Monday, June 19, 2017

U2 2017-06-16 Cardinal Stadium Louisville, KY

2017.06.16, Cardinal Stadium
Louisville, Kentucky

Zoom H1 - AT831 Cardoid Mics WAV 24/48 - Tracksplitting & Fading w/ Audacity - FLAC.

Recording # 294

So, a disclaimer from someone who has never given much thought to ever seeing U2 or listening to any of their records. 
1) I have never heard a  U2 record in it's entirety (before this show) other than Joshua Tree (and that was in preparation for this show)
2) I have never taped a show in a stadium (from U2's "red zone" no less) and
3) after seeing them live, I can finally understand why this band is so loved, be it being overwhelmed w/ Bono's positivity, The Edge's guitar textures, Clayton's smooth bass, or Mullen's subtle and under appreciated drumming.\
If you want a show recorded from a bar by Bolt Thrower, Converge, or Neurosis, I am your guy.  I love recording raw, loud, visceral. melt-your-fucking face metal.  Undoubtedly, those show are easier to record, because you can plant yourself in front of the speaker at 10 feet and let the capture do the work for you.  It is so loud that any fan screaming is usually drowned out by the sheer volume of the sound.  This was a lot harder to judge. \
Anyway, my friend from work loves U2.  Like,
I loves
U2.  He had a friend who was able to get tickets in the "red zone" and since we had always wanted to see a concert together I went (not knowing just how fucking long the lines were to park and to leave afterwards).  So, anyway, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed by being at the center of this huge stadium 20 feet from the "B" stage. Because of the generosity of my friend (Thanks Tony!) and his friend (Thanks Steve!), I thought the least I could do was record the show to show my gratitude for the chance to see a legendary band that close.
About the recording.  I have only heard some samples from this tour and there are couple things I'd like to mention before you download. 
1)  It doesn't sound distant.  It sounds like you are really close to the band.
2)  Some of Bono's vocals are a little hot.  I give this up to setting the recording level higher than I would in a bar, club, arena, or amphitheater, due to the distance I was from the speakers and my lack of experience with stadium sound.
3)   The bass, guitar, and drums are nice and clear.
4)  There is notable audience chatter between songs and during quieter songs. (Why can't people stop talking during quiet parts and just appreciate the band?!)5)  People do sing around me on some parts.  I don't know if that is just from being surrounded by hardcore fans or if this a universal phenomenon for U2.  Happens about 5% of the listening time.

So, anyway,  I would recommend it.  A- recording most of the time with the 5 above caveats.  (Not including the first song, where everyone is loud as fuck).  But once again that is subjective.  If you aren't happy with it after you download, please be tactful with your criticism.  I am not posting mp3 snippets.

One last thing.  I know this sounds cheesy but I want to thank all the hardcore U2 fans who are responsible for this band's longevity.  They wouldn't have been touring 38-39 years later for me to witness them for the first time without you.

01 Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:31)
02  New Year's Day (5:46)
03  Bad (8:32)
04  Pride (in the name of love) (5:02)

Joshua Tree

05  Where The Streets Have No Name (6:49)
06  I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For (4:08)
07  With Or Without You (5:16)
08  Bullet The Blue Sky (5:31)
09  Running To Stand Still (4:51)
10  Red Hill Mining Town (4:50)
11  In God's Country (4:03)
12  Trip Through Your Wires (6:36)
13  One Tree Hill (5:26)
14  Exit (5:23)
15  Mothers Of The Disappeared (4:48)
16 - (2:34)
17  Miss Sarajevo (6:07)
18  Ultraviolet (light my way) (7:06)
19  One (7:03)
20  Beautiful Day (6:36)
21  Elevation (3:31)
22  Vertigo (4:31)


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