Monday, June 5, 2017

The Cure 1989-09-15 Starplex Amphitheater Dallas, TX

 "Cured in Texas #1" The Cure-Starplex Amphitheater-Dallas, TX-September 15, 1989-Master Tape-Excellent-Quality Show from The Disintegration Tour

This one is for Waxy, in appreciation of all the Cure shows that he posts here. Here is The Cure cooking in Dallas from my favorite Cure tour, in support of the superb Disintegration album (also my favorite Cure album). This a wonderful audience recording, from right in front of the stacks, and it comes to us courtesy of BF. The band was in top form during their Texas sojourn and are definitely "in the groove." I believe the Texas shows from 1989 to be among the finest-quality audience recordings and performances of the Disintegration Tour. These are also nice, long concerts! Song samples are provided. Another version of this show was previously posted here at the beginning of the year, but was a hissy, higher gen copy. This one is a pristine upgrade, direct from the master. Enjoy!

Master metal cassettes>cd-r>Bias Peak Pro 5.2.1>Xact>flac

Disc One: (75:46)
01 Plainsong
02 Pictures of You
03 Closedown
04 Piggy in the Mirror
05 A Night Like This
06 Just Like Heaven
07 Last Dance
08 Fascination Street
09 Lovesong/Perfect Girl
10 The Walk
11 A Forest
12 In Between Days
13 Same Deep Water As You
Disc Two: (71:47)
14 Prayers For Rain
15 Disintegration
16 Lullaby
17 Close to Me
18 Let's Go To Bed
19 Why Can't I Be You?
20 Homesick
21 Untitled
22 A Strange Day
23 Hot, Hot, Hot
24 Three Imaginary Boys
25 Boys Don't Cry
26 10.15 Saturday Night
27 Killing an Arab

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