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Bob Dylan 1994-07-23 Freileichtbühne Peissnitz Halle, Germany

Bob Dylan

Halle, Germany  Freileichtbühne Peissnitz

Taper:  "Bach"
Lineage:  cheap Sony Micro > Sony TCD D7

01. [0:13]Introduction
02. [7:38]    Jokerman
03. [6:35]    Just Like A Woman
04. [5:27]    All Along the Watchtower
05. [8:29]    Positively 4th Street
06. [9:36]    Tangled Up In Blue
07. [7:31]    It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
08. [5:23]    Mr. Tambourine Man
09. [6:09]    Masters of War
10. [6:57]    Love Minus Zero / No Limit
11. [6:25]    God Knows

01. [7:02]I Shall Be Released
02. [9:18]    Maggie's Farm
03. [7:45]    Ballad Of A Thin Man
04. [9:30]    It Ain't Me, Babe



Allman Brothers Band 1990-07-11 Florida Theatre Jacksonville, FL

Allman Brothers Band
Florida Theatre
Jacksonville, FL

quality:  A

source:  sbd>?>cdr
lineage: trade cdr(x?) > wav (plextor px504-A/eac offset +66) >
         flac (flac frontend 1.7.1/verify/align on sb/level 6)

    disc 1:
01. Intro
02. Don't Want You No More
03. It's Not My Cross To Bear
04. Statesboro Blues
05. Blue Sky
06. Low Down Dirty Mean
07. Seven Turns
08. Midnight Rider
09. Loaded Dice
10. Good Clean Fun
11. It Ain't Over Yet
12. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

    disc 2:
01. One Way Out*
02. Blues Ain't Nothin'
03. Gambler's Roll
04. Shine It On
05. Dreams
06. True Gravity

    disc 3 (Encore):
01. Jessica
02. Whipping Post

*with Derek Trucks:
Derek's first appearance with the band
This is the show where Dickey calls Derek a "bad little motor scooter."

11:40 - 11:45 digi noise in Jessica
a tad of hiss throughout, a couple of minor cuts,
but a great sounding recording, all in all.


Jimi Hendrix To the Highest Bidder - Sotheby's Plus (ATM 005)

To the Highest Bidder - Sotheby's Plus (ATM 005 / 23.01.1999 / 1CDR)

(Outtakes 1967-68: The Sotheby Tapes plus Studio Center Studios,
New York City 13.03.68)
Very Low Gen - * Speed corrected

"Wait Until Tomorrow"
(2) / "Ain't No Telling"
(3) / "Castles Made Of Sand"
(3) / "One Rainy Wish"
(5) / "Spanish Castle Magic"
(1) / "Jazz Jimi Jazz" / "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)"
(2) / "South Saturn Delta"
(1) / "Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)"
(1) / "Little One"
(2) / "EXP"
(2) * / "Up From The Skies"
(3) * / "She's So Fine"
(4) * / "Somewhere"
(1) * / "Bold As Love" (
2) / "Little Miss Strange"
(1) / "1983 ... A Merman I Should Turn To Be"
(1) / "Bold As Love" (3 -> coda of 4)

Wait Until Tomorrow (2)    3:15            E. X. P. (2)    1:49
Ain't No Telling (3)    1:46            Up from the Skies (3)    2:56
Castles Made of Sand (3)    2:44        She's So Fine (4)    2:36
One Rainy Wish (5)    3:43            Somewhere (1)    3:51
Spanish Castle Magic (1) [instrumental]    2:39    Bold As Love (2)    3:24
Jazz Jimi Jam    12:12                    Little Miss Strange (1) [instrumental]    3:09
Electric Ladyland (2)    5:18            1983 (1)    4:15
South Saturn Delta (1)    4:34            Bold As Love (3)    3:53
Electric Ladyland (1)    4:38            Bold As Love (4)    1:22
Little One (2)    3:29


Led Zeppelin 1969-03-14 Concerthouse,Stockholm,Sweden

Led Zeppelin
3-14-1969 First ScandinavianTour, Concerthouse,Stockholm,Sweden

Mono SBD

Soundboard>?>silvers>EAC>Flac Frontend 8

01 I Can't Quit You (5:34)
02 I Gotta Move (3:31)
03 Dazed And Confused (10:08)
04 How Many More Times (2:14)


Led Zeppelin 1969-02-14 The Image Club North Miami Beach, Fl

Led Zeppelin "Yellow Zeppelin"(Trantura) North Miami Beach, Florida 1969.2.14 Audience

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1969.2.14
Venue: The Image Club
Location: North Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Source: Audience
Lineage: My Silver > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC(level 7)

Title: Yellow Zeppelin (2CD)
Label: Tarantura

Disc One
01.The Train Kept A Rollin'
02.I Can't Quit You
03.Dazed And Confused
04.Killing Floor
05.Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You
06.How Many More Times

Disc Two
01.White Summer / Black Mountain Side
02.As Long As I Have You medley
03.You Shook Me
04.Pat's Delight

art is included
checksum is included


Led Zeppelin 1969-02-02 The Rockpile, Toronto, Canada

February 2, 1969
The Rockpile, Toronto, Canada
Audience Recording

Reel Master > DAT (2) > CD-R > EAC > WAV > FLAC Level 8 Verified

1.  Introduction
2.  Train Kept A Rollin'
3.  I Can't Quit You
4.  Dazed & Confused
5.  You Shook Me
6.  Killing Floor
7.  How Many More Times

Brought to you by nolazep


Led Zeppelin 1969-01-31 Fillmore East NY

Band Name: Led Zeppelin
Venue: Fillmore East
City/State/Country: New York, USA
Date: 1969-01-31 (disc 1)

Source: audience
Lineage: Silvers>CDR(1)>Eac>Wav

Bootleg Title: New York In The Wind, The Legendary Fillmore Series-East Vol. 2 (Empress Valley)
File Size: 277 Mb Flac


Disc 1 (1969-01-31)

1 The Train Kept A Rolling
2 I Cant Quit You
3 Dazed And Confused
4 Pat's Delight
5 How Many More Times (inc. The Hunter)
6 You Shook Me


Gov't Mule 2013-06-12 Artpark Lewiston, NY

Gov't Mule
Lewiston, NY

Taper: Adam Hudson
Transfer: Adam Hudson

Source: at835b > Edirol R4 @ 24/96
Transfer: Edirol R4 > PC > Sony Sound Forge 10.0 Pro > 16/44 > CDWAVE > Traders Little Helper > FLAC

Set 1:
World Boss >
Railroad Boy >
Rocking Horse
Banks Of The Deep End
Time To Confess
Broke Down On The Brazos >
Tributary Jam
Steppin' Lightly

Set 2:
Inside Outside Woman Blues
Any Open Window
Bad Man Walking
Endless Parade
No Need To Suffer
Hope She'll Be Happier
Drums >
Lively Up Yourself >
Mule >

Come On Into My Kitchen > Gonna Send You Back To Georgia


Jimi Hendrix LA Without the Words (Rainy Day Discs / ATM 006)

LA Without the Words (Rainy Day Discs / ATM 006 / 12.03.1999 / 1CDR)

(Outtakes 1969-70) Low Gen

Tracklist: "
Ezy Rider / Dance"
(2) / "Valleys Of Neptune"
(22) / "Bolero"
(3) / "Jam Back At The House" aka. "Beginning"
(1) / "Things I Used To Do"
(4) / "Lover Man"
(2) / "Midnight Lightning"
(4) / "Peace In Mississippi"
(1) / "Lord I Sing The Blues For Me And You"
(5) / "Lover Man" (false start) -> "Dancing Blues" aka "Hollywood / Duet Jam" (JS3)

- Material from the KPFA Tapes.
- Same as Disc 2 of "The Electric Church" 2CD set.
- More material from the KPFA Tapes is available on ATM 057-058 "The KPFA Tapes / Sound
  Center Studios", ATM 187-191 "Hendrix for Everyone" and the Collector's Disc "The KPFA Tapes".
- This material has a MD in the lineage before final transfer from DAT to CDR.
- Upgrade without MD in lineage available.


Ezy Rider / Dance (3)    3:51            Midnight Lightning (4)    4:08
Valleys of Neptune (22)    3:51            Peace in Mississippi (1)    7:12
Bolero (1)    5:59                    Lord, I Sing the Blues (5)    10:24
Jam Back at the House (11)    5:31        Lover Man (false start)    0:03
The Things I Used to Do (4)    6:57        Instrumental / Winter Blues (JS 3)    9:11
Lover Man (2)    5:39


Led Zeppelin 1969-01-05 Whisky a GO GO Los Angeles, CA

 Led Zeppelin
'Live At Whisky A Go-Go!!!'

Whisky a go-go
Los Angeleses, CA
5th january 1969

Silver CD > EAC test and copy (with correct offsets) > WAV >  FLAC level 6

Setlist (52:15 mins)

As long as i have you
I can't quit you
The train kept a rollin'
Babe im gonna leave you
Dazed and confused
Killing floor
For your love

Here you have the long awaited previously unreleased whisky a go go show
from 5th jan 1969. this is the cd version. i would rate it a very good
audience recording, especially for the time.


Pink Floyd -1965-1967 Dawn Of The Piper [RevA] (shn)

 Here's the track list for Dawn of the Piper Rev A HRV-CDR-018:

01  Lucy Leave
02  King Bee
The original 5-member Pink Floyd line-up.  With Bob Klose on lead
guitar and Syd Barrett on rhythm guitar.  Possibly recorded at
Regent Sound studio around May 1965 (according to Bob Klose ­
whose memory seems a bit better than Nick Mason's on the

03  Interstellar Overdrive
Taken from the film "San Francisco".  Recorded at Thompson
Private Recording Studios on 31 October 1966 (or there about).

04  Arnold Layne
05  Candy and a Currant Bun
Taken from the original acetates demoed to EMI.  Recorded at Sound
Techniques studio from 23-25 January 1967.  After hearing
these acetates, EMI signed Pink Floyd to a recording contract
on 1 February 1967.
When they created this Arnold Layne acetate, they cut out the
organ solo.  I don't know why they did that.
Knowing that EMI would object to the drug references in the
lyrics to Let's Roll Another One, Syd rewrote them to create
this Candy and a Currant Bun acetate.  EMI still objected to
the "I'm high" lyrics anyway.  So the band had to go back to
Sound Techniques and rerecord it.

06  Interstellar Overdrive
Recorded live at UFO on 27 January 1967 by Granada TV (not 20
January has erroneously reported in some sources).  This version
is cut as per the editing for the program "Underground: Scene
Special".  Interestingly, this version lacks the narrator
commentary that appears in the final broadcast version.
First broadcast on 8 March 1967 (not 7 February as erroneously
predicted by Melody Maker).

07  Interstellar Overdrive
Taken from the French EP released 11 April 1967.  Pink Floyd
attempted to create a shorter version of IO especially for France
during a recording sessions on 16 March and 22 March 1967.
These were abandoned.  The French version was edited from the same
source used for the LP (recorded 27 February 1967), just
a different mix.

08  Flaming
Taken from the US single, released 2 November 1967.  The
original US release of Piper at the Gates of Dawn did not
include the song Flaming.  It was released later as a single.
This version of Flaming comes from the same recording used
for the UK version (16 March 1967) but has a slightly different

09  Pow R Toc H
10  Astronomy Domine
Taken from the BBC's "Look of the Week" television program
(14 May 1967).

11  See Emily Play
Taken from acetate #2 of 21 May 1967 recordings made at Sound
Techniques.  Two acetates are known.  They are numbered 1 and 2
based on the order in which they were discovered.  This second
acetate features a slightly extended ending.

12  Experiment
Much about this recording is unknown, including the title.
Traditionally, it's been called Experiment (as we do here) or
Sunshine.  But that was before anyone learned what Sunshine
really was.

13  Sunshine
Sunshine is really the last section of Matilda Mother.
Matilda Mother had been rerecorded on 7 June 1967.  However,
Norman Smith decided that the instrumental section in the
middle was too long.  During an editing session on 29 June,
he literally cut the tape into three pieces.  The first part
was called "Matilda Mother", the second part (the part being
deleted) was called "Wondering and Dreaming", and the third
part was called "Sunshine" (based on a convenient lyrical
reference at that point).  Parts one and three were then
spliced together to create the official version.  On the
stereo release, the "Sunshine" lyric in the left channel gets
overpowered by the "For all the time spent in that room" lyric
that predominates the right channel.  To better hear and
appreciate "Sunshine", I've made a mono version of just the
left channel starting at the splice point.

14  Scream Thy Last Scream
Recorded at Abbey Road on 7 August 1967.  This track is taken
from a stereo mix done my Peter Jenner in 1974.

15  Set The Controls
16  Reaction in G
Taken from the BBC's inaugural "Top Gear" Radio 1 program
aired on 1 October 1967 (not from a pirate radio rebroadcast).
The tracks were recorded at the BBC's Playhouse Theatre on
25 September 1967.  The DJs heard on these tracks are
Pete Drummond and John Peel.  Both DJs were former Radio
London DJs (which had shut down on 14 August 1967).  Note,
the Marine Offenses Act (which took effect 15 August 1967)
made these offshore pirate radio stations illegal.

17  Vegetable Man
Recorded at De Lane Lea on 9-11 October 1967.  This track
is taken from a stereo mix done my Peter Jenner in 1974.

18  Remember a Day
This instrumental version of the song is taken from the DVD
of the Syd Barrett spoof film "Remember a Day" starring
Darryl Read.  Recorded at De Lane Lea on 9-11 October 1967.

19  Apples and Oranges
Recorded at Abbey Road on 26-27 October 1967.  This track is
the stereo version taken from the Masters of Rock LP.

20  Pow R Toc H
Taken from the BBC's "Top Gear" Radio 1 program aired on
31 December 1967.  The track was recorded 20 December 1967
at the BBC's Maida Vale studio.  Although this track appears
on our BBC Archives 1967-1969 release, it is not the same.
The BBC archives version is taken from a rebroadcast of the
show and has the ending significantly cut short.  This
track here on Dawn of the Piper rev A contains the entire
song from the recently uncovered original broadcast.


Led Zeppelin 1969-01-23 Boston Tea Party Boston,MA

Led Zeppelin
Boston Tea Party
January 23,1969

Empress Valley

Train Kept A Rollin'
I Can't Quit You
As Long As I Have You Medley
Dazed And Confused
You Shook Me

Silver->Easy CD-DA Extractor Pro->Flac 7


The Rolling Stones 2013-05-20 Staples Center Los Angeles,CA


DSM6 -> R-09HR -> Soundforge -> FLAC

01. -intro-
02. Get Off My Cloud
03. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll
04. Paint It Black
05. Gimme Shelter
06. All Down The Line
07. Far Away Eyes
08. Sway (with Mick Taylor)
09. Doom And Gloom
10. One More Shot
11. Can't You Hear Me Knocking (with Mick Taylor)
12. Honky Tonk Women
13. -band intros-
14. You Got The Silver
15. Before They Make Me Run
16. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
17. Miss You
18. Start Me Up
19. Tumbling Dice
20. Brown Sugar
21. Sympathy For The Devil
22. You Can't Always Get What You Want (with USC Thornton Chamber Singers)
23. Jumpin' Jack Flash
24. Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor)

Sorry about the quality, cheap seats and I left the battery box out this time - I have gone thru 3 in the past 10 years and I don't feel like replacing another one so I won't abuse them by taking them into shows I have to sneak them into.


Allman Brothers Band 1990-07-16 City Auditorium, Macon, GA

Allman Brothers Band
July 16th 1990
City Auditorium,
Macon, GA

source: SBD > ? > cdr > cdparanoia > mhwaveedit > shntool > flac
lineage: received cdrs from Mike Springer
notes: tape hiss can be heard but the sound is still good, the source is probably from the master analog tape or a 1st generation analog copy from a digital source.

disc 1:
01. Don't Want You No More (first 6 seconds from 7/4/90 due to missing from cdr)
02. It's Not My Cross To Bear
03. Statesboro Blues
04. Blue Sky
05. Low Down Dirty Mean
06. Seven Turns
07. Midnight Rider (0:11 - 0:39 from 7/4/90 due to skips & dropouts)
08. Loaded Dice
--crossfaded crowd noise due to a rough transition (probably a tape flip)--
09. Good Clean Fun
10. It Ain't Over Yet
11. In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
12. band introductions

disc 2:
01. One Way Out (5:53 - 8:07 from 7/4/90 due to skips & dropouts)
02. Blues Ain't Nothin'  (6:32 until end is from 7/4/90 due to missing from cdr)
03. Gambler's Roll (fixed a small right channel dropout @ 0:22)
04. Shine It On
05. Dreams
06. True Gravity (edited together @ 20:56 because split between 2 tracks probably a tape flip)

disc 3:
01. Ramblin' Man
02. Southbound *
03. Jessica (fixed a short volume fluctuation at 0:23)
04. Whipping Post (first 7 seconds from 7/4/90 due to missing from cdr)

* w/ Pete Kliggley (sp?) & Jerry Sorn (from "The Tall Dogs")


Neil Young 1982-08-13 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

Neil Young
The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California
w/ The Trans Band

source: AUD unknown aiwa mics > unknown cassette recorder
transfer: master cassette > Nakamichi Dragon > Mbox > ProTools (at 24/48) > 16/44.1 > xACT1.5b3 > flac(8)
taper: "the little guy"

Disc 1 (63:29)
1.    On The Way Home
2.    Don't Cry No Tears
3.    Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
4.    Cortez The Killer
5.    If You Got Love
6.    Soul Of A Woman
7.    Are You Ready For The Country?
8.    Southern Man
9.    A Little Thing Called Love
10.    Band Intros
11.    Old Man
12.    The Needle And The Damage Done
13.    Birds
14.    Beggars Day

Disc 2 (49:31)
15.    Like An Inca
16.    Hey Hey, My My
17.    Cinnamon Girl
18.    Like A Hurricane
19.    Sample And Hold
20.    Mr. Soul

Tour :
1982 Northern California Club Tour with The Trans Band

Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, vocoder
Nils Lofgren - guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals, vocoder
Bruce Palmer - bass
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals
Joe Lala - percussion
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, vocals
Larry Cragg - banjo
Joel Bernstein - vocoder, synclavier

Direct from the master cassettes I was loaned by a friend, this
sounds better than any previous versions I've heard. I'd never found a
copy of known gen in all of my trading days.


Iron Maiden 1998-05-12 Le Zenith Paris, France(V1)

Iron Maiden
Paris, France
Le Zenith
The Angels And Paris
CD -> WAV -> FLAC by ead666

CD 1:

01. Intro
02. Futureal
03. The Angel And The Gambler
04. Man On The Edge
05. Lightning Strikes Twice
06. Heaven Can Wait
07. The Clansman
08. When Two Worlds Collide
09. Murders In The Rue Morgue
10. 2 Minutes To Midnight
11. The Educated Fool
12. Sign Of The Cross

CD 2:

01. Hallowed Be Thy Name
02. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
03. The Evil That Men Do
04. The Clairvoyant
05. Fear Of The Dark
06. Iron Maiden
07. The Number Of The Beast
08. The Trooper
09. Sanctuary

Iron Maiden Lossless DC Hub -


Yes 2002-08-02 Tweeter Center Mansfield, MA

Artist: Yes

Venue: Mansfield, MA
Date: August 2, 2002
Taper: CQ version
Equipment: Sharp Mini Disk

Vocals: Jon Anderson
Bass: Chris Squire
Guitar: Steve Howe
Drums: Alan White
Keysboards: Rick Wakeman



01. Firebird Suite
02. Siberian Khatru
03. America
04. In The Presence Of
05. South Side Of The Sky
06. The Revealing Science Of God
07. Leaves Of Green-The little Gaillard


08. Tour song-Show Me
09. Rick Wakeman Solo
10. Heart Of The Sunrise
11. Magnification
12. Don't Kill The Whale
13. Whitefish

14. Awaken
15. Roundabout
16. Yours Is No Disgrace


Neil Young 1996-08-28 Deer Creek Noblesville IN

Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Deer Creek
Noblesville IN
August 28, 1996

 Taper: Greg Holtz

 Source: Nakamichi CM-300 ->D7

 Transfer: (By JAZ) DAT Master 16b/48kHz-> PCM-R300-> Coax-> M-Audio Delta 1010Lt-> Wave Lab 5.0, Ozone3, Fades, Montage, L2 Dither 16b/44.1kHz-> Traders Little Helper flac8

Set 1:
1.Hey, Hey, My, My
3.Big Time
4.Slip Away
5.The Needle And The Damage Done*
6.Heart Of Gold*
7.Sugar Mountain*
8.Cinnamon Girl
9.Fuckin' Up
10.Cortez The Killer
11.Music Arcade*
12.Like A Hurricane

13.Sedan Delivery
14.Roll Another Number
15.Cowgirl In The Sand

 Note: *Neil Young Solo


#SAB 120-121 Purple Rain Tour Finale

Purple Rain Tour Finale

2 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 120-121
Disc Length : 75:56 / 77:01
Source : Soundboard Recording
Sound Quality : EX+
Year Of Release : 2001


Purple Rain Tour Finale
Orange Bowl, Miami
7th April 1985

Disc 1

1. 4 The Tears In Your Eyes (played over PA)   2. Let's Go Crazy   3. Delirious   4. 1999   5. Little Red Corvette   6. Take Me With U   7. Yankee Doodle   8. Do Me, Baby   9. Irresistible Bitch   10. Possessed   11. How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore   12. Temptation   13. Let's Pretend We're Married   14. International Lover   15. God   16. Computer Blue   17. Darling Nikki   18. The Beautiful Ones

Disc 2

1. When Doves Cry   2. I Would Die 4 U   3. Baby I'm A Star   4. Purple Rain

Sheila E Support Act

5. Shortberry Strawcake   6. The Belle Of St. Mark   7. Next Time Wipe The Lipstick Off Your Collar   8. Erotic City (w/ Prince)   9. The Glamorous Life   10. Percussion Jam


Neil Young 1978-09-21 Capitol Centre Landover, MD

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Rust Never Sleeps Tour
September 21st, 1978
Capitol Centre Landover

unknown but low generation tape > played on SONY DECK TC WE 7055 -> recorded on CDR audio with PHILIPS CDR 777 -> EAC > FLAC 8 -> here

I’ve been asked to seed this one. I got it in the early 80’s from a friend and I suppose it comes from a low generation tape though quality is so and so.
During a tour with the same set played all nights here we have a little difference: Sail away is played during the acoustic set instead of Thrasher.
Artwork is included

Track list

1.Sugar Mountain
2.I Am A Child
3.Comes A Time
4.Already One
5.After The Gold Rush
6.Sail Away
7.My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
8.When You Dance I Can Really Love
9.The Loner
10.Welfare Mothers
11.Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown
12.The Needle And The Damage Done
13.Lotta Love
14.Sedan Delivery
16.Cortez The Killer
17.Cinnamon Girl
18.Like A Hurricane
19.Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) ---
20.Tonight's The Night


Led Zeppelin 1973-03-06 TennishallenStockholm, Sweden(EVSD "Stockholm Syndrome")

Led Zeppelin 1973-03-06 audience
Stockholm, Sweden  Tennishallen
EVSD "Stockholm Syndrome"

lineage - silvers > EAC wav > TLH flac 8

disc 1
rock and roll
over the hills and far away
black dog
misty mountain hop
since I've been loving you
dancing days
bron-yr-aur stomp
I can't get no satisfaction
the song remains the same
the rain song

disc 2
dazed and confused
stairway to heaven

disc 3
whole lotta love
the ocean


Joe Bonamassa 2011-03-12 Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI

Joe Bonamassa
Pabst Theater
Milwaukee, WI
March 12, 2011

BSC1-K1 > HiHo Silver XLR's > Fostex FR2-LE (24/48) > iZotope RX Advanced (dither/resample) > CDWAV > FLAC

Cradle Rock
So Many Roads
When the Fire Hits the Sea
So It's Like That
If Heartaches Were Nickels
Slow Train
Dust Bowl
You Better Watch Yourself
Sloe Gin
Ballad of John Henry
Lonesome Road Blues
Happier Times
Further On Up the Road (w/Greg Koch)
Blues Deluxe (w/Greg Koch)
Young Man Blues
Woke Up Dreaming
Django/Mountain Time
Bird On A Wire
Just Got Paid/Dazed & Confused/Just Got Paid (reprise)


Grateful Dead 1971-04-17 Dillon Gym, Princeton University Princeton, NJ

MOTB Release: 0136  16/44.1
Release Date: 2010-04-13
Band: Grateful Dead
Date: 1971-04-17 (Saturday)
Venue: Dillon Gym, Princeton University
Location: Princeton, NJ
Analog Audience Source: FOB Master Reel (MAR)
Medium Stock Brands: MAR = 2 x BASF 7.5ips
Analog Lineage: Unknown mic(mono) >> unknown deck >> MAR
Analog Sound Preservation: MAR >> Akai GX 636>Apogee Mini Me(24/96)>Apogee Mini DAC(monitoring/mastering)>Lynx One soundcard>wavelab 5.0>DVD/FLAC
Taped By: Will Boswell and Randy Smith
Transfer By: Will Boswell
Mastering By: Derek McCabe

Set 1
Disc One
d1t01: tuning
d1t02: Truckin'
d1t03: Big Railroad Blues
d1t04: Big Boss Man
d1t05: Bird Song
d1t06: Playing In The Band
d1t07: Hard To Handle
d1t08: Loser
d1t09: Mama Tried
d1t10: Casey Jones
d1t11: False Start
d1t12: Sugar Magnolia

Set 2
Disc Two
d2t01: Good Lovin' ->
d2t02: Drums ->
d2t03: Good Lovin'
d2t04: Me &  Bobby McGee
d2t05: Deal
d2t06: Beat It On Down The Line

Disc Three
d3t01: I'm A King Bee
d3t02: Sing Me Back Home
d3t03: Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
d3t04: Turn On Your Lovelight

Notes: Bertha missing from after King Bee, was not on the master.


Bruce Springsteen 1980-12-16 The Garden, Boston, MA

Bruce Springsteen

Title: N/A
Label: N/A
Catalog #: N/A
Source: Audience
Loaction: The Garden, Boston, MA
Date: December 16, 1980

Lineage: Flac Trade

Including: md5, ffp, Frequency-Spectral Analysis, Artwork & info file



01. Born To Run (start cut)
02. Prove It All Night
03. Spirit In The Night
04. You Can Look
05. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
06. Factory
07. Independence Day
08. Two Hearts
09. The Promised Land
10. Out In The Street
11. The Price You Pay
12. The River
13. I Fought The Law
14. Badlands
15. Thunder Road


01. Cadillac Ranch
02. Sherry Darling
03. Hungry Heart
04. Fire
05. Because The Night
06. Sandy
07. Growin' Up
08. For You
09. I Wanna Marry You
10. Wreck On The Highway
11. Point Blank
12. Ramrod


01. Crush On You
02. Drive All Night
03. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
04. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
05. Jungleland
06. I'm A Rocker
07. Detroit Medley


From BruceBase:



Audience tape - last Crush On You for 28 years - next played in Richmond, 18/08/08. First Spirit In The Night of the tour.


Bob Dylan 1989-08-13 The Paladium, Carowinds Amusement Park Charlotte, North Carolina

The Paladium, Carowinds Amusement Park
Charlotte, North Carolina
August 13, 1989

Taper: unidentified
Source/Lineage: no info

UploaderNote: NOT identical to LB-2256; however based on close-to-match track lengths, I’m guessing this is a set derived from said number above; received as a FLAC trade with track titles like ‘01 Track01’, ‘02 Track02’, etc. whereas titles in the original LB set were named ‘bd89-08-13d1t01’, ‘bd89-08-13d1t02'...

Spectral view: no frequency above 19 kHz, irregularities 0-8 kHz. Does not have the characteristics of an MP3 source. TV band appears at 16 kHz.

01. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) [05:23]
02. Pretty Peggy-O (trad. arr. Bob Dylan) [06:37]
03. Masters Of War [05:27]
04. Shelter From The Storm [06:14]
05. Ballad Of A Thin Man [05:39]
06. Highway 61 Revisited [04:48]
07. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [07:49]
08. Man Of Constant Sorrow (trad. arr. Bob Dylan) [03:48]
09. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) [05:42]
Total time [51:30]

10. One Too Many Mornings [06:22]
11. All Along The Watchtower [03:48]
12. I'll Remember You [03:45]
13. I Shall Be Released [04:43]
14. Like A Rolling Stone [08:05]
15. Barbara Allen (trad.) [05:21]
16. Mr. Tambourine Man [08:44]
17. Maggie's Farm [05:49]
Total time [46:40]

Concert # 124 of The Never-Ending Tour
Concert # 32 of the 1989 USA Summer Tour

Concert # 46 with the second Never-Ending Tour Band:
Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar)
G. E. Smith (guitar)
Tony Garnier (bass)
Christopher Parker (drums)

7-9 and 14-15 Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar, harmonica), G.E. Smith (guitar)
4, 7, 8, 14, 15 Bob Dylan harmonica
6 G. E. Smith (electric slide guitar)

8 new songs (50%) compared to previous concert
No new songs for this tour

Stereo audience recording, 90 minutes


The Replacements 1991-07-04 Grant Park, Chicago, IL

The Replacements
July 4, 1991
Grant Park, Chicago, IL

The last live performance by the last great rock and roll band.  This radio broadcast by WXRT FM
has been bootlegged several times under many different titles. Including Goodbye Bozos and It
Ain’t Over Till The Fat Roadies Play.  But what was always missing from all of those releases was
the dj introductions and post show comments. About a year ago I tracked down the best versions of
the dj comments and the best sounding source for the show that I could find. That is what is
presented here - the complete record of the last Replacements show in the best circulating quality.
Enjoy listening to the end of an era.

CD > Wav > Shorten 1.1a4 > SHN

Web pages:



Liam Gallagher 2017-06-24 Other Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK

My version is ripped from the HD TV broadcasts (1080i), and has
a higher audio & video bitrate plus an interview with Liam.
Three songs were not broadcast on TV.


Liam Gallagher
Other Stage,
Glastonbury Festival,
Pilton, UK

24th June 2017

Broadcast in HD on BBC4, BBC2 & BBC Red Button

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Wall of Glass
Greedy Soul
D'You Know What I Mean?
Slide Away
I Get By
Don't Look Back in Anger

BBC HD satellite broadcasts -> ZGemma-Star 2S -> external HDD -> TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer v5
(direct stream capture, no re-encoding)

Video: 1920x1080i 25fps 16:9 H.264 (average bitrate = 5.8Mbps)
Audio: 48000Hz 192kbps stereo AC-3
Duration: 00:42:49
Size: 1.86Gb


The Replacements 1989-06-10 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

June 10, 1989
Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL

Set: Color Me Impressed / Talent Show / I DonÕt Know / Back To Back / Favorite
Thing / AchinÕ To Be / The Ledge / AnywhereÕs Better Than Here / Nightclub Jitters /
Cruella DeVille / Waitress In The Sky / AskinÕ Me Lies / Within Your Reach / I Will
Dare // IÕll Be You (fades in) / Another Girl, Another Planet (Only Ones) / CanÕt
Hardly Wait / Lovelines / Black Diamond / Unsatisfied / DarlinÕ One / Bastards Of
Young / Here Comes A Regular / Valentine / Never Mind / Alex Chilton

Complete show.
Recording: Audience
Time: 79:55

Notes: Really nice audience recording, almost sounds like a broadcast. Last show of
the Ô89 headlining tour. This has been released a number of times under many
different titles. All of those are incomplete and include fades between several tracks
except for "The Liquor Is Full" - which includes the complete show.
AKA: "The Liquor Is Full" / "Liquor Where It Counts" / "Live With Mr. Liquor"



- Every effort has been made to ensure that this torrent meets or exceeds DIMES
requirements for uploading. If for any reason something doesn't, please contact
myself or a moderator to rectify the torrent.

Bruce Dickinson 1998-08-11 Batschkapp Frankfurt, Germany

Bruce Dickinson
Frankfurt, Germany
Chemical Wedding Tour




Line up: Bruce (vocals)
Adrian Smith (guitar)
Richard "Guru" Carette (guitar)
 Eddie Cassilas (bass)
Dave Ingraham (drums)


Al Stewart 2012-11-17 Poor David's Pub Dallas, TX

Al Stewart
with Dave Nachmanoff
Poor David's Pub
Dallas, Texas USA
November 17, 2012

Quality: Excellent audience
Lineage: Core Sound Binaurals (w/bass rolloff)>Sony MZ-NF810>
Total Recorder>Audio Cleaning Lab 3.0>WAV>FLAC 8
Taper: Mike Rowefoen
Transfer/encoding: joeyjay
Artwork: Chee-Zee
File size: 529 MB

Al Stewart - vocals, guitar
Dave Nachmanoff - lead guitar, harmonica, vocals *

DISC ONE (50:36)
1. Intro
2. House Of Clocks
3. Flying Sorcery
4. Banter
5. Antarctica
6. Banter
7. The Palace Of Versailles
8. Banter
9. On The Border
10. Banter
11. Night Train To Munich
12. Banter
13. "Hold On"
14. Lord Grenville
15. Banter
16. In Sickness And In Health *
17. Banter
18. Grateful *

DISC TWO (48:06)
1. Banter
2. Carol
3. Time Passages
4. Banter
5. Merlin's Time
6. Banter
7. Gina In the King's Road
8. Banter
9. Soho (Needless To Say)
10. Banter
11. Year Of The Cat
12. Encore applause
13. Banter
14. Sheila Won't Be Coming Home *

Notes: Ol' Mike has long been a casual fan of Stewart's music,
dating to the mid-'70s - the mix of history and implied drama
with Al's distinctive voice and phrasing made Mike feel like he
were in a secret adventure club or something. Hard to explain,
I guess, unless your "in the club." And while he didn't dissect
every lyric or record, Mike had a magical time every time he spun
an Al Stewart LP. That said, he was curious and somewhat ecstatic
when it was announced Al would be making a rare Dallas visit
- turned out to be 30 years since the last one. And for him to play
the great and intimate Poor David's Pub, well, we expected an
excellent night of music. An understatement, to be sure ...

As the casual fan who never had seen Al live, Ol' Mike had no idea
what to expect for a show or that Al would would be bringing
along an extraordinary sideman, Dave - and the fact the packed club
was extremely into the gig made this one amazing night. Al seems
like a heck of a nice guy and the ranconteur you might expect, given
his not-so-common subjects and lyrics. He's also a rock-solid rhythm
guitarist, and teamed with the extremely nimble Dave, the songs beam
majestically through the room. The sound is exquisite, in joeyjay's
opinion. Crank this one and you are there. Want to thank Poor
David (Card) for continually bringing in great artists to his fabulous
listening room (check out a show there if you're ever in Dallas), and
continued thanks to The Coin for the legendary but for now retired
"surrogate mics" and D. Ortiz for the current loaners. See Al and
Dave if/when you can. Highly recommended. Enjoy. On with the show ...


Alice Cooper 2011-11-08 Le Zenith, Paris, France

ALice Cooper
Le Zenith, Paris, France
November 8, 2011

ZOOM Q3HD->Protools for mix -> cubase for fade in-fade out -> CD wave editor for track split->
TLH lev 8 for flac conversion->you

Artwork: no

Taped by Shivan
Mixed by NicoYouYou




01-The black widow
02-Brutal planet
03-I'm eighteen
04-Under my wheels
05-Billion dollar babies
06-No more Mr. nice guy
07-Hey stoopid
08-Is it my body
09-Halo of flies + drum and bass solo
10-I'll bit your face off
11-Muscle of love


12-Guitar solo
13-Only women bleed
14-Cold ethyl
15-Feed my frankenstein
16-Clones (we're all)
18-Wicked young man
19-I love the dead
20-School's out

Total playing time:
CD1: 00:55:50
CD2: 00:47:38

Do not convert in lossy format
Do not sale
Feel free to trade
Please keep original information if you trade
Support the bands, buy official releases.

Warning: sound of first and beginning of second song is creepy because of bad taping (hich level) at the beginning of the show (until 6'44'' of the show). My apologizes. Then sound is good.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#SAB 119 Ultra Violet

 Ultra Violet

1 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 119
Disc Length : 66:09
Source : Various (Studio)
Sound Quality : EX- / EX+
Year Of Release :


1. Cybersingle   2. The One (Remix)   3. Come On (Remix)   4. Sign O' The Times (Extended Mix)   5. Livin' 2 Die (Our Lives)   6. Feel Good To Ya [The Lewis Connection]   7. Got To Be Something Here [The Lewis Connection w/ Prince]   8. Y Should Eye Do That When Eye Can Do This? - Madrid 2 Chicago - If I Had A Harem - Splash   9. U're Still The One

Ingrid Chavez Outtakes

10. In The Hearts Of Friends   11. Jumping Into Each Other   12. Voices In Prayer   13. Tightrope   14. Barefoot Babes   15. My Blue Heaven


16. Heaven Is Keeping Score


A rather strange release of pretty poor quality tracks, readily available tracks, official releases and a whole lot of filler material. I won't go through them track by track as I really detest this release THAT much. Both 'The One (Remix)' and 'Come On (Remix)' have been officially released and their inclusion here is slightly baffling. The quality of 'Livin' 2 Die' is pretty awful, and rather muddy. The Lewis Connection (with Prince supplying backing vocals) are a nice, rare inclusion, however Prince only appears on 'Got To Be Something Here', so I'm confused as to why Sabotage have included 'Feel Good To Ya' as it features zero input from Prince. The same can be said for the monotonous Ingrid Chavez tracks and their pointless inclusion only adds to an already poor release. The mid section of tracks (Y Should Eye Do That / Madrid / If I Had / Splash) have been taken from the original NPGMC internet release, and as such are merely brief snippets of the actual song lasting barely 1 minute each. Undoubtedly one of the worst releases from Sabotage.


Allman Brothers Band 1973-09-26 Winterland San Francisco, CA

Winterland Ballroom
San Francisco, CA


CD 1:
1.Wasted Words
2.Done Somebody Wrong
3.One Way Out
4.Stormy Monday
5.Ramblin' Man
6.In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

CD 2:
2.You Don't Love Me >
3.Amazing Grace
4.Les Brers In A Minor
5.Trouble No More
6.Whipping Post


(Wasted Words, Ramblin' Man,
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
and Southbound made it onto
the "Wipe The Windows....." album)


Bruce Springsteen 1980-12-15 Boston Gardens, Boston, MA

Title: Catch That Train
"Label": EARLMV
Format: 3cd
Source: Audience
Date: 15th December 1980
Location: Boston Gardens, Boston, MA

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: cdr -> EAC (secure) -> magix audio lab -> traders little helper -> .flac (Level 8)   

Upload include original eac log files, md5 file, ffp file and artwork.

Disc 1:
01 Born To Run
02 Out In The Street
03 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04 You Can Look
05 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
06 The Price You Pay
07 Independence Day
08 Two Hearts
09 Prove It All Night
10 The Promised Land
11 Racing In The Street
12 The River

Disc 2:
01 Badlands
02 Thunder Road
03 Cadillac Ranch
04 Sherry Darling
05 Hungry Heart
06 Fire
07 Candy's Room
08 Because The Night
09 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
10 For You
11 Stolen Car
12 Wreck On The Highway

Disc 3:
01 Point Blank
02 The Ties That Bind
03 Ramrod
04 Backstreets
05 Rosalita
06 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
07 Jungleland
08 I'm A Rocker
09 Detroit Medley

I only made a speed correction and set some trackmarker to other positions.\


Iron Maiden 1981-04-25 Cine Roma Antwerp, Belgium

Iron Maiden

Cine Roma
Antwerp, Belgium
April 25, 1981

Disc 1
01) The Ides Of March
02) Wrathchild
03) Purgatory
04) Sanctuary
05) Remember Tomorrow
06) Another Life
07) Genghis Khan
08) Killers
09) Innocent Exile

Disc 2
01) Murders In The Rue Morgue
02) Twilight Zone
03) Phantom Of The Opera
04) Iron Maiden
05) Running Free
06) Transylvania
07) Drifter
08) Prowler

SOURCE: Unknown

DURATION: 81 minutes


Phish 1990-03-11 The Front - Burlington, VT

The Front - Burlington, VT

Source: SBD > Cass/2 > DAT (master)
A>D Transfer: Denon 3-head deck > Fostex D5 @44.1kHz
DAT>SHN Transfer: CTD8000H-S > DAT2WAV > SHN > CDWav > SHN

A>D Transfer by Jon Epstein
DAT>SHN Transfer by Robert Brown
Tracking and Fixes by Ben Mohr (

Disc 1: (57:16)
-Set 1p-
1. Contact > (05:59)
2. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony > (01:38)
3. Suzy Greenberg (04:42)
4. TMWSIY > (03:19)
5. Avenu Malkenu > (03:01)
6. Reba// (00:02)
[La Grange]
7. Mike's Song > (05:37)
8. I Am Hydrogen > (02:33)
9. Weekapaug Groove (06:23)
10. The Squirming Coil > (05:42)
11. Lizards (09:21)
12. Possum (08:59)
Disc 2: (36:42)
-Set 2p-
[Roll Like a Cantaloupe]
[My Sweet One]
[Bouncing Around the Room]
[Dinner and a Movie]
[Take the A Train]
1. The Sloth (03:30)
2. Ya Mar (06:56)
3. Split Open and Melt (08:39)
4. Harpua* (15:22)
5. Slave to the Traffic Light// (02:15)
[AC/DC Bag]
[David Bowie]

* contains Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) teases

-The Phish Companion does not list d1t11 Lizards for this show but it is definitely
part of the show since they are no cuts before and there is a nice segue into the
-This is the first time this show exists digitally and is the most complete source
with a known cassette generation.
-Tape flips
d1t11 8:03 (38:56)
d2t05 2:15 (46:49)
**From the second tape flip, it seems that the supposed first 6 songs of the second
set were not recorded.
-Levels slighly high at start of d2t01 but are lowered eventually.

-Removed pop R channel d1t02 0:29.661, 0:29.691 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop R channel d1t03 2:55.083 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop d1t11 5:17.861 (<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Removed pop L channel d1t12 8:09.356, 8:09.386 (<<0.001sec) with SF4.5 pencil tool
-Replaced R channel diginoise d1t12 8:09.353 (0.036sec) with clean L channel
-Removed diginoise d1t12 8:09.353 (0.014sec)


Sex Pistols 1976-12-09 Electric Circus Manchester, England, United Kingdom

December 09, 1976
Electric Circus
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

unknown > Aiwa Radio Cassette Recorder

TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223Q > Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD WAVE 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0

"Never Mind The Bans" CD + "Pretty Blank Disc Twelve" CD > WAV [44.1kHz/16bit] > FLAC [Level 8]  (see NOTES)


01. Anarchy In The UK
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [Paul Revere & The Raiders]
05. Satellite
06. Submission
07. Substitute [The Who]
08. No Feelings
09. (banter)
10. Liar
11. Pretty Vacant
12. (tuning)
13. God Save The Queen
14. Problems (cut)


Frustrated by a recent heavily-edited remastering of the master tape (April 2013), I decided to
piece together the most complete version of this show from circulating incomplete sources. The
"Never Mind The Bans" CD includes the encore of "Problems", but has less audience chatter at the
beginning and a few minutes of banter/tuning edited out.  The recent remaster is the exact same
edit as this CD.  The boot LP "Anarchy Tour '76", later released on CD with the Pretty Blank
15-CD box set, does not include "Problems", but is more complete at the beginning and includes
all of the between-song tuning and banter.  It also runs at/close to the correct speed, unlike
the "NMTB" CD and the 2013 remaster, which are noticably slowed down.

I extracted both CD sources with EAC and opened them in CEP2.0.  I speed-corrected the "NMTB"
source to match the speed of "PBD12" - linear compression, high precision resample - and opened
both tracks into a multitrack to check for phasing that would indicate time discrepancies. 
Where the banter was complete on the "NMTB" source, I left it untouched.  Where there was more
banter/tuning on the "PBD12" source, I deleted the between-song portions on the "NMTB" source
and inserted the appropriate amount of silence to match the "PBD12" source.  I then silenced
the songs on the "PBD12" source, as the "NMTB" source is better overall sonically.  I mixed
down the two source tracks to a single stereo track (-1.5dB for "NMTB", -3.0dB for "PBD12";
both CD sources are a little "hot", but "PBD12" more so...).  I double-checked all transistions
to make sure the waveform was seamless and saved the mixed-down file.  Wrote up a .cue file,
split into tracks with CD WAVE 1.98, and encoded to FLAC with Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it was only about two hours effort.  The resulting show is the
most complete available, and is fairly seamless, with no awkward jumps or volume shifts as you
might expect.  This wouldn't be possible if the two incomplete boot releases were not sonically
similar and from the same source recording.  It's certainly not as enjoyable as a clean and
unedited transfer from the master tapes, but it will tide me (and hopefully the other five Sex
Pistols collectors in the world) over until such a source is available.

Should anyone wonder, I decided against using the April 2013 remaster in any capacity for a
couple of reasons.  The digital EQ applied by the taper made the recording sound a bit more
crisp, but pretty thin in the low end for my tastes.  In addition, there are some odd things
going on with the remaster looking at it in spectral view.  Three tracks (Anarchy, Submission,
and the "Stop Gobbing" banter have a full and natural frequency response, while the other tracks
all show a steep high-end rolloff from 12000kHz - 20000kHz.  It also seems strange that a fresh
remaster from the master tapes made in January 2013 has the same edits as a 2004 boot release.
Overall, the new source just seemed a little too "fiddled-with" to use for this project.  Ah,
the delightful world of Sex Pistols live tapes!  As a Nirvana guy, I have a deep and newfound
respect for the state of the Nirvana trading community :D


01 Anarchy In The UK.flac:f7c0d9feafb6b58345b01b6614ba82e8
02 I Wanna Be Me.flac:66fe461f560479b0c63dba2034e4aa7b
03 Seventeen.flac:8dba5f2f7e9e743de37d0baf9ee2ab71
04 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone.flac:a2520e9a7e50b580654b27a58da1df2e
05 Satellite.flac:8b0da350f8a224a4ade7188b13a0fb56
06 Submission.flac:c3aecbcc83f715a3278abe61afad00c7
07 Substitute.flac:89708485014970cdeb12321888f575f0
08 No Feelings.flac:dc2cbe541ab8cecda058ee19f01ac98e
09 (banter).flac:36ae386f5803a3d158f263117ecd4295
10 Liar.flac:89fb49bbf797843d7f82e7c8eea3c230
11 Pretty Vacant.flac:550f07bcf77e5db8e756d684da0cf909
12 (tuning).flac:9cfe173f924facafaf4095d4538296f0
13 God Save The Queen.flac:1d35dbdafb5121930c5a4bfb2b979c28
14 Problems.flac:8b104dcda6a29968a86b1e247e0fa0ab





AC/DC 1976-12-04 Apollo Stadium, Adelaide, Australia

Set List
1) Jailbreak
2) She Got The Jack
3) Can I Sit Next To You
4) High Voltage
5) Rocker
6) Long Way To the Top
7) Baby, Please Don\'t Go
8) Problem Child

Notes Shoot Shoot Don\'t Talk


U.K. 1978-10-07 Orpheum Theater Boston, MA

Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA
7 October 1978

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 Alaska >
02 Time To Kill
03 The Only Thing She Needs
04 Carrying No Cross 
05 Forever Until Sunday
06 Thirty Years >
07 Presto Vivace >
08 In The Dead Of Night (spliced)
09 E: Caesar's Palace Blues

Bill Bruford - Drums
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Eddie Jobson - Violin, Keyboards
John Wetton - Bass, Vocals

Nakamichi 550 Tape Recorder
Two Nakamichi CM-300 Microphones
Maxell cassettes

Mastered and FLAC'ed by Carl Morstadt (
Master Cassette ->
Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with azimuth correction ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files ->
Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) ->
CDWAV (track breaks) ->
dBpowerAMP Audio Converter (24-bit/96-KHz wav files converted to
  16-bit/44.1 KHz wav files) ->
FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment)
FLAC files tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

No EQ'ing.

Dan Lampinski recorded over 100 concerts in the Providence/Boston area, mostly between 1974 and 1978.  His earliest recordings were made with an internal microphone deck, and though they are somewhat lo-fi compared to his later work, some very great moments in rock history were captured for posterity.  In late 1974 he bought a Sony TC-152SD tape recorder, a Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, and began using Maxell cassettes.  He was also fortunate enough to have a friend who provided excellent taping seats for many shows, resulting in high quality recordings.  In 1977, he switched over to a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder, two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones, and continued using Maxell cassettes.

He recorded many of the major 70's bands:  Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, ELP, Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Who, Al Stewart, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, Jean-Luc Ponty, Moody Blues, Neil Young, The Faces, Rush, Rick Wakeman, Kansas, as well as several "under the radar" acts.

Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated.  Some copies were made for friends, but these releases are the first time most of these recordings have ever seen the light of day, and are direct from his master cassettes.  No EQ'ing has been done to any of the transfers.  Feel free to EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you like, just give Dan credit for the original recording.

Dan was very meticulous about taking good care of his tapes and is very pleased that these recordings will now circulate among the trading community.  Please honour his kindness and generosity by sharing these recordings freely.


KISS 1976-09-06 Varsity Stadium Toronto,ON

Unknown Venue
September 6th,1976

source : SBD
Quality : A-
Performance: "The Hottest Band In The Land!!"

1.Detroit Rock City
2.King Of The Night Time World
3.Let Me Go, rock n Roll
5.Hotter Than Hell
6.Nothin' To Lose
7.Cold Gin> Guitar Solo
8.Shout It Out Loud
9.Do You Love Me
10.Bass Solo> God Of Thunder> Drum Solo
11.Rock n Roll All Night> Duece
13.Black Diamond

Lineage: CDR>EAC>WAV>TLH>Flac(level8)>You


Jerry Garcia Band 1987-01-24 The Stone, San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone,
San Francisco, CA

Source: Audience recording > AKG460's > Sony WM-D5 > MAC (Maxell MX90 x 2)
Transfer: MAC > Nakamichi BX-125E > EMU 0202 > Wavelab 6 > wav 24/96 >
               Adobe Audition 1.5 > Wavelab 6 (with iZotope Ozone 4) > iZotope RX Advanced >
               wav 16/44.1 > CD Wave > TLH > Flac 16

Taped by Matt Muir

Set I

01   //How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
02   Forever Young
03   Love In The Afternoon
04   And It Stoned Me
05   My Sisters And Brothers >
06   Deal

Set II

01   //Evangeline
02   The Harder They Come (The Harder They Fall)
03   I Shall Be Released
04   Stop That Train
05   Think
06   That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day) >
07   Tangled Up In Blue

Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Melvin Seals - keyboards
David Kemper - drums
Jaclyn LaBranch - backing vocals
Gloria Jones - backing vocals


- Garcia's mic wasn't working at the start of the first set but comes on after a minute or so.
- "How Sweet It Is" cuts in about ½ way through the second verse.  There's a few mic bumps in the first couple
 of minutes or so.
- "Evangeline" is missing the first few seconds
- The tape was paused between most songs, these and tape flips have been crossfaded.


Matt first contacted me back in February 2007 saying that he had some masters that would be nice to share.  So we tried
to arrange for him to get the tapes to me but for one reason or another he wasn't able do so until just a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, when I went to listen to them, I found that my Nak had a problem and had to send it for a service and replacement reel motor.  So having waited 3 years another few weeks hardly seemed to matter.  Anyway here it is at long last.

Matt's memories of the night:

We taped it using a Sony D5 and AKG460's held in two sleeves in a baseball cap "hornhat" sitting at the only table with a light above it, so we were a little nervous being our first time at The Stone.  I remember there was a big video screen showing the players which I thought unusual for such a small bar.  I remember, thinking while enjoying the concert, how I would like to get that video.

Many thanks to Matt for lending me his masters

edired and mastered
February 2011


David Bowie 1973-06-29 Rolarena, Leeds,UK

David Bowie - Rolarena, Leeds, 29 June 1973

Audio Source: Audience - unsure of the generation
Lineage: cassette > CDR > wav > EAC > FLAC 8 > MWP
Number of Discs: 1

Artwork: included

Another 25+ year old cassette - generation unknown. Only some hiss removal and track separation has been done.

This is a very listenable quality show but don't expect CD quality. My advice is don't download if you demand
only excellent quality from your Ziggy shows. I would class this in the category 'collectors only'.

Total running time: 67 min 58 sec


Hang On To Yourself
Ziggy Stardust
Watch That Man
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud/All The Young Dudes/
Oh You Pretty Things
Moonage Daydream
Space Oddity
The Jean Genie
Time (cut)
Width Of A Circle
Let's Spend The Night Together
Suffragette City
White Light White Heat
Round And Round


Yes 1976-06-01 Municipal Auditorium, Nashville,TN

Yes 1976-06-01 Municipal Auditorium, Nashville (Partial)


Unknown. Got it in trade.

Set List:

01. Jon Anderson Harp Solo
02. Heart of the Sunrise
03. Gates of Delirium
04. Roundabout
05. Sweet Dreams (jammed out version)

The full setlist according to Forgotten Yesterdays was:

Siberian Khatru
Sound Chaser
I've Seen All Good People
Song Of Innocence
Hold Out Your Hand/You By My Side
Leaves Of Green
Long Distance Runaround/Moraz Solo
Harp Solo
Heart Of The Sunrise
Gates Of Delirium
Sweet Dreams

Recording Quality:

I'd give it a B-. It's reasonably crisp but there's a substantial amount of distortion.

Performance Quality:

About average for the beginning of the Solo Albums tour, except for Sweet Dreams which is jammed out and quite unusual. It was the fifth show of the tour and they had already dropped most of the solo material played the first two nights in Roanoke and Hampton, VA: Ram, Break Away From It All, Beginnings, One Way Rag, Alan White Solo, and Cachaca (Baiao).


Pearl Jam 1995-03-17 Flinders Park Tennis Centre Melbourne, Australia(SV041-"FUTURES")

Pearl Jam
March 17, 1995
Flinders Park Tennis Centre: Melbourne, Australia

Source: "Rarified and Live" Australian promo cd > cdr1 > dEdit > flac

Digital Editing: Fred Evans
Artwork: Fabien Poinsard and Allen Robertson


01 Release
02 Last Exit
03 Spin the Black Circle
04 Tremor Christ
05 Corduroy
06 Not For You
07 Lukin
08 Animal
09 Glorified G
10 Daughter/(Stuff and Nonsense)
11 State of Love and Trust
12 Why Go
13 Jeremy

01 Whipping
02 Immortality
03 Rearviewmirror
04 Alive
05 Black
06 Blood
07 "NW"
08 Porch
09 Go
10 Even Flow
11 (I Got You)
12 Better Man
13 improv "Words Seem Out of Place"
14 Indifference
15 Rockin' In the Free World (!)


(!) drums played by Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)

Recording Notes: 
This show is complete and the best known source. The very end of "Jeremy" was cut/faded out on the
original promo cd; this was repaired by patching the last 30 seconds or so from the "Aussie Dynamos"
liberated bootleg.

Show Notes (thanks to Five Horizons):
This show was broadcast on the Australian radio station, JJJ. Ed remarks: "It's not just us tonight,
we're on the radio. I just thought I'd warn you, you know, if you, if you're s'posed to be at your
friend's house spending the night, you weren't allowed to come, don't get your voice on the radio, we
don't want you to get in trouble. Ah fuck it, get in trouble!" Later he says, "Fine bunch of mutants we
got here We're all mutants up here, too." 'Jeremy' and 'Even Flow' are both sporting a new intros. Ed
notes the full moon: "It's really too bad they couldn't open the roof in this place cuz there's a fuckin'
full moon out there that we're missing ... so if someone's out there listening to us in their car, stick
your head out the window.. at home, go to the windows. Things happen in a full moon, good things, bad
things, things happen." Ed gives his list of N.W. words/phrases. Reference is made to the poor security
the previous night ("... we got the guys from last night the fuck outta here"). Ed acknowledges his wife,
Beth: "She's back home, so it's not as if she's going to hear this on the radio, but it's me and Beth's
129 month anniversary today. And I'm going to sing the first line of this famous New Zealand song. This
is for her. 'I've got you, and that's all I want.' [sings a couple bars of the Split Enz, 'I Got You'].
That's for her. This one's for you." (leading to 'Better Man'). Dave Grohl joins PJ for 'RitFW.'

This is being distributed by in tandem with, and is part of a
series of the best Pearl Jam shows in existence.
If the artwork is not included, you can find it at

Compiled on another late night by spacedvest on 8/9/04.