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Led Zeppelin 1972-10-09 Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan

Led Zeppelin - " My Brain Hurts!"
October, 9th, 1972, Osaka, Japan, Festival Hall
Audience Recording
Lineage: Trader CD-R > EAC, Secure Mode, Accurate Stream, No Disable Cache > WAV > Flac Frontend, Encoding Options,
Level.6, Align On Sector Boundaries > Flac
Label: Tarantura 2000
Original Taper: N/A

Disc One:
1) Rock And Roll ( Cuts In Slightly)
2) Black Dog
3) Over The Hills And Far Away
4) Misty Mountain Hop
5) Since I've Been Loving You
6) Dancing Days
7) The Song Remains The Same/The Campaign
8) The Rain Song
9) Dazed And Confused ( Cuts In Slightly, Includes: " San Francisco" ( Tease), and " The Crunge")

Disc Two:
1) Introduction
2) Stairway To Heaven
3) Moby Dick
4) Whole Lotta Love ( Medley)
                      - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
                      - We Say Yeah
                      - Leave My Woman Alone
                      - All Shook Up
                      - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
                      - Heartbreak Hotel
                      - Natuarally
                      - Won't You Wear My Ring Around Your Neck?
                      - Going Down Slow
                      - The Shape I'm In
5) Stand By Me
6) Immigrant Song


Led Zeppelin 1972-10-05 Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan

Led Zeppelin Cherry Blossom
Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Nagoya
Tarantura  1995 Audience recording
Lineage: Silvers>EAC Secure Mode>TLH Flac level 8 tested files + MD5 Checksum, EAC logfiles & artwork included

01. Rock And Roll
02. Black Dog
03. Misty Mountain Hop
04. Since I've Been Loving You
05. Dancing Days
06. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
07. The Overture-The Song Remains The Same
08. The Rain Song

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Cherry Blossom
05. Thank You


Mary Chapin Carpenter 2001-06-10 Fairfield Halls Croydon, London, UK

Mary Chapin Carpenter
Fairfield Halls
Croydon, London, UK
10th June 2001

Recorded by Soledriver
I'll try to get the Shawn Colvin support set mastered and upped asap.

Lineage Sonic Studios DSM mics > Sony D7 DAT machine...
Tascam DA-20 Mk 2 DAT machine > HHb burnit CDr EQ
CDr > EAC > Traders Little Helper > Flac8 sector aligned

Disc 1:

01 - In The Name Of Love
02 - Simple Life
03 - Swept Away
04 - Passionate Kisses
05 - The Hard Way
06 - Someone Else's Prayer
07 - Stones In The Road
08 - Band Introductions
09 - Whenever You're Ready
10 - I Take My Chances
11 - The Dreaming Road

Disc 2:

01 - This Shirt
02 - The Long Way Home
03 - Late For Your Life
04 - He Thinks He'll Keep Her
05 - One Cool Remove *
06 - That Way *
07 - I'll Be Back *
08 - That's The Way Love Goes *
09 - I Feel Lucky
10 - Dark Eyes

Band line-up:
Mary Chapin Carpenter...Vocals/ Guitar
John Jennings...Bass/ Vocals
Duke Levine...Guitars
Jon Carroll...Keyboards/ Vocals
Dave Mattacks...Drums
Kevin Berry...Guitars
Shawn Colvin...Duet vocals on *


Sam Bush & Del McCoury 2013-02-23 Stockbridge Theater Derry, NH

Sam Bush & Del McCoury
Sat. February 23, 2013
Stockbridge Theater
Derry, NH

source: akg 481 > Lunatec V2 > Edirol R-44 > WAV (24/96k)
transfer: wav > Audacity > wav (16/44.1k) > xACT > flac8

tape/transfer - corey the groundhog (china_c_a_tATyahooDOTcom)

one set (110:06)
01. Heavy Traffic Ahead
02. Ole Slew Foot
03. banter
04. Hang Your Head in Shame
05. It's a Long Long Way to The Top of The World
06. True Life Blues
07. banter
08. I Know What it Means to Be Lonesome
09. banter
10. The Bluegrass Stomp
11. banter
12. The Bluest Man In Town
13. banter
14. Midnight On the Stormy Deep
15. banter
16. I'm Blue
17. banter
18. Roll On Buddy Roll On
19. banter
20. Majestic
21. Tennessee Blues
22. banter
23. High On The Mountain
24. banter
25. Pride (In the Name of Love)
26. Q and A/banter
27. unknown instrumental *
28. banter
29. 'Cept Old Bill
30. encore intro
31. My Last Days on Earth
32. Old Crossroads
33. banter
34. Nine Pound Hammer

Del McCoury - Guitar, Banjo* & Vocals
Sam Bush - Mandolin, Fiddle & Vocals


Bruce Springsteen 2002-10-20 Velodrom Berlin,GER

Bruce Springsteen - Berlin Night (Crystal Cat 670-71)

Berlin Velodrom, 20th October 2002

Silver discs - dBpoweramp accurate rip - flac level 6

Disc 1
01 intro
02 The rising
03 Lonesome day
04 The ties that bind
05 Atlantic City
06 Empty sky
07 You're missing
08 Waitin' on a sunny day
09 No surrender
10 Two hearts
11 Worlds apart
12 Badlands
13 She's the one
14 Night
15 Mary's place

Disc 2
01 Countin' on a miracle
02 The promise
03 Incident on 57th street
04 Into the fire
05 Dancing in the dark
06 Ramrod
07 Born to run
08 My city of ruins
09 Born in the USA
10 Land of hope and dreams
11 Thunder road
12 outro

Artwork included


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Led Zeppelin 1972-10-04 Festival Hall,Osaka,Japan

Led Zeppelin Dancing Geisha
Festival Hall, Osaka
Tarantura  1995 / Audience recording
Lineage: Silvers>EAC Secure Mode>TLH Flac level 8 tested files + MD5 Checksum,
EAC logfiles & artwork included

01. Rock And Roll
02. Black Dog
03. Over The Hills And Far Away
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I've Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song

01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Heartbreaker
05. Immigrant Song


Led Zeppelin 1972-10-03 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Led Zeppelin
Tokyo, Japan
October 3rd 1972

'No Use Greco' (Tarantura2000 TCD-65-1,2,3)

Lineage :
Audience > Silvers > EAC > FLAC

Disc 1:
Introduction by Goro Itoi
Rock And Roll
Black Dog
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Dancing Days, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song

Disc 2: 
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven

Disc 3:
Whole Lotta Love
Immigrant Song
The Ocean
Apology by Goro


Led Zeppelin 1972-10-02 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Led Zeppelin
Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 02, 1972

Led Zeppelin Is My Brother - Empress Valley EVSD 319/320

Original Silvers>EAC>WAV>Flac(8)

Set list:-
CD1 (75.11): Introduction by Goro Itoi, Rock and Roll, Over The Hills And Far Away, Black Dog,
             Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, Dancing Days, Bron-yr-Aur Stomp,
             The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song.
CD2 (52.22): Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, Hole Lotta Love (includes Everybody Needs
             Somebody to Love, Boogie Woogie, My Baby Left Me, Killing Floor, I Can't Quit You),
             Heartbreaker, Immigrant Song, Communication Breakdown.

The first release by Empress Valley for a Japan 1972 Tour concert. They have used the really
excellent stereo audience recording, on reel to reel tapes, that was originally released by
the Patriot label many years ago as the 2CD Budokan Oct 2, 1972. Subsequently released by
Tarantura as No Use Greco, and also by other labels. Described by Patriot as: "Complete show
from true open-reel master. No cut and final sound quality". The sound was excellent, and
untampered with. Empress Valley have done a very good job remastering the original reel to
reel tapes (illustrated on the back of the most attractive glossy colour slipcase), and have
filled the very few gaps in the main source with another audience recording from this concert.
If you want a sound closer to the master then the Patriot release will be to your liking, but if
you like a more powerful and punchy sound then this release will be right up your street. There
are useful liner notes from Aquarius 11, and a facsimile of the original concert ticket, both
front and back, a nice touch. This release is very well packaged and presented, which adds up
to a most desirable release for this concert. A pity they screwed up the track listings for each
CD on the back cover, Dazed And Confused is on disc 1, not 2. The Japan 1972 Tour concerts are
often regarded disparagingly by armchair critics and pundits, but yet again the lucky Japanese
audiences were treated to a complete change of set list, and brand new songs being premiered.
The playing was generally of a very high standard, and the concerts were not burdened with
overindulgent solos. So full marks to Empress Valley for a great sound and really nice packaging.


The Police 1982-01-19 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale,NY

The Police
Tuesday, January 19, 1982
Uniondale, New York

01. Voices Inside My Head
02. Message In A Bottle
03. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
04. Spirits In the Material World
05. Hungry For You
06. When The World Is Running Down
07. The Bed's Too Big Without You
08. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
09. Demolition Man
10. Shadows In the Rain
11. Walking On the Moon
12. Bring On the Night
13. One World (Not Three)
14. Invisible Sun
15. Roxanne
16. Don't Stand So Close To Me
17. Can't Stand Losin' You/Reggatta De Blanc/Be My Girl

We are quite lucky this was taped. It's a high energy show with great sound, and the band even tries new things. Just listen to The Bed's Too Big Without You and One World to see what I am talking about. The only thing stopping this from an even higher grade is that So Lonely is missing. Most people don't seem to have the whole show, but some trade lists I have run across indicate that it might all be out there. This is definitely a Ghost show you don't want to pass up.


The Police 1982-03-22 Frank Erwin Center Austin,TX

The Police
Austin, TX
Frank Erwin Center
22 Mar 1982

Sometimes mislabeled as "Special Events Center".

Time:    20:00
Support act:

Length:    90'
Source: Mono Audience
Quality: 8
Origin:    Matteo Foa'

Lineage: Audience>?>1x C90 cassette(?)
Conversion: Cass(?)>Nakamichi Dragon>CD-RW700>coax>M-Audio FireWire 410>coolpro>cdwav>FLAC (level 8 w/ verify)
    The CD-RW700 is used only for the A/D conversion and is a pass-through.
    There is no DAE in the lineage/conversion
Conversion by: Carlo Bolchini 1/May/2005
Size:    901 MB
Compressed: 585 MB

Disc 1 (tape side A) 43:51:
01) Voices inside my head [fades in]
02) Message in a bottle
03) Don't stand so close to me
04) Spirits in the material world
05) Hungry for you (Jaurais toujour fam de toi)
06) When the world is running down ....
07) The bed's too big without you
08) De do do do de da da da
09) Demolition man
10) Shadows in the rain

Disc 2 (tape side B) 45:26:
01) Walking on the moon [fades in]
02) Bring on the night
03) One world (not three)
04) Invisible sun
05) Roxanne
06) Don't stand so close to me
07) Can't stand losing you / Reggatta de blanc / Be my girl
08) So lonely [cut]


Nice average recording, with average hiss from a very old tape.
There is some flanging effect on side B of the tape (disc 2),
possibly due to the tape age.


Stewart and Sting aren't too much synchronized at the start of Can't stand..


The Police 1981-02-02 Tokyo,Japan

The Police - Fall Out
Feb. 2, 1981
Liberated Bootleg -Party Line "Label". Japanese?

1. Don't Stand So Close To Me
2. Walking On The Moon
3. Deathwish
4. Fall Out
5. Man In A Suitcase
6. Bring On The Night
7. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
8. Truth Hits Everybody
9. When the World Is Running Down...
10. Bed's Too Big Without You
11. Driven To Tears
12. Message In A Bottle
13. Roxanne
14. Can't Stand Losing You
15. So Lonely

I've been told this rare Party Line boot is the best sounding version of the Feb 2, 1981 broadcast.
I for one think it is.

Sound Quality A/A+


Original Party Line Silverdisc -> EAC v.095beta3 -> FLAC 1.7.1 Level 5

Artwork Included


The Police 1980-04-28 Newcastle, City Hall Newcastle,England

Newcastle, City Hall
April 28, 1980

Late Show - BBC 'In Concert' broadcast May 5, 1980

01.Kid Jensen Intro / Next To You
02.So Lonely
03.Walking On The Moon
04.Hole In My Life
06.Truth Hits Everybody
07.Bring On The Night
08.Driven To Tears
09.The Bed's Too Big Without You
10.Message In A Bottle
12.Can't Stand Losing You / Day-O (Banana Boat Song)
14.Born In The 50's
15.Fall Out / Next To You (closing)

TT 76:11

Lineage: BBC Radio 2 broadcast > n generation copy > Aiwa Tape Deck TC-WE475 > Audiophile 2496 > HD > SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave >
FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Sting - bass, vocals
Stewart Copeland - drums
Andy Summers - guitars

A perfect way to finish off before heading to vacations! Some vintage Police from a BBC broadcast. This isn't pristine FM but it
is enjoyable. This is the last show of the 1979/1980 world tour, and a sort of home comeback for Sting. BBC broadcasted this show
a bit less than a week after the gig took place. The band played two shows (hence the short duration of each single gig) and this
is the late show.


The Replacements 1983-07-17 Toad's Place New Haven, CT

The Replacements
Toad's Place
New Haven, CT
July 17, 1983

I'm in Trouble
You Lose
Color Me Impressed
Johnny's Gonna Die
God damn Job
Take Me Down to the Hospital
Favorite Thing
Fuck School
Mr. Whirly
I Will Dare
Kids Don't Follow

CD-R from trade(unknown generation) ->Exact Audio Copy -> TLH (flac)


Bela Fleck and The Flecktones 1998-10-29 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

Tower Theater
Upper Darby, PA

source: FOB Schoeps MK41s > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 > D8 @ 44.1kHz
transfer: D > Panasonic SV-3800 > S/PDIF > Audiophile 2496 > CDWAV > FLAC(v1.7.1;Level 8;Verify;Align on SBs)

Opening for Alison Krauss & Union Station

01. Stomping Grounds
02. Band Intros > Let Me Be The One
03. Big Country
04. Futch Solo
05. My Life
06. Terestra
07. Communication
08. Bela Solo
09. -crowd-
10. Within Without You > Shanti


Bela Fleck and The Flecktones 1998-05-28 TCC Music Hall Tucson, AZ

Bela Fleck and The Flecktones -
TCC Music Hall
Tucson, AZ

Source: Nakamichi CM100 w/ CP-1's > Custom Mic Pre/Mixer > D8 > DAT > CDR
Lineage: CDR(m) > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC [7]
Taped by: Jim Blackwood
Transfered by: Jim Blackwood

Set I
1: Intro
2: Throwdown at the Hoedown
3: Odditty
4: My Life
5: Cheeseballs
6: Vic
7: Let Me be the One

Set II
8: Futch
9: Big Country
10: Almost 12

Disk 2
1: Commonality
2: Communication
3: Béla
4: Within Without You
5: Shanti
6: Stomping Grounds


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*Yes 2011-03-29 Zeiterion Performing Arts Center New Bedford, MA

Zeiterion Performing Arts Center
New Bedford, MA

Disc One
 1. Excerpt from "The Rite Of Spring"
 2. Parallels
 3. Tempus Fugit
 4. Yours Is No Disgrace
 5. Soon
 6. Close To The Edge
 7. Steve Howe Solo: To Be Over
 8. I've Seen All Good People

Disc Two
 1. Machine Messiah
 2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
 3. Long Distance Runaround
 4. Whitefish
 5. Starship Trooper
 6. Roundabout

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 > Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > FLAC

Recorded by: Relayer35


Bruce Springsteen 1981-04-21 Palau D'Esportes De Montjuic Barcelona,Spain

Bruce Springsteen 1981--04-21
Palau D'Esportes De Montjuic Barcelona,Spain


SOURCE:ANALOG AUDIO TAPES SONY CHF 120 + MAXELL UL 60>aiwa wx 220>wav>audacity>flac         


This is a new recording of one of the most interesting shows of Bruce Springsteen .This recording has never been shown before.I found this one
after many years looking for a different version of the one who many people have. The show was recorded by a friend who missed the last two songs.The quality
is not better than the one that we already have, but is a new and interesting document.Hope that many of the Springsteen collectors like this new version.
I also included some pics of the ticket, original street poster and from the original tapes.Both tapes were kept in and old box for many years and haven't been played since
now.I tried to do the best acurate transfer.Hope you enjoy this new show.






Led Zeppelin 1972-06-19 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Wa

Led Zeppelin
Seattle Coliseum Center
Seattle, WA
19th June 1972
'Dancing again' EVSD 2006

Disc 1:
Immigrant song
Black Dog
The Ocean
Since ive been loving you
Stairway to heaven
Going to California
Black country woman
That's the way

Disc 2:
Dazed and confused
What is and what should never be
Dancing days
Moby Dick

Disc 3:
Whole lotta love - medley includes Boogie woogie, lets have a party, hello mary loo)
Rock and Roll
Organ solo - includes Thank you
Over the hills and far away
Dancing days (reprise)

Audience recording
SILVERS > EAC(test and copy) > WAV > FLAC (dbpoweramp FLAC medium compression)


Warren Zevon 1994-08-26 The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ

Warren Zevon  (with "Dr. Babyhead" on board)

at The Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ
August 26, 1994

lineage specs
SBD > Technics SVMD1 @ 48kHz > (spdif) > RME HDSP9652 > Sonar 8.31 > 48kHz files > r8brainPro > 44.1 kHz files > flac 1.2.1

This is a Tepper archive item, important to post here for Warren's energy, and the good sound quality, as this was picked up by Manhattan's premiere progressive rock radio station of the day, WNEW-FM, which was broadcasting The Band.
Yes, Warren opening for the Band, and modestly remarking on it:
"This is not my first Saturday night in Asbury Park, but I'm very happy to be here, and I can tell you, for me, it's a real honor to open for The Band here tonight. So I'm gonna bore you with a few tunes before they come out hereÉ"

d1t01 (intro) (1:32)
d1t02 Splendid Isolation (7:41)
d1t03 Lawyers, Guns and Money (4:14)
d1t04 (pause) (0:41)
d1t05 Hurry On Home (7:43)
d1t06 Thompson Gunner (5:46)
d1t07 Junk Bond King (3:29)
d1t08 Excitable Boy (4:14)
d1t09 Werewolves Of London (4:36)
d1t10 (pause) (0:19)
d1t11 Poor Poor Pitiful Me (7:08)


The Police 1978-10-31 Phase III Pittsburgh PA

The Police
Phase III
Pittsburgh PA
October 31, 1978

cassette master>cassette>DAT

Fostex D5>aes/ebu out>coax in>HHB CDR 830
CD>Plextor>EAC>WAV>FLAC (flac frontend, level 8, sector align)

01. truth hits everybody
02. can't stand losing you
03. so lonely
04. fallout
05. hole in my life
06. roxanne (cut)


The Cars 2011-05-10 Showbox Sodo Seattle WA

The Cars
Showbox Sodo
Seattle WA
May 10, 2011

01 - Good Times Roll
02 - Blue Tip
03 - Since You're Gone
04 - Up and Down
05 - My Best Friend's Girl
06 - Hits Me
07 - Touch and Go
08 - I'm In Touch With Your World
09 - Keep On Knocking
10 - You Might Think
11 - Drag On Forever
12 - Free
13 - I'm Not The One
14 - Heartbeat City
15 - Let's Go
16 - Moving In Stereo
17 - Moving In Stereo (take 2)
18 - (crowd noise)
19 - Sad Song
20 - Just What I Needed

Ric Ocasek
Elliot Easton
Greg Hawkes
David Robinson


Core Sound binaurals > Battery Box w/Bass Rolloff > iRiver iHP-120 (Rockbox firmware)


iRiver > USB > T-RackS 24 (EQ, compression, volume boost) > CD Wave (tracking) > > Cool Edit Pro 1.2a (fades) > Traders Little Helper > Flac level 8

A festive crowd on a Tuesday night for the Cars' first performance in 24 years! The sound at Showbox Sodo is always a bit poor, but the show sounded decent. There's a noticeable change in overall volume with the start of My Best Friends Girl. The festive crowd makes a few talking appearances during the recording. With luck, someone else taped the show, too. Enjoy.


The Church 2011-02-11 Birchmere Alexandria, VA

The Church

Future Past Perfect USA Tour

Live at the Birchmere
Alexandria, VA
Feb 13, 2011

Source: Olympus DS-71 mic > Sony MD MZ-R50 MD recorder > PC > Cool Edit (EQ, split tracks) > FLAC level 7


set 1
"Untitled #23"
1. Cobalt Blue
2. Deadman's Hand
3. Pangaea
4. Happenstance
5. Space Saviour
6. On Angel Street
7. Sunken Sun
8. Anchorage
9. Lunar
10. Operetta

set 2
"Priest = Aura"
11. Aura
12. Ripple
13. Paradox
14. Lustre
15. Swan Lake
16. Feel
17. Mistress
18. Kings
19. Dome
20. Witch Hunt
21. The Dissilusionist
22. Old Flame
23. Chaos
24. Film

set 3
25. Destination
26. Under the Milky-Way
27. Blood Money
28. Lost
29. North, South, East and West
30. Spark
31. Antenna
32. Reptile
33. A New Season
34. Hotel Womb

Good audience recording (thanks to J Coe for providing his master MDs).  There is some skipping during the P=A tracks.


Doc Watson 2011-04-02 Kirby Theater - Roxboro, NC

Doc Watson
(with David Holt, T Michael Coleman, and Richard Watson)
April 2nd, 2011
Kirby Theater - Roxboro, NC

VG/EX sounding audience recording - balcony 10 rows up DFC

Sony Pro Audio Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder(internal mics, automatic levels,
high-sensitivity mic setting) > cdwav > FLAC Frontend > DIME > you

Set 1:

 1. music fades in... Way Downtown
 2. Soldier's Joy
 3. Little Log Cabin In The Lane
 4. New River Train
 5. Freight Train
 6. Roll On Buddy
 7. stage chatter
 8. I Feel Like Cryin'
 9. Doc tells a story
10. Sittin' On Top Of The World
11. David intros the next song
12. Steel Guitar Blues
13. more storytelling
14. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
15. Doc talks about his guitar and Wayne Henderson - funny Eric Clapton dig !

Set II :

 1. Doc returns and tunes up
 2. Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine
 3. Talk About Suffering
 4. Michael come back out with Richard Watson (not David Holt)
 5. T For Texas
 6. In The Pines
 7. Michael Coleman intro and chatter about Chet Atkins
 8. Frankie and Johnny
 9. Milk Cow Blues ... David Holt returns
10. Walk On
11. stage chatter
12. I Am A Pilgrim
13. tuning
14. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
15. David and Doc set up for an encore
16. Bones/Harmonica piece "Old Mama's Hair" ??  <<< --- any help ??
17. Slapping/Popping/Harmonica piece - unknown title ??? <<< --- any help ??

** Ticket stub and picture of the Kirby are included - artwork would be appreciated !


Grateful Dead 1969-02-22 Dream Bowl - Vallejo, CA

Grateful Dead - February 22, 1969
Dream Bowl - Vallejo, CA

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat (44.1k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> Tascam SS-R05 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2 -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
April 1, 2011

Patch Info:
SBD -> Bear's Cassette -> PCM Supplies:
Dupree's Diamond Blues (complete track)
That's It For The Other One (16:09 - 19:23)
Turn On Your Lovelight (8:10 - 8:42)

-- Thanks To David Gans and Dick Latvala for the Dat
-- Thanks to Bob Menke for the patch source
-- Tape flip in Death Don't Have No Mercy cleaned up with crossfade
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help pitch correcting the patch source

Set 1:
d1t01 - Dupree's Diamond Blues ->
d1t02 - Mountains Of The Moon ->
d1t03 - Dark Star ->
d1t04 - That's It For The Other One ->
d1t05 - Death Don't Have No Mercy

Set 2:
d2t01 - Doin' That Rag ->
d2t02 - St. Stephen ->
d2t03 - The Eleven ->
d2t04 - Turn On Your Lovelight


Grateful Dead 1976-06-03 Paramount Theatre - Portland, OR

Grateful Dead - June 3, 1976
Paramount Theatre - Portland, OR

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master -> Cassette (Dolby B) -> WAV (24bit/96k)

Transfer Info:
WAV -> Adobe Audition v3.0 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC/16
(3 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
January 26, 2013

Patch Info:
Sony ECM-280 -> Cassette Master -> FLAC/24 supplies:
Might As Well (0:00 - 0:20)
Supplication (2:50 - 3:19)
Franklin's Tower (7:10 - 7:43)

-- All disc changes are seamless
-- Stella Blue tease after Let It Grow
-- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for his help with the pitch correction

Set 1:
d1t01 - Might As Well
d1t02 - Cassidy
d1t03 - Row Jimmy
d1t04 - Looks Like Rain
d1t05 - They Love Each Other
d1t06 - Lazy Lightning ->
d1t07 - Supplication
d1t08 - Candyman
d1t09 - The Music Never Stopped
d1t10 - Scarlet Begonias
d2t01 - Dancing In The Street

Set 2:
d2t02 - Tuning
d2t03 - Samson And Delilah
d2t04 - Crazy Fingers ->
d2t05 - Wharf Rat ->
d2t06 - Let It Grow
d2t07 - It Must Have Been The Roses
d2t08 - Around And Around
d3t01 - Help On The Way ->
d3t02 - Slipknot! ->
d3t03 - Franklin's Tower
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Led Zeppelin 1972-06-27 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, Ca

Led Zeppelin

1972.06.27 Long Beach arena, Long Beach, California, U.S.A.

Disc 01

01 Immigrant Song (cuts in)
02 Heartbreaker
03 Black Dog
04 Over The Hills And Far Away
05 Since I've Been Loving You
06 Stairway to Heaven
07 Going To California
08 That's The WAy
09 Tangerine
10 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc 02

01 Dazed And Confused (drops out and fades after bow solo)
02 What Is and What Should Never Be (cuts in)
03 Dancing Days
04 Moby Dick
05 Whole Lotta Love incl.:
Let That Boy Boogie Woogie/Let's Have A Party/Hello Mary Lou/
Blueberry Hill/Going Down Slow
06 Rock And Roll

This is a combination of two audience sources; the better one fills the whole
Disc 01 - the worst one brings to us D&C and R&R.

From "Wild Beach Party" Led Note Cobra Standard LCD 1501

AUD 7,5/10

Orig. Silvers>EAC>WAV>FLAC



Led Zeppelin 1972-06-25 The Forum, Inglewood, Ca

Led Zeppelin
Burn Like A Candle
Empress Valley
3rd Edition
4 cd

June 25, 1972
Disc 1 - 3
Audience source

Long Beach, California
June 27, 1972
Disc 4

Disc 1:
1.Immigrant Song
3.Over The Hills And Far Away
4.Black Dog
5.Since I've Been Loving You
6.Stairway To Heaven
7.Going To California
8.That's The Way
10.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp

Disc 2:
1.Dazed & Confused
2.What Is And What Should Never Be
3.Dancing Days
4.Moby Dick

Disc 3:
1.Whole Lotta Love
2.Rock & Roll
3.The Ocean
4.Louie Louie
5.Thank You
6.Communication Breakdown
7.Bring It On Home

Disc 4:
1.What Is And What Should Never Be
2.Dancing Days
3.Moby Dick

My Silvers > EAC > Wave > SHN


Led Zeppelin 1972-06-22 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, Ca

Led Zeppelin
Title: Swinging in San Bernardino
Venue: Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA.
Date: June 22 1972
Label: Empress Valley
Source: audience (very good)
Lineage:someone else's silvers>CDR>EAC test and copy>WAV>FLAC frontend test>FLACS

disc 1

01.Berdu Drone
02.Immigrant Song
04.Black Dog
05.Since I've been loving you
06.Stairway to Heaven
07.going to california
08.that's the way
10.Bron-yr-Aur stomp

disc 2

01.Dazed and confused
02.What is and what should never be
03.moby dick
04.whole lotta love
   - Boogie Woogie
   - Let's have a party
   - hello mary lou
   - Going down slow
05.Rock and roll

Outstanding performances on this date, tight but loose. Plant gets some of his cowboy-spiel in too!


Led Zeppelin 1972-06-18 Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Wa

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1972-06-18
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Seattle Center Coliseum
Source: Audience
Lineage: Master Reel @ full track mono, 7.5 ips>Tandberg Model 11>Wavelab 96/24 1ch mono>wav 44.1/16 2ch mono>flac
Taping Gear: Tandberg Model 11 R2R deck, Sony ECM-22P mic
Taped and Transferred By: JEMS

01. Intro
02. Drone
03. Immigrant Song
04. Heartbreaker
05. Black Dog
06. Since I've Been Loving You
07. Stairway To Heaven
08. Going To California

Length: 47:30

JEMS master recording. Many copies have been made from this reel throughout the years but this is the first time a proper digitization has been done with it. This is an excellent but incomplete recording. 'S' actually brought two reels with him to this show but when he loaded the second reel, he managed to thread it upside down and didn't find out until after the show when he went to play it back. He probably wouldn't have had enough tape to record the full show either way but something is better than nothing. What was recorded captures one of the better 72 performances for this portion of the show.


Led Zeppelin 1972-06-17 Memorial Coliseum, Portland, Or

Led Zeppelin
June 16, 1972
Memorial Coliseum
Portland, Oregon

01 Stairway To Heaven (cuts in)
02 Going To California
03 That's The Way/Tangerine
04 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (one dropout, cut)
05 Dazed And Confused (includes "The Crunge", cut)

01 What Is And What Should Never Be (cuts in)
02 Moby Dick
03 Whole Lotta Love (a few tape cuts)
   -Boogie Chillun'
   -Unknown Song
   -Hello Mary Lou
   -Going Down Slow
   -Millionaire Blues
   -The Shape I'm In
04 Rock And Roll



Led Zeppelin 1972-06-15 Nassau County Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

Led Zeppelin 1972-06-15 Uniondale, New York - Whole Lotta Led - Get The Led Out Box Set (Tarantura2000)

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1972-06-15
Venue:      Nassau County Coliseum
Location: Uniondale, New York
Source: Audience
Lineage: Silver CD > EAC > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC(level 7)

Title: Wille And The Hand Jive from 'Whole Lotta Led -Get The Led Out-' Box Set (2CD)
Label: Tarantura2000

Disc 4
01.NY Dlaun
02.Immigrang Song
04.Black Dog
05.Since I've Been Loving You
06.Stairway To Heaven
07.Going To California
09.That's The Way
10.Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 5
01.Dazed And Confused
02.What Is And What Should Never Be
03.Moby Dick
04.Whole Lotta Love