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The Rolling Stones BBC Radio Sessions 1963-65

Between September/October of 1963 and August of 1965, the Rolling Stones recorded numerous radio sessions for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  Most of these sessions were recorded off the air at the time, and the BBC preserved some recordings themselves.  There have been numerous bootleg releases of this material over the years.  For an overview, see Chris M.'s great site:  http://www.rollingstonesnet.com/BBCStones.htm.  As Chris notes, all available songs were compiled by Invasion Unlimited on their "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" set.

I do not like the sound of the Invasion Unlimited release.  Every mono track, which means 47 out of 51, has been electronically reprocessed for fake stereo, and IU has smothered any hiss with heavy noise reduction.

This set is my remastering of the same songs, plus two short interviews omitted on "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb," without fake stereo or extreme noise reduction.  This is not a remaster of "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb."

Contrary to popular belief, "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" was not made from tapes.  It was mostly made from three bootlegs, all of which I have also used extensively:  1) The Swingin' Pig's "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.  Released legally in 1988 but later made illegal after the laws were changed, this CD is made entirely from 1985 BBC rebroadcasts.  Sound quality is excellent.  Some tracks were taken from BBC transcription discs (records) and had slight surface noise, which I have attempted to remove.  Mono tracks were also converted to true mono; on the CD the left and right channels were slightly different.  2) "Don't Lie to Me," a German bootleg LP released in 1985, made entirely of old tapes recorded off the air at the time.  3) "Crackin' Up," probably a German bootleg LP, released in 1986 and also made entirely of old tapes recorded off the air at the time.  I also used a few other sources as noted below.  Some of the records don't run at the correct pitch but I'm not enough of an expert to get them exactly right.  Where things sounded wrong, I limited pitch changes to a maximum of + or -3%.  For the LP/EP sources, I did everything I could to improve the sound (removing hiss, hum, re-EQ'ing) without harming the music.  I didn't have access to VGP's "The Lost Treasure," which might have better sources for its material.

CDs were ripped using Exact Audio Copy and/or CueTools to ensure accuracy.  LPs were transferred using a Music Hall turntable, Ortofon cartridge, Adcom preamp, and Cakewalk UA-1G A/D converter.  LP noise was removed with ClickRepair; all other editing and enhancements were performed using Adobe Audition.  Tracks were split using CD Wave, and tagged and converted to FLAC with foobar2000.

For several sessions, there are differences of opinion on line as to when the sessions were recorded or the song order.  See http://rocksoff.org/radio.htm and http://www.nzentgraf.de/books/tcw/works1.htm.  "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" has similar information but not exactly, so my song order is not quite the same either.  All tracks here are ordered by recording date not broadcast date; "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" uses them interchangeably.


Sep. 23 or Oct. 5, 1963; broadcast Oct. 26
1.01. Come On
1.02. Memphis, Tennessee
1.03. Roll Over Beethoven
All songs from "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.

Feb. 3, 1964; broadcast Feb. 8
1.04. Don't Lie to Me
1.05. You Better Move On
1.06. I Wanna Be Your Man
1.07. Mona (I Need You Baby)
1.08. Walking the Dog
1.09. Bye Bye Johnny
All songs from "Don't Lie to Me" LP.

March 8, 1964 (broadcast date, recorded Feb. 8-March 7 on UK tour)
1.10. Roll Over Beethoven from "Don't Lie to Me" LP.
1.11. Beautiful Delilah from "I Can't Judge the Music by Looking at the Cover" EP.  EP lists the wrong date; thanks to Chris M. for listing the correct date.

March 18, 1964, or October 8, 1964; major discrepancy on date and source here
1.12. Ain't That Loving You Baby
From "How Britain Got the Blues," remastered by Remasters Workshop.  This version is probably copied from "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb," which probably got it from the "Rape of the Vaults" LP, which I don't have.

March 19, 1964; broadcast May 9
1.13. Route 66 (live)
1.14. Cops and Robbers (live)
1.15. You Better Move On (live)
1.16. Mona (I Need You Baby) (live)
All songs from "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.  These songs are recorded in stereo but there were no stereo radios in 1964, so the BBC broadcast one channel over the radio and the other over TV.

April 10, 1964
1.17. Hi-Heel Sneakers (live)
1.18. Little By Little (live)
1.19. I Just Want To Make Love To You (live)
1.20. I'm Moving On (live)
All songs from "Got Live if You Want It" bootleg from trade CDR.  This was apparently made by VGP but no company is listed; perhaps they were nervous about releasing official material (not included here) and using official artwork.  Major improvement over "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" source.  I have toned down VGP's aggressive mastering so these songs better match the others.

April 13, 1964; broadcast April 18
1.21. I Just Want to Make Love to You
1.22. Walking the Dog
1.23. Not Fade Away
1.24. Beautiful Delilah
1.25. Hi-Heel Sneakers
1.26. Carol
Beautiful Delilah is from "Don't Lie to Me" LP.  Not Fade Away is from "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD. Remaining four are from "Crackin' Up" LP, slowed down 3%.  There is overlap between the LPs here; "Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb" chose to go with "Don't Lie to Me" wherever possible and I chose "Crackin' Up" wherever possible.  Each has its advantages.


May 25, 1964; broadcast June 6
2.01. Down In The Bottom
2.02. You Can Make It If You Try
2.03. Route 66
2.04. Confessin' The Blues
2.05. Down The Road Apiece
All songs from "Don't Lie to Me" LP.

July 17, 1964
2.06. It's All Over Now (live)
2.07. If You Need Me (live)
2.08. Confessin' the Blues (live)
2.09. Carol (live)
2.10. Mona (I Need You Baby) (live)
All songs from "Crackin' Up" LP.

July 17, 1964 (studio); broadcast July 23
2.11. Around and Around
2.12. If You Need Me
2.13. I Can't Be Satisfied
2.14. Crackin' Up
All songs from "Crackin' Up" LP.

Oct. 8, 1964; broadcast Oct. 31
2.15. 2120 South Michigan Avenue
From "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.

March 1, 1965; broadcast March 6
2.16. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
2.17. Down the Road Apiece
2.18. The Last Time
2.19. Interview with Mick Jagger & Brian Jones
All songs from "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.

Aug. 20, 1965; broadcast Aug. 30 and Sep. 18
2.20. Mercy, Mercy
2.21. Oh Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going)
2.22. Interview with Mick Jagger
2.23. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
2.24. The Spider and the Fly
2.25. Interview with Mick Jagger
2.26. Cry to Me
2.27. Fanny Mae
All songs from "Get Satisfaction... If You Want!" CD.

Includes cue sheets with CD Text for playing or burning.  First uploaded to Dime by watchit, March 2012.


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