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Led Zeppelin 1980-06-18 Sportshalle Cologne, Germany

Brussels, BelgiumLed Zeppelin - Cologne 1980 - Flagge (1980 - 3,4)

Band: Led Zeppelin
Date: June 18, 1980
Venue: Sportshalle
City: Cologne (Koln), Germany
Source: Soundboard
Lineage: ?? > CDR > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLACfrontend (level 7)
Artwork: none
Disk One:
1. Train Kept A-Rollin'
2. Nobody's Fault But Mine
3. Black Dog
4. In The Evening
5. The Rain Song (fades out)
6. Hot Dog
7. All My Love
8. Trampled Under Foot
9. Since I've Been Loving You

Disk Two:
1. Achilles Last Stand (middle is cut)
2. White Summer / Black Mountain Side
3. Kashmir
4. Stairway To Heaven (fades out)
5. Rock And Roll
6. Communication Breakdown
FLAC Fingerprints:
Disk One
Disk Two
From Bootledz:
Close Shave Parts 1&2 (Flying Disc), Cologne 1980 (TDOLZ & Flagge), & Pure Nostalgia (Neptune)
Flying Disc runs fast. Neptune has poor sound and may run a hair slow.
TDOLZ runs at the proper speed, has better sound than Neptune and Flying Disc, but uses the audience tape to fill in the missing parts from the soundboard on Rain and Stairway. The audience tape is also used for half a minute after Stairway, where the soundboard is available.
Flagge's title is evidently from a lower generation tape than the others. It's sound is much clearer and louder.
Flying Disc, Neptune, and Flagge contain only the soundboard, which isn't the complete show.

From Underground Uprising:
Packaging is a paper sleeve gatefold with photos from the 1980 European tour. The individual paper sleeves are printed with the Tarantura "Abracadabra" logo and the discs carry over the previous Tarantura 1980 set format. This set is interesting in that you get to hear three or so minutes of tape before the band start playing. The source tape is an excellent sound board with everyone well balanced in the mix and almost no tape hiss. Plant has the audience answering the "Ahh-Ahh"s during Black Dog, and surprisingly, they are well heard on the board tape. Jimmy is in fine shape tonight - the solo in In The Evening is superb. There's the slightest amount of distortion during the "heavy" section of The Rain Song. The tape fades out at the end of The Rain Song and cut into Robert's commentary afterwards. For the Hot Dog fans, this set includes a very good version - not that I can immediately recall a "bad" version. The thing that strikes me is how fast paced tonight's show is. Jonesy's keyboards are slightly high in the mix and at times drown out Jimmy. Another thing I notice as I sit and listen to this show is how much Jimmy is using distortion, wah-wah, and electronic camouflage in the '80 shows. Jimmy is well out of tune for Since I've Been Loving You. Afterwards, the Germans can be heard yelling "ROCK AND ROLL, ROCK AND ROLL" with Plant hushing them with 'SOON! SOON!". This is a big change from a decade ago in Germany - the audiences there used to be quiet throughout the show - times have definitely changed in Deutschland. Achilles Last Stand is total chaos - even more so than normal. There sounds like a small gap in the tape at the start. Jimmy takes the trip to sandy lands and forgets about other days and gets lost. There's some balance issues and a more noticeable cut in Achilles during the solo before the "The mighty arms of Atlas" section. White Summer should have been put out to pasture long ago. Jimmy struggles quite a bit here. Kashmir has Jonesy taking over control of the song with the synthesizers and less input from Jimmy's guitar. The boys get lost slightly in Kashmir (surprised?), but the music is seamless, and it's Robert that stumbles. I'm not sure who's at fault this time. There is a slight tad of static/distortion at the end of Rock And Roll. A very rushed Communication Breakdown wraps ip the show. Fans of the '80 tour will want to grab this set. The casual collector might want to consider it as well, as it does have excellent audio and a (in 1980 terms) great performance with only a few mishaps and some good (early on) guitar work. (Steve Prendergast Sept 2002)

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