Monday, May 29, 2017

Dire Straits 1980-11-15 Capitol Theatre, Passaic,NJ

Dire Straits - 1980-11-15 Capitol Theatre, Passaic,NJ,USA. -"LIONS in PASSAIC 1980"- An Enlight 2012 remaster (CR12-0912A). Great performance (samples included)

Dire Straits
Capitol Theatre,
Passaic,New Jersey,USA.
---An Enlight 2012 Remaster version---
source:audience (remaster)
format:2 cd's

CD 1(CR12-091A):
1. Once upon a time in the west
2. Expresso love
3. Down to the waterline
4. Lions
5. Single handed sailor
6. Skateaway
7. Romeo and Juliet
8. In the gallery

CD 2(CR12-092A):
1. News
2. Sultans of swing
3. Portobello belle
4. Angel of mercy
5. Tunnel of love
6. Wild west end
7. Where do you think you're going?
8. Solid rock

Enlight remaster details:

tape hiss removed
volume overclipping removed
Dynamics set for lower (Bass) frequencies bandwidth balance.
compressor limiter in "soft" mode
very slight soundcloner tech for tape recordings
carefully EQ changes
volume normailzed ( 95% back to peak not adaptive because of the limiter setting)

old Bpm:120
new BPM:118.020

It was a tough one to do, but i hope all this have at least a slighty positive impact on your listening experience.
title and created cover-art to avoid any mix up with the excisting source!
Enlight note:
Fairly good Enlight remastered sound .
Cool versions of Single handed sailor and In the gallery.
During the intro of "Tunnel of Love", Knopfler explains about the "spanich city" and mentions Bruce Springsteen's band, because this is the state (New Jersey) where the Boss comes from.
Very nice new arrangements.
Enjoy, relax and stay healthy
Take Care
Enlight (2012-09)


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