Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#SAB 119 Ultra Violet

 Ultra Violet

1 CD
Label : Sabotage Records
Catalogue : #SAB 119
Disc Length : 66:09
Source : Various (Studio)
Sound Quality : EX- / EX+
Year Of Release :


1. Cybersingle   2. The One (Remix)   3. Come On (Remix)   4. Sign O' The Times (Extended Mix)   5. Livin' 2 Die (Our Lives)   6. Feel Good To Ya [The Lewis Connection]   7. Got To Be Something Here [The Lewis Connection w/ Prince]   8. Y Should Eye Do That When Eye Can Do This? - Madrid 2 Chicago - If I Had A Harem - Splash   9. U're Still The One

Ingrid Chavez Outtakes

10. In The Hearts Of Friends   11. Jumping Into Each Other   12. Voices In Prayer   13. Tightrope   14. Barefoot Babes   15. My Blue Heaven


16. Heaven Is Keeping Score


A rather strange release of pretty poor quality tracks, readily available tracks, official releases and a whole lot of filler material. I won't go through them track by track as I really detest this release THAT much. Both 'The One (Remix)' and 'Come On (Remix)' have been officially released and their inclusion here is slightly baffling. The quality of 'Livin' 2 Die' is pretty awful, and rather muddy. The Lewis Connection (with Prince supplying backing vocals) are a nice, rare inclusion, however Prince only appears on 'Got To Be Something Here', so I'm confused as to why Sabotage have included 'Feel Good To Ya' as it features zero input from Prince. The same can be said for the monotonous Ingrid Chavez tracks and their pointless inclusion only adds to an already poor release. The mid section of tracks (Y Should Eye Do That / Madrid / If I Had / Splash) have been taken from the original NPGMC internet release, and as such are merely brief snippets of the actual song lasting barely 1 minute each. Undoubtedly one of the worst releases from Sabotage.


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