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The Cure 1987-03-17 Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium Argentina

The Cure Live In Argentina march, 17 1987

Venue : Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium, yep the infamously riot show :)

Audio: Transferred from cd bootleg Shake Dog Shake to Flac.

680 kbps 44 hz 16 Bits original bootleg was an audience recording.

The Cure played in Argentina in 1987 on march 17 and 18 in Ferro Stadium, the stadium its blocks from where i live, its now closed for concerts because of the noise for the buildings around.
well i was 9 years at that time, but... my cousin was a fan, she went those 2 days and only remember somo disturbs outside the venue due to people wanting to enter the stadium withouth tickets.
Cure was a very popular band in the eighties here, it was a trendy band lets say and were on heavy rotation on the first popular radio programming anglo rock after dictatorship. some people went to cause disturbs on shows , democracy was very young, but there were only a few unadapteteds, due to this sadly events Smith refused to play again in Argentina although he is asked every year by local companies who offered them whatever they want.
I have time these days so transferred this concert from the original bootleg cd. you can hear in some parts Smith bitchin about people lighting a fire in the field, throwing stuff etc. thankfully those days of riot shows finished, that was other times. In my teens, in early 90´s, going to a concert was like you dont know what was going to happen actually, there were a lot of police around the venues with cars and bus to take people to the next police station just based on their faces or aspects. now they are so many brands and sponsers for every concert that an scenario like that will be imposible, and times changed also :) 

Before some controversy about setlist, i know theres a shorter version of  this show, i dont know if original bootlegers mixed songs from the two dates.

Sound wasnt good, theres an argentinian ( when if not ) version about the band doing an experiment with sound, so the sound was terrible, absolut not, i saw many bands in that stadium like love and rockets, nick cave, only david bowie had a great sound in that stadium withouth any acoustic, well was david bowie enough said :)
Another one for the mythological history : killing of dogs, actually police entered with dogs into the stadium you cant do that if someone is throwing stuff that will hit the dog sadly not the police, so you dont know what happened there, dont know anybody who has seen an animal killing inside.


Relax - Introduction
Shake Dog Shake
Piggy In The Mirror
Play For Today
A Strange Day
Kyoto Song
Charlotte Sometimes
In Between Days
The Walk
A Night Like This
One Hundred Years
A Forest
Close To Me
Let's Go To Bed
Encore 2:
Six Different Ways
Three Imaginary Boys
Boys Don't Cry
Encore 3:
Give Me It
10:15 Saturday Night
Killing An Arab

Enjoy and share, dont sell this shitties support the band and go to thier concert and buy merchandise intead of bootlegs.

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