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The Who 1979-09-11 Capitol Theatre Passaic, NJ

Artist: The Who
Date: 1979-09-11
Location: Passaic, NJ
Venue: Capitol Theatre
Source: Audience
Lineage: Master Cassette>Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback deck>Wavelab 96/24 2ch mono>Sox 44.1/16 2ch mono>flac
Taping Gear: Teac M-100>Sony TCM-600(mono)
Taped and transferred by JEMS

Band Members:
Roger Daltrey - vocals, harmonica 
Pete Townshend - guitar, vocals
John Entwistle - bass, vocals
Kenney Jones - drums
John Bundrick - keyboards, piano
Plus a 3 piece horn section of Howie, Reg and Dave

01. Intro
02. Substitute 
03. Can't Explain 
04. Baba O'Riley 
05. The Punk And The Godfather 
06. Boris The Spider
07. Sister Disco 
08. Behind Blue Eyes 
09. Music Must Change 
10. Drowned 
11. Who Are You
12. 5:15 
13. Pinball Wizard ->
14. See Me Feel Me
15. Long Live Rock
16. My Generation ->
17. Relay/You've Got Rock and Roll ->
18. Blue Black White ->
19. Magic Bus ->
20. Won't Get Fooled Again 
21. Audience
22. Trick Of The Light
23. Summertime Blues ->
24. Roadrunner
25. Jam ->
26. Pictures Of Lily ->
27. Alright Now ->
28. Big Boss Man

Length: 129:26

The second night of seven NJ/NYC shows carries over the same energy as the first night's show. Like most Who shows, "My Generation" is the jumping-off point for some great jamming. This show features Roger doing a little bit of "Relay" leading into Pete's "You've Got Rock and Roll" which will appear later in the week as well at MSG. This is followed by "Blue Black White" which in one form or another is played at all the NJ/NY shows.

We long believed Pete recorded demos of some of the improvisations done on this tour: "Blue Black White" (and later Red), "I'm London (from the first night in Passaic, not to be confused "London Blues"), "That's Rock and Roll" (this night played as "You've Got Rock and Roll"), "I Am An Animal" and 'Cat's In The Cupboard'(the latter two would appear on Pete's solo masterpiece Empty Glass). Later in the year they would add "How Can You Do It Alone" and "Dance It Away" (later recorded by the Who and Pete respectively).  

It is amusing to note that the band seems to know Free's "Alright Now" better than its own "Pictures Of Lily!"  If only they'd been using Teleprompters then. They close the show with a great "Big Boss Man" which appears at this show in it's entirety for the first time.

Tapeboy and Butterking for JEMS


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