 Alsterdorfer Sporthalle Hamburg, Germany

Alsterdorfer Sporthalle
Hamburg, Germany
November 11, 1990

source : audience
transfer  : markp

Disc One:
01 Suicide Blonde
02 Calling All Nations
03 Guns In The Sky
04 Know the Difference
05 Hear That Sound
06 Wild Life
07 Bitter Tears
08 Need You Tonight
09 Mediate
10 Shine Like It Does
11 Faith In Each Other
12 Tiny Daggers
13 /Who Pays The Price
14 Listen Like Thieves > War
15 The Loved One
16 Lately
17 What You Need
18 New Sensation
19 Disappear
20 Kick

Disc Two:
01 Devil Inside
02 The Stairs
03 Original Sin
04 On My Way
05 Never Tear Us Apart
06 Dont Change


*Stevie Ray Vaughan 1981-07-11 Manor Downs Racetrack Manor, TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
"Texas Tornado Jam"
Manor Downs Racetrack
Manor, TX
July 11, 1981

(Unknown, Probably VHS Audio) > Flac (LVL 8)

1. Come On (Pt. III)
2. Look at Little Sister
3. Dirty Pool
4. Lovestruck Baby
5. You'll Be Mine
6. Manic Depression

Performance: It's a high profile gig for a young Stevie Ray Vaughan. As far as I know, this is Stevie's first television performance. Great to hear another Manic Depression.

Recording: The bass and the vocals are up front, the drums and guitar are on the back burner. There are some reception problems that interfere with the first track, but it cleans itself up nicely before too long.

Source: Unknown torrent seeder

*David Bowie 1974-06-16 O'Keefe Auditorium, Toronto, ON

David Bowie
O'Keefe Auditorium, Toronto, ON, Canada.
Evening show, 16 June 1974

Very good quality recording

CD-R > Audacity + mda_image > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC

CD 1

01 Intro
02 1984
03 Rebel Rebel
03 Moonage Daydream
04 Sweet Thing
05 Changes
06 Suffragette City
07 Aladdin Sane
08 All The Young Dudes
09 Cracked Actor
10 Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me

CD 2

01 Watch That Man   
02 Drive In Saturday
03 Space Oddity
04 Future Legend-Diamond Dogs
05 Panic In Detroit
06 Big Brother-Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family
07 Time
08 The Width Of A Circle   
09 The Jean Genie [fades out]

Great piano sound!

Despite any initial appearances, this is not the afternoon show. The same people that recorded this show recorded that one,
and in true wide stereo too. I do know of a better version than the bootleg version of that, which I am tracking down.

I have done some widening of the sound, that I feel has worked very well : it's always a compromise between clarity and
power, I tried a few different mixing techniques (it's in Audacity, and it always involves trial and error), and I'm
happy with the final result I reached.

Hope you enjoy this too.

Thanks to everyone involved in the recording and performance of this show! In particular David Bowie and his band -

Mike Garson (piano, mellotron), Earl Slick (lead guitar), Herbie Flowers (bass guitar), Tony Newman (drums), Pablo Rosario (percussion), David Sanborn (alto sax, flute), Richard Grando (baritone sax flute), Michael Kamen (electric piano, moog, oboe), Geoff McCormack and Gui Andrisano (backing vocals).


*AC/DC 1977-09-17 Konserthuset Göteborg, Sweden

Band: AC/DC
Venue: Konserthuset
City: Göteborg
Country: Sweden
Date: September 17 1977
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Tour: Let There Be Rock European Tour

Lineage: Trade > Tape > Philips standalone CD burner CDR777 > CDR > EAC "Secure Mode" > Wave > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7,5 out of 10.

***** Thought it was time to go back and share some vintage AC/DC. The band also played in Malmö, Stockholm & Örebro on this Tour.

This isn´t the best sounding recording but it´s an over 30 years old audience taping. *****


1.  Live Wire
2.  Problem Child
3.  Bad Boy Boogie
4.  Hell Ain´t A Bad Place To Be
5.  Dog Eat Dog
6.  Whole Lotta Rosie
7.  High Voltage
8.  Baby, Please Don´t Go
9.  I´m A Rocker

Bonus Track:

11. Interview Bon Scott **

**  Sports Arena, Toledo, OH October 2 1978


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*Guns N' Roses 1987-08-24 Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, Canada

August 24th, 1987
Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, Canada

Lineage: uM > uR > ANA(?) > ? > CDR(?) > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Notes: Opening for The Cult.


1. It's So Easy [cuts in]
2. Anything Goes
3  Out Ta Get Me
4. Mr. Brownstone
5. Nightrain
6. Welcome To The Jungle
7. My Michelle
8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
9. You're Crazy
10.Paradise City


*David Bowie 1974-06-08 The Capitol Theater Port Chester, NY

David Bowie - Dawn of the Dogs (1974) Flac [1cd]
Diamond Dogs Tour Rehearsals
The Capitol Theater
Port Chester, New York, USA
8th June 1974
Good/Fair Audience Recording
Artwork Included

Lineage: TradeCDR--> EAC(secure)--> Flac(Level8)--> HungerCity!


01. Moonage Daydream
02. Sweet Thing
03. Changes
04. Suffragette City
05. Aladdin Sane
06. All The Young Dudes
07. Diamond Dogs
08. Panic In Detroit
09. Big Brother
10. Time
11. The Jean Genie
12. Rebel Rebel / John I'm Only Dancing (Again) / Sorrow / Changes (Madison, Wisconsin 10th October 1974)


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*INXS 1988-08-23 Hampton Coliseum Hampton Virgina

Hampton Virgina
Hampton Coliseum

Sony Recordable Walkman (External Sony WM Stereo Mic)
 > 2 Maxell XLII 90 > CDr > Nero EQ > wav > flac 8

01 - What You Need
02 - Guns In The Sky
03 - Tiny Daggers
04 - Mistify
05 - The Loved One
06 - Original Sin
07 - Shine Like It Does
08 - Wild Life
09 - Listen Like Thieves
10 - Falling Down the Mountain
11 - This Time
12 - Burn For You
13 - New Sensation
14 - Calling All Nations
15 - Devil Inside
16 - Kick
17 - Need You Tonite
18 - Meditate
19 - The Swing
20 - Never Tear Us Apart

 I photograph every show I attend. After meeting some tapers I thought
I'd give it a go. Sneaking a camera and a recorder in is not easy
and photography is what I rather do. I did enjoy it and taped several shows.
I will upload a few more later.

I think this tape came out great. It's better than average (imo).
And it sounds alot better than i expected.

I have never traded or given out a copy of this show.
It's truly uncirculated.
Until now.

Thanks to Dime for allowing me to share this.

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*Elton John 1972-05-03 Athletic & Convocation Center, Notre Dame U., South Bend, IN

Elton John
1972-05-03 Athletic & Convocation Center, Notre Dame U., South Bend, IN

01 Tiny Dancer
02 Susie
03 Border Song
04 Levon
05 Your Song
06 Can I Put You On
07 Holiday Inn
08 Rocket Man
09 Country Comfort
10 Madman Across the Water
11 Take Me to the Pilot
12 Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On

First attempt at cobbling together the two in-ciruclation versions of this soundboard recording.

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*Cheap Trick 1979-02-03 Liverpool University Liverpool UK

 Cheap Trick 1979-02-03 Liverpool University Liverpool UK
This was a concert by Cheap Trick at Liverpool University February 3rd and broadcast by Radio City in Liverpool on 19th February 1979.


FM>cassette>27 years>wav>flac

I was going to call this "Would you clap louder if I was Ritchie Blackmore?" since that is what the guitarist says in frustration as he gave it his all, only to be greeted by tepid applause.

I think they got spoiled by the enthusiastic Japanese fans on the Budokan tour!

Highlight for me was when they were joined on stage by Dave Edmunds

The tracks broadcasted were

1 Stiff Competition
2 On Top of the World
3 Big Eyes
4 Ain't That A Shame
5 Let It Rock (with Dave Edmunds)
6 Promised Land (with Dave Edmunds)
7 Need Your Love
8 I Want You to Want Me
9 California Man
10 Surrender

There is also a  tape flip on Promised Land that I did not try to correct, but I removed the silence to make it slighly less jarring

I have used some software tools to enhanced the sound, to make it sound listenable to my ears, but if you are not a fan of such electronic processing please do not download.

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*Squeeze 1981-05-15 Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford, UK

Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford, UK
May 15, 1981

Penthouse/Omni College Rock Concert #1014
London Wavelength's Limited Broadcast Week of December 18, 1983

Lineage: Original pre-FM vinyl > Audacity > Wav > Flac

01. Penthouse/Omni College Rock Concert 1014 Intro
02. Take Me I'm Yours
03. Another Nail In My Heart
04. Separate Beds
05. Slightly Drunk
06. Out Of Touch
07. I Think I'm Go Go
08. Is That Love
09. Heaven
10. Penthouse/Omni College Rock Concert 1014 Break
11. Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
12. Yap Yap Yap
13. Slap and Tickle
14. Cool For Cats
15. Up The Junction
16. Messed Around
17. Goodbye Girl
18. Penthouse/Omni College Rock Concert 1014 Outro

Total time

Paul Carrack - keyboards, vocals
Glenn Tilbrook - lead guitar, keyboards, vocals
Chris Difford - rhythm guitar, vocals
John Bentley - bass, backing vocals
Gilson Lavis - drums

This is Squeeze back in 1981, and to make you feel as old as I do, this concert was performed a couple of years after 'Cool For Cats' was released, and almost a year after Jools Holland left the band, you know the score 'oh how time flies'.

This includes some of the best Squeeze songs from their early years, and goes to show just how good a live act they have always been.

'Too Many Teardrops' and 'I've Returned' are missing from the original BBC recording, otherwise it is the full concert recording.

Cue sheet and disc label scans are included.

*Grateful Dead 1970-12-23 Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Grateful Dead - December 23, 1970
Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Recording Info:
(d1t01 - d1t06) SBD -> Master Reel -> CD -> FLAC
(d1t07 - d1t11) SBD -> Master Reel -> Cassette -> Cassette -> FLAC

Transfer Info:
FLAC -> Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC
(1 Disc Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
December 27, 2012

-- Cumberland Blues is cut during last verse
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

d1t01 - Tuning/Stage Banter
d1t02 - Deep Elem Blues
d1t03 - Beat It On Down The Line
d1t04 - I'm A King Bee
d1t05 - Me And My Uncle
d1t06 - Cumberland Blues//
d1t07 - Me And Bobby McGee
d1t08 - Dire Wolf
d1t09 - Good Lovin'
d1t10 - Casey Jones ->
d1t11 - Uncle John's Band


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*Guns N' Roses 1987-06-28 The Marquee Club, London, England

June 28 (Sunday), 1987
The Marquee Club, London, England

June 19, 1987 - June 28, 1987

1. Welcome To The Jungle 4:57
2. Out Ta Get Me 4:56
3. Rocket Queen 7:10
4. Nightrain 3:59
5. My Michelle 4:22
6. It's So Easy 3:29
7. Mr. Browstone 4:02
8. Don't Cry 5:10
9. You're Crazy 4:25
10. Paradise City 6:51
- 1st encore -
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
11. Whole Lotta Rosie 7:37
- 2nd encore -
12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 4:37
13. Move To The City 3:18
14. Mama Kin 4:22

Total running time: 1:09:15

Excellent Soundboard recording
Lineage: SBD > Alan Niven master remastered > CDR > DBPOWERAMP > WAV > Flac
Lineage: SBD > Silver bootleg CD "Live Samurai - Vol 2" > EAC > WAV > Flac

The most complete recording of this legendary show, - only missing the first take of "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - comes from the remastered Alan Niven master in addition with "Whole Lotta Rosie" restored to its worthy place taken from the bootleg "Live Samurai - Vol 2" as only this version proved to be the one suited in the sound quality presented by the main source. Another bootleg offering this show, titled "London Calling" was released by Metal Sword in 2006 and is based on the original master recording as provided by Alan Niven - also lacking "Whole Lotta Rosie". This is sourced from the same master recording, only it has been remastered and mixed at some point with additional (fake) audience noise. Originally uploaded by GNR4EVER69. - Buda

NOTES - As it turned out, Guns N' Roses' third and last show at the Marquee proved to be one of their most successful appearances the band ever gave with absolutely breathtaking performances following one after the other. The band is in peak form and playing in total unison resulting a slick and professional show. It's also a rare opportunity at a Guns concert for both performers and audience to interact and expand with each other and tonight both enjoyed the opportunity to really get into things.
As they walk out on stage, Duff welcomes the crowd "The Marquee, huh?!" while Axl shouts at them "How the fuck are you doing?" as if to say hello, then adds: "Welcome to the fuckin' jungle!" They pull off a vigourus and highly energetic version with Axl clearly singing out all the high notes and more. From then on they took control and didn't stop for a mere hour of glorious ear-splitting rock. "That's gonna be our next single!" Axl states as the song finishes off. After the opening attack he dedicates 'Out Ta Get Me'... "to the press, that don't like us!" He sings with great frenzy, emphasizing every given line. After the boistorous performance - which was later released on the "Live Are: '87-'93" double live album, - Axl goes on: "You people are fuckin' great! Now... about the press! That's why I wore this shirt. This shirt says... 'Opinions are like assholes. Everyone's got one'. Think about that next time you fuckin' put someone down or I'll kick your ass! This song is called Rocket Queen!" The only live attempt of the song during these Marquee shows comes early with a rousing and passionate performance dominated with its emotional second part much to the crowd's apprecitation. Then Axl informs the audience about the developments of his latest affairs: "If you happened to be at the last show..." to which the crowd answers with a big approval "...alright, anywhere else you may have heard about the shit that went down with Tower Records. I'm happy to announce it, everything has been sorted out. Got me a nice new jacket here you know... Tower Records is okay! This next song is for everybody out there who likes to drink a little too much. ... This is called Nightrain." The performance is tight and full of frenzy with all the members playing it exceptionally well. Instead of band introductions, Axl introduces his collegaues one by one during the coming songs' peak. Slash gets his right before his guitar solo in 'Rocket Queen'. Izzy's name is thrown in during 'Nightrain' also before Slash's going into his solo. In the beginning of 'My Michelle' which follows directly after 'Nightrain' Axl tells that... "You gotta be careful when you do too much of that cocaine and you're going end up like my friend Michelle." Axl: "Alright, I got some special news for you people... If you waited in the line, you might have saw a truck outside. We're recording you fuckers, tonight! The last two shows had been so much fun and you people have been so responsive that the record company decided it would be stupid not to record the show! Because of you! I wanna thank you for helping me make another fuckin' record! God-damn! Alright this is our single at the time now... This is called It's So Easy." The performance is received with great admiration and is even more intense than previously with Duff being louder on vocals and with Slash's impeccable playing which in all marks again one of the definitve highlights of the night. Someone shouts at Axl who forwards it to the audience: "He just told me something I didn't know. He said that London is rocking now..." then adds... "and if you need to come down of that cocaine maybe you get too involved with some' called heroin. This is called Mr. Brownstone." The performance is once again amazing and seems that the band can perform it blindfolded. Undoubtedly, tonight's surprise - dedicated by Slash to the band's road manager, Colin Gardner who's turning thirty-five - is an inspired version of 'Don't Cry' which the band has been playing occasionially for more than a year now and which is the very first GN'R tune penned by Slash and Izzy (first known performance dates back to January 18, 1986 at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA). Most of the show, as Axl is very much involved with the music, he's omni-present on the small stage - spinning, turning, dropping to his knees... the perfect foil for him to narcissistically weave between. It's no different with the following 'You're Crazy' which is merely vicious with the Gunners rolling at a remarkable speed. Axl: "Give us a minute with the guitars here... I wanna dedicate this song to you people of these last three shows... and bloody old England! This is called Paradise City!" Duff remarks: "You know what? I travelled six thousand fuckin' miles and there's no fuckin' circus at Picadilly. What the fuck?!" This drew some cheers but a heckler interjects something negative which earns a "Fuckin' asshole!" in return from Axl. 'Paradise City' is pompous and terrific. It's incredibly loud yet at the same time sparklingly clear with Slash chopping recklessly at the chords during the end. Axl finishes adding: "Thank you! Thank you Marquee! Fuck it!" GN'R leaves the stage to have some drinks and before they return to perform their encore, the crowd begins a football-like chant which later melts into a chant for 'Mama Kin'. Then, Duff returns to the stage and his respond follows: "Just give us a minute to tune up the guitars, we'll be back! Fuckin' make some NOISE!!!" They began with 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door', then follow with AC/DC's 'Whole Lotta Rosie'. The band pull off the later with an amazing credibility to overwhelming success. As a result, the original UK "Welcome to the Jungle" single was backed with this performance. Before the second encore the audience starts to whistle, hoot and holler to sound their impatience.  A minute later Duff asks the crowd "Hey, what the hell is a fuckin' bogroll?! I haven't figured fuckin' one out yet." Then Slash pipes up: "Alright, check it out, due to circumstances beyond our control you guys weren't loud enough so we're doing Heaven's Door one more fuckin' time!" Somebody yells in to which he prompts: "Yeah?! Well, then make some fuckin' noise!" The audience responds with overwhelming reaction. "Otherwise we play it again! We can go the whole fuckin' night!" then adds "If you guys sing along long enough during Heaven's Door we'll be doing Mama Kin last, alright?" When the tune starts Axl acknowledges that "You're part of history here!" right before Steven crashes in - whose overall performance during these Marquee appearances is seemingly the most effective the band could have had. The performance countinues to improve with every attempt they make along with Axl's more confident vocals. This version features a bit of an extended ending where he pushes himself so much that it feels like he's literaly singing his heart out at various points. 'Move The City' is fabulous and very much dominated with Slash's amazingly fluent and dynamic solo freed from his seemingly endless capacity of licks. 'Mama Kin' is a worthy set closer, a song that is rapidly becoming a live favourite. When it was over, the audience couldn't let their band go. The good rapport which had developed tonight between them has reached its climax. "You've been great London, we love you man!" Duff shouts at them as Slash snorts in the mic: "Yeah!" The crowd countinued to worship the band which made it hard to get off the stage. Duff: "Okay, goodbye!" Then Axl bids on a farewell: "You people been absolutely fuckin' great to us here or anywhere! We will be seeing you in September with Aerosmith! GOD DAMN!" They finished big and the crowd unwound with them. A triumphant way to end their European debut.

Despite that little variations occur in the set-lists, performing 19 different songs, total of 39 live renditions on three gigs proved to be worthy enough - in addition that GN'R didn't play 'Sweet Child O' Mine' nor 'Think About You' during their Marquee performances. Still, essentially the set for each night was as powerful as rock and roll ever gets as not one set was performed in the same manner and the delivery of the songs is never twice the same. - Buda


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*Dire Straits 1978-04-19 Chester, England

 Dire Straits 1978-04-19 Chester, England

This is a soundboard recording, excellent sound.

Set list:

1. Introduction
2. Down To The Waterline
3. Six Blade Knife
4. In The Gallery
5. Eastbound Train
6. Water Of Love
7. Lions
8. Sultans Of Swing
9. Wild West End 


*AC/DC 1977-09-03 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA

ACDC 1977-09-03 Old Waldorf, San Francisco, California (killerwolf13 cassette transfer)

Contrast clause:
All the versions I've downloaded or have come across are only about 60 minutes with different cuts or fade outs or 2 sourced.
I personally bought this cassette from a DJ's garage sale in San Francisco. I took DETAILED notes & compared them to other versions of this show.

This may not be the best sounding version, but seems to me to be more complete version. Even without the encore/dj break. See detailed notes below.

I, killerwolf13 personally did the transfer from cassette to flac & wanted to share with other Bon Scott era AC/DC fans!

Check samples posted in comments.


Old Waldorf,
San Francisco, California
September 3, 1977

KSAN Radio Broadcast in San Francisco, California

(Unknown cassette generation if any)

TDK IECI/TYPE I Normal Position D90 minute cassette > Sony Power Drive Woofer player > CDWave > Flac > Dime Sept. 2012

Total time for show 71:33 minutes + 10:01 for interview 81:34 minutes.

01. upcoming shows & introduction    (00:53)*
02. Live Wire                        (06:56)
03. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be     (04:27)
04. Up To My Neck In You             (09:17)
05. Kicked in the Teeth              (05:04)
06. The Jack                         (11:46)
07. Whole Lotta Rosie                (05:23)*

(Tape Flip - no music missing)

08. High Voltage                     (06:28)*
09. Baby Please Don't Go             (09:55)
10. KSAN DJ crowd waits for encore   (05:15)*
11. Problem Child                    (06:04)*

Bonus track KSJO 1979-07-21 Live Wire Interview with Angus Young & Bon Scott, Oakland, CA July 21 1979

12. Interview 1979-07-21 Angus & Bon (10:01)


killerwolf13 bootleg notes.

I know there are MANY versions of this bootleg.

I could NOT find ANY info about a KSAN female DJ talking over the crowd during the encore.

Still trying to figure out if it was a live broadcast or a few days later.

I did my best on taking notes on the DJ's comments during the encore break to try to confirm the broadcast.

I also checked for errors or notes made by others on other bootlegs of this show.

I listened to "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" in CDwave 10 times & could not see or hear any alter in sound & no slight repeated parts.

There is NO cut before  "The Jack" the only cuts I noted & listed detailed notes below.

There is No fade out of "Baby Please Don't Go" Song is complete & goes into 5 + minutes of crowd waiting for encore.

Which I made a separate track of the crowd waiting for encore with the DJ talk during the break.

Confirmation of 2nd night:
At the beginning of "The Jack" Bon says "Gonorrhea just had my 2nd dose. One Last night, one tonight."
AC/DC only played  2 nights at the Old Waldorf Sept. 2 & 3, 1977 in San Francisco.

-------------------------------track by track notes for this killerwolf13 VERSION-------------------------------------

*These are the only noted cuts below I could find, as I listened & watched the wav file in cdwave format when splitting tracks.

*Cuts into the house announcer on 1st track.
*Cut after "Whole Lotta Rosie" (cut due to tape flip) No music missing > "High Voltage
*After the 5+ minutes of the crowd waiting for the encore there's a cut > Problem Child

* 01. House announcer starts at "Tonight, I'd like to tell you what's coming up...announces many shows & then AC/DC >

* Right after "Whole Lotta Rosie" is the tape music missing

* Starts back with crowd & Bon saying "Donna?" > "This ones called High Voltage Rock & Roll" > High Voltage

Baby Please Don't Go - DOES NOT FADE OUT on this version. The only Fade out is after Problem child.

* KSAN female dj talks over the crowd who's waiting for encore. Confirms Old Waldolf...Long wait...Show brought to you by Atlantic Records.
DJ keeps talking while crowd waits...Bonnie Simmons today drawing earlier today which is going to be played back to us, actually this evening.
AC/DC at the Old Waldorf in San Francisco on KSAN...I guess they'll have to clap harder.
Bob MaClay said the Police were even having a good time at the Old Waldorf...How's your tape recorder? Mine's fine...
They're getting back on the stage AC/DC live at the old Waldorf brought to you by Atlantic Records.
DJ "Remember Woodstock?" then tape cut. >

* Bon "Thank You" Angus yells 'Get off your asses', Bon says 'Don't mind these seats, they're for standing on' before Problem Child.
after "Problem Child" > Bon "See you all later, Thank You" tape fades > ends

Talk about small clubs & then played 80,000 people today. Angus jokes with Bon of getting Old.
played Arizona 3 weeks ago for 2,000  & today 75,000 Day on the Green
New producer - Last studio lp Powerage 1 year since new album out.
Highway to Hell played at the Day on the Green show, even though lp wasn't out yet. Talk about "Get it Hot"


Interview could also be the same...just don't have it to compare at least I posted duration of tracks & interview:*DC-nom_album-C'Est_si_Bon-l-en.html

Cleveland, Music Hall 20.5 1979 - CDr - Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7 - 7,5 out of 10.
1. Live Wire - 2. Problem Child - 3. Sin City - 4. Bad Boy Boogie - 5. Highway To Hell - 6. She´s Got The Jack - 7. I´m A Rocker - 8. Whole Lotta Rosie
Bonus Tracks: 9. Live Wire Interview with Angus Young & Bon Scott, Oakland, CA July 21 1979 - 10. Clip with Angus Young 1984

Bonnie Simmons was mentioned during the crowd/encore break & I as trying to figure out if it was a LIVE broadcast or a rebroadcast a few days later.
Bonnie has been programming her mix of singer/songwriter folk, rock, soul, country, and R&B on KPFA since the late 1980’s. One of the best loved personalities of Bay Area music radio, she was raised in New York, and then moved to San Francisco from Denver in 1968 and became a pioneer of free form radio.
During her eight years, from 1970 to 1978, at the legendary KSAN, she was program music director and disc jockey.
After leaving KSAN, she worked at Warner Bros, promoting Prince as well as the first Dire Straits and Rickie Lee Jones albums, amongst others, and also worked at Hightone Records. She moved in and out of radio at KFOG, LIVE 105, KOFY-FM, KVRE, KDBK “Double 99” and KUSF.
As the Audio Director for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she created the disc jockey audio exhibit and many of the exhibits involving sound at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.
On a local level, Bonnie spent several years working as a sandwich-maker at Ozzie's Soda Fountain in Berkeley, and currently hosts her eclectic weekly show on KPFA.
Bonnie managed the band Cake for eight years, and represented Noe Venable and Etienne de Rocher for many years. For the past nine years she has spent a lot of her time working on the three day free music festival in Golden Gate Park, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, and currently serves as the Executive Director for the Bill Graham Foundation.


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*Pearl Jam 1996-10-02 Meadows Music Theatre Hartford, CT(SV032 - "A Riot in the Meadows")

Pearl Jam
SV032 - "A Riot in the Meadows"
Meadows Music Theatre
Hartford, CT

Source: [ALD > DAT > bootleg CD > CDR1 > .WAV > dEdit] +
    [Sonic Studios > Sony TCD-D7 > DAT1 > .WAV > dEdit] > SHN

Mixing and Editing: Bill Graham
Artwork: Allen Robertson

01 Intro
02 Long Road
03 Hail Hail
04 Animal
05 Last Exit
06 In My Tree
07 Corduroy
08 Better Man
09 Not For You
10 Jeremy
11 Red Mosquito
12 Black
13 Rearviewmirror
14 Lukin
15 Small Town

01 State of Love and Trust
02 Footsteps
03 Alive
04 Blood/(Fame)/(Noise of Carpet)
05 Porch
06 encore 1
07 Who You Are
08 Even Flow
09 Daughter/(The Real Me)/(WMA)
10 Leaving Here
11 Present Tense
12 encore 2
13 Yellow Ledbetter

Show Notes (thanks to fivehorizons):
Great long show with a very talkative Ed. During 'Not For You' Ed talks about the meaning of the song, saying it's not directed towards fans, but "a different entity ... someone who thinks they're more important than the people making the music; the people listening to the music; or the music itself. And this is just a reminder that they're not." 'Alive' is started and stopped, because of technical problems. Ed sings 'Footsteps', while everything is straightened out. Part of the fence comes down during 'Blood' and a near riot ensues. (In reality, when the barrier came down, security guards began using pepper spray. The wind was blowing into the pavilion, forcing people with seats to venture nearer the stage to escape it, making it seem like there was a mad rush to the stage.) During 'Porch' Ed tries to calm the crowd down while Mike plays a little part of Chicago's '25 or 6 to 4'. Ed says, "It's like swimming on coral ... there are chairs and people below you, settle down!" "Darlin' you don't want to be up there. That's for the people up front. The people up top you guys go fuckin' nuts! But the people up front settle down." Before they start 'Who You Are', Ed tries to calm the crowd: "It's a little crazy up here. You can sit down, it's cool. I can see you all if you sit, or stand, you can see me too. Ok, the next three words for the next five minutes are Peace and Love." He changes the second line of the second verse saying, "fuck the stage divers." After the song he reiterates, "This is all good. We're going to keep playing but I want to change the policy in the front row here. Security, you listening? Usually you come over the top you get two, three chances. You guys, anybody who comes over the top, you're going out. Just stay on the floor, you got it, ok? You look good where you are. Just stay where you are." For the 'Daughter' tag, Ed gets the crowd to sing along, "like in New York" to 'The Real Me.'

This is being distributed by, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at
Compiled 09/08/03 by BLG.
More notes by spacedvest on 9/28/03.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

*Dire Straits 1978-01-30 The Polytechnic Leeds, England

Dire Straits
"Angels On A Saturday Night"
The Polytechnic
Leeds, England
January 30, 1978

CD-R1 - 3BR Records - SB 5

Track List:

   1. Southbound Again
   2. Eastbound Train
   3. Down to the Waterline
   4. In the Gallery
   5. Water of Love
   6. Setting Me Up
   7. Me and My Friends
   8. Real Girl
   9. Sultans of Swing

The Band:
Mark Knopfler - Guitar, Vocals
David Knopfler - Rhythm Guitar
John Illsley - Bass Guitar
Pick Withers - Drums

Geetarz Comments:

The definitive version of the incredible Leeds 1978 performance, remastered by 3BR.

Volume fluctuations are fixed, and the whole show much sweeter. 

Lineage: Original 3BR CD-R (directly from Igor and The Professor) > LiteOn iHAP 322 > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 4 (Secure Mode, Offset Correct @ +6, 0, 24 bytes) > FLAC (Level 8) > You !

This is an essential recording for any Dire Straits fan, a nice soundboard of the early stuff, recorded at the end of a tour as support for the Talking Heads, and just days before they went into the studio to record their first album.

Major bonus points are awarded for those who correctly spot the title reference - no hints will be given!

Artwork, checksums (ffp, MD5, ST5) and info file included.

As always, play it loud and enjoy!

~Geetarz, October 2009


Monday, February 16, 2015

The Who - TV and Film Archives (3DVD Set)

The Who - TV and Film Archives (3DVD Set)

Setlist: DVD1

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Shout &Shimmy (“Ready, Steady, Go!” 2nd July 1965)
I Can’t Explain (“Shindig!” 2nd October 1965)
My Generation (“Ready, Steady, Go!” 5nd November 1965)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Shout &Shimmy (“Shindig! Goes To London” 9th December 1965)
Daddy Rolling Stone (“Shindig!” 30th December 1965)
Out In The Streets, It’s Not True (“A Whole Scene Going” 5th January 1966)
I Can’t Explain, My Generation (“Shindig!” 6th January 1966)
Substitute (“Promo Film” March 1966)
I Can’t Explain, Substitute (“Where The Action Is!” 16th May 1966)
Substitute (“Beat Club” 28th May 1966)
Daddy Rolling Stone, It’s Not True, Bald Headed Woman, The Kids Are Alright, Substitute, My Generation ( “Popside” 5th June 1966)
Substitute, Baby Don’t You Do It, CC Rider, My Generation (“Take Thirty In London” 9th July 1966)
The Kids Are Alright (“Promo Film” September 1966)
Happy Jack (“Top Of The Pops” 22nd December 1966)
I’m A Boy, Happy Jack, Heatwave (“Beat Club” 21st January 1967)
Bucket T (“Pop Reportage From London” 2nd February 1967)
So Sad About Us, Happy Jack, My Generation (“Beat Club” 11th March 1967)
Pictures Of Lily (“French TV” 5th April 1967)
Pictures Of Lily (“Beat Club” 4th May 1967)

Setlist: DVD2
Substitute, My Generation (“Finnish TV” 1st May 1967)
Substitute, Summertime Blues, A Quick One (While He's Away), My Generation (“Monterey Pop” 18th June 1967)
I Can See For Miles (“Twice A Fortnight” 21st October 1967)
I Can See For Miles, My Generation (“The Smothers Brother Comedy Hour” 17th September 1967)
Call Me Lightning (“Promo Film” 1968)
Magic Bus (“Beat Club” 12th October 1968)
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand, My Generation (“All My Loving” Peoria opera House 3rd November 1968)
A Quick One (While He's Away) (“Rock And Roll Circus” 10th December 1968)
I’m A Boy, I Can See For Miles, Magic Bus (“Surprise Partie” Colourised 31st December 1968)
I’m A Boy, I Can See For Miles, Magic Bus (“Surprise Partie” French TV 31st December 1968)
Pinball Wizard (“This Is Tom Jones” 10th April 1969)
Overture, Pinball Wizard, Tommy Can You Hear Me, Smash The Mirror, Sally Simpson, I'm Free, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It – Listening To You (“Beat Club” 27th September 1969)
I Can See For Miles (“Pop Go To The 60’s” 31st December 1969)

Setlist: DVD3
The Seeker (“Promo Film” March 1970)
The Seeker (“Colour Promo Film” March 1970)
The Seeker (“Top Of The Pops/Hits A-Go-Go” UK/German TV 26th March 1970)
Young Man Blues, Naked Eye (“Isle Of Wight Festival” 30th August 1970)
Won't Get Fooled Again (“Top Of The Pops” UK TV 7th July 1971)
Join Together (“Promo Film” June 1972)
Won't Get Fooled Again (“Popside” Swedish TV 23rd August 1972)
Summertime Blues (“Fete de L’Humanite” 9th September 1972)
Relay (“Russel Harty Plus” 6th January 1973)
Relay, Long Live Rock (“Old Grey Whistle Test” 29th January 1973)
5.15, Pinball Wizard, I'm Free, Tommy's Holiday Camp, We're Not Gonna Take It, Summertime Blues, My Generation, Join Together Blues, Road Runner, My Generation, Won't Get Fooled Again (“Pontiac Stadium, Michigan” 12th June 1975)
Sister Disco, Behind Blue Eyes, See Me, Feel Me (“Rock For Kampuchea” 28th December 1979)


Media : ProShot
Menu/Chapters : Yes/Yes
Video Format : NTSC/4:3/Standard
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels

Audio Format : AC3
Bit rate : 448 Kbps
Channels (s) : 2 Channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 Khz
DVD Cover Full Resolutin included

FileFactory Links




*INXS 1988-02-16 Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands

INXS 1988-02-16 Utrecht       

Guns in the Sky
Listen Like Thieves
Tiny Daggers
The Loved One
(The Loved Ones cover)
New Sensation
Original Sin
Shine Like It Does
Wild Life
This Time
Burn for You
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)
Calling All Nations
One x One
What You Need
Need You Tonight
I Send a Message
Devil Inside
Don't Change

Sunday, February 15, 2015

*The Eagles 1972-06-14 Fair Grounds Pavilion Oklahoma City OK

Eagles 1972-06-14 Fair Grounds Pavilion Oklahoma City OK (T-19) from the original analog tapes

I'm the guy who recorded this show.  I have the original analog cassette tape of it.  Over the years I have traded analog tape copies but until now have never done a digital transfer of it.  This is the first and only time it has been digitally transferred from the original analog cassette tape.  The Eagles opened for Jethro Tull that night.  It's not a very high quality recording.  This was the first show I ever recorded and I made most of the usual mistakes.  The recorder had automatic level control (ALC) which caused the loud beginnings of the songs.

Mics:  (2) cheap ceramic omni directional>
Recorder: I think it was a Lloyds stereo cassette sort of a pre boombox >
Tape:  Sony UHF C-90 - this is
       the original analog cassette tape >
Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >
Nikko 32 Band EQ >
Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >
Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder >
Sony DAT Tape >
HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder >

I have also done the artwork for this version of this show.   Please keep the artwork and text file, unaltered, together with the SHN's.

I removed gaps and some of the mic bumping noise and did speed correction.
Please don't alter the sound of this recording.  If you want to do something start recording shows and work from that.  Don't just take what I have done and screw with it.

For Trade or Give Away only - Do not Sell - Do not encode as MP3

                                                    Aug. 16, 2004                              T________

Saturday, February 14, 2015

-Grateful Dead 1969-07-03 Reed's Ranch - Colorado Springs, CO

Grateful Dead - July 3, 1969
Reed's Ranch - Colorado Springs, CO

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> Tascam SS-R05 -> Samplitude Pro X Suite -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
February 2, 2015

Patch Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Dat -> MP3 supplies:
Me And My Uncle (1:51 - end of track)
Casey Jones (complete track)
Hard To Handle (complete track)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (complete track)
Turn On Your Lovelight (complete track)

-- Thanks to Rob Eaton for lending me his Dat
-- The patch source comes from the taper's section stream
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with pitch correcting the patch source

d1t01 - Green Green Grass Of Home >
d1t02 - Ol' Slewfoot
d1t03 - Sittin' On Top Of The World
d1t04 - Morning Dew
d1t05 - High Time
d1t06 - Me And My Uncle
d1t07 - Casey Jones
xxxxx - Mama Tried (MISSING)
d1t08 - Hard To Handle
d1t09 - He Was A Friend Of Mine
d2t01 - Turn On Your Lovelight


*Pearl Jam 1998-06-27 Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI(SV025 - "ESCAPE FROM WISCONSIN")

Pearl Jam
Alpine Valley: East Troy, WI

source: 2-source mix: [AKG 393b's > Crown PH-1 > M1 (sec. 212, row 14) > dat-m > dEQ > cdr] +
      [Sonic Studios (DSM-6) > Sony TCD-D7 (lawn stacks) > dat > cdr] > dEQ > shn > flac
Mix and Editing: Bill Graham
EQ Setting of the final mix: Fred Evans
Artwork: Allen Robertson


1 intro
2 (Interstellar Overdrive)
3 Corduroy
4 Hail Hail
5 Brain of J
6 Last Exit
7 Tremor Christ
8 Given to Fly
9 Jeremy
10 Faithfull
11 Nothingman
12 Untitled
13 MFC
14 Habit
15 Off He Goes
16 Even Flow
17 Once
18 All Those Yesterdays
19 Go
20 Immortality

1 encore
2 Do the Evolution
3 Leatherman
4 Better Man/(Rearviemirror)
5 Wishlist
6 Alive
7 encore
8 Smile


This is being distributed by, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at
Originally compiled on 5/24/03, more notes by spacedvest on 7/27/03


Friday, February 13, 2015

*David Bowie 1973-06-14 City Hall, Salisbury, UK

David Bowie - City Hall, Salisbury 14 June 1973

Audio Source: Audience - unsure of the generation
Lineage: cassette > CDR > wav > EAC > FLAC 8 > MWP
Number of Discs: 1


Hang On To Yourself
Ziggy Stardust
Watch That Man
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/All The Young Dudes/
Oh You Pretty Things
Moonage Daydream
White Light White Heat
Round And Round


*AC/DC 1977-08-13 Veterans Memorial Stadium, Columbus, OH

Date: August 13th, 1977
Let There Be Rock US Tour 1st Leg

Quality Rating: 9/10

Track List:
1. Live Wire
2. She's Got Balls
3. Problem Child
4. The Jack
5. High Voltage
6. Whole Lotta Rosie
7. Baby, Please Don't Go


Thursday, February 12, 2015

*AC/DC 1977-04-07 Stadthalle Offenbach,Germany

Artist: AC/DC
Venue: Stadthalle
City: Offenbach
Country: Germany
Date: April 7 1977
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Event: Easter Rock Festival
Lineup: Black Sabbath, Ian Gillan Band, AC/DC, Doctors Of Madness, The Commodores
Attendence: 3.000

Lineage: Trade > TDK Normal Position Type I AD 60 Tape > Soundsaver MC Plexgear 33208 >
USB > Audacity Wave > CD Wave Editor (Split Tracks) > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 7,5 - 8 out of 10. Bonus Tracks 7,5 out of 10

01. Live Wire
02. She´s Got Balls
03. Dog Eat Dog
04. Bad Boy Boogie
05. Baby, Please Don´t Go

Bonus Tracks:
06. Live Wire *
07. Shot Down In Flames *
08. Sin City *
09. Problem Child (Cuts after 1:08) *

    * Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA September 10 1979. Cliff Williams on Bass.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

*Stevie Ray Vaughan 1980-07-22 The King's Head Inn Norfolk, Virginia

Band: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Album: Live From The King's Head Inn
Venue: The King's Head Inn
Location: Norfolk, Virginia U.S.A.
Date: July 22nd 1980
Source: Radio Broadcast
Format: Flac Level 8

Setlist: 1st Set.

01. Hideaway
02. Love Me Darlin'
03. Tin Pan Alley
04. Lovestruck
05. I'm Cryin'
06. Texas Flood
07. I'm Leaving You (Commit A Crime)
08. Little Wing
09. Instrumental (Drivin' South)


Stevie Ray Vaughan: Guitar, Vocals
Jackie Newhouse: Bass Guitar
Chris Layton: Drums

Additional info

At the very beginning you can hear the introduction as broadcasting live from Tidewater, VA?


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

*KISS 1977-01-15 McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Co

Source: Audience recording
Location: McNichols Sports Arena, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
Date: January 15, 1977
Bootleg title:
Bootleg label:
Catalogue #:
Artwork: No
Comments: From a first generation tape.

Disc 1: (73:06)
1-01 Detroit Rock City
1-02 Take Me
1-03 Let Me Go, Rock And Roll
1-04 Ladies Room
1-05 Firehouse
1-06 Makin' Love
1-07 I Want You
1-08 Cold Gin - Guitar Solo
1-09 Do You Love Me
1-10 Nothin' To Lose
1-11 Bass Solo - God Of Thunder - Drum Solo - God Of Thunder
1-12 Rock And Roll All Nite
1-13 Shout It Out Loud
1-14 Beth
1-15 Black Diamond

*Pearl Jam 1992-03-01 Vera Groningen, Holland(SV018 - "VERA")

Pearl Jam
SV018 - "VERA"
Vera: Groningen, Holland

source: unknown microphones > Sony WM-D6 > analog (master) > dat > cdr > dEdit > flac > dEdit > flac

Editing: Bill Graham and Allen Robertson
Artwork: Allen Robertson


1 intro
2 Oceans
3 Even Flow
4 Why Go
5 Jeremy
6 "Divers"
7 Deep
8 Alive
9 Black
10 State of Love and Trust
11 Once
12 Porch
13 "Feeling Good"
14 Leash
15 improv #1
16 improv #2
17 I've Got a Feeling


Notes: A great early show with lots of energy and some cool improvs, the analog source was speed corrected and a few places were edited a little.

This is being distributed by, and is part of a series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existance.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at
Compiled by spacedvest on 9/5/03


Monday, February 9, 2015

*Guns N' Roses 1986-09-20 LA street Scene Los Angeles, CA


Cassette Master (Unknown Equip) -> Untracked Aiff File -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. -intro-
02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Think About You
05. Mr. Brownstone
06. -the end-


set: Welcome To The Jungle, Out Ta Get Me, Think About You, Mr. Brownstone

audio/video recording?: audio

notes: 9th Annual L.A. Street Scene Festival. During the show, Axl gets hit with a bottle. Surprisingly it didn't phase him and the show continued. From GNR's security man at the time: "The show was stopped when the crowd got too excited and dumped the barricades which were big industrial drums full of water. The water had run underneath the stage and the fire marshall insisted the show stop immediately because of the risk of electrical shock. The fire marshall came to me on stage, told me they had to shut it down or someone was going to get electrocuted. I ran out onstage after a song, told Axl to listen to me, whispered in his ear. He then told the crowd something to the effect of 'Because some of you got a little crazy with the water down there, the show's over!' I also recall him looking at some guy in the crowd on the way out and shooting him the bird and telling him on the mic, '...And you... FUCK YOU!' And then we left the stage. Slash and Izzy wanted to keep playing. Duff and Adler left after some prodding. Poison followed after the water had been mopped up."


Saturday, February 7, 2015

*David Bowie 1973-06-07 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England

DAVID BOWIE - Manchester

Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England

Audience recording
Lineage: TDK D90 > Denon DRM-500 tape deck > direct wire > iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove hiss > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4
Number of discs: 1 (90 minute disc)
Artwork: included
Total running time: 74:15


1. Ode To Joy intro
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Ziggy Stardust
4. Watch That Man
5. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
6. All The Young Dudes
7. Oh! You Pretty Things
8. Moonage Daydream
9. Changes
10. Space Oddity
11. The Jean Genie
12. Time
13. The Width Of A Circle
14. band introductions
15. Let's Spend The Night Together
16. Suffragette City
17. White Light/White Heat
18. Round And Round


iZotope RX2 denoiser to remove hiss.

Unbelievably slow.  Speed adjustment with a factor of 112%.
On tape side 1, left channel had volume fluctuations which also caused hiss.  Replaced with right channel, with 0.002 second offset;
boost sides default of Goldwave Stereo Center tool then applied.
From nowhere, hiss clicks in at 4:37 in Space Oddity and affects The Jean Genie as well. 
Goldwave Hiss Removal default setting used for this passage.
Tape flip between The Jean Genie and Time - simple join - OK, with tonal change.
Clumsy gap between Time and The Width Of A Circle - simple join, crowd noise, OK.
Further pause/gap between White Light/White Heat and Round And Round - simply removed.
Sector boundary errors resolved using TLH.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

*Guns N' Roses 1986-01-18 The Roxy Hollywood, CA

Band name: Guns N' Roses
Date: 18 January 1986
Venue: The Roxy
Location: Hollywood, CA, United States
Authored by: Angel
Chapters: Yes
Menus: Yes
Filming type: Audience
Source information: VHS Gen ( 2 ? ) > PC > DVDR
Generation: 2nd
Video format: NTSC
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Total running time: 83:57 min.
Audio quality: B
Video quality: B+

info=0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz  256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)
PIC=704 x 480

Track listing:

Reckless Life
Shadow Of Your Love
Welcome To The Jungle
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Think About You
Move To The City
Don't Cry
Nice Boys
Back Off Bitch
Rocket Queen
My Michelle
Paradise City
Anything Goes (Alt. Lyrics)
Mama Kin
Heartbreak Hotel
Goodnight Tonight

Thanks to author,filmer,and whoever touched this before me and don't forget the band.
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4