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Yes 1973-11-18 Hippodrome Theatre Bristol, UK

Here is another Relayerman offering that's fallen off the tracker. This  audience capture from the UK TFTO tour at Bristol on 11/18/73 is the earliest known recording of a Tales show and, again, notable for the inclusion of Heart of the Sunrise. Thanks to Relayerman for the original upload!

Hippodrome Theatre
Bristol, UK
November 18, 1973

Lineage: see below
Notes on Sound Quality: Audience Recording, the SQ is good.
Convert to lossy for personal use only
Artwork available at Remy's website (see below)
Please support the artist-purchase official recordings, attend performances regularly, and visit the website(s): (Great site, thanks Remy!)

Original notes:

Here is the earliest known recording of a Yes Tales show. I got the tapes in a trade about 10 years ago. Don't know the lineage, but probably a generation or two at least. The tapes needed work and so I applied a ton of stuff to get this one right. First pitch correction, then some EQ for highs and lows, remove a nasty 100mhz hum, remove some hollowness, add audio compression for bass, add audio compression for voice, clean up some clapping and clicks, remove some low frequency on the acoustic guitar, and finally some noise reduction in the real quiet spots to remove some hiss. This is a real listenable show. Too bad its not complete; and the taper turned off the recorder between songs (sigh). The performance by the band is good, but you can hear some problems with timing in a few spots (see sample) and Rick is feeling his way around different keyboards on some things which were later refined for the US tour.

Hippodrome Theatre
Bristol, UK
November 18, 1973

lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White

Disc 1
1. The Revealing
2. The Remembering

Disc 2
1. The Ancient
2. Ritual
3. Heart Of The Sunrise
4. Roundabout



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