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Paul McCartney and Wings 1976-05-16 Capitol Centre Landover MD

Paul McCartney and Wings
Landover MD
May 16, 1976

This is from a 2nd generation tape. But even with that you will notice some anomalies with this recording. You will note a subtle change in sound with "Live and Let Die". It might make you wonder if an alternate source was used at this point, I assure you the source is the same throughout. This is just an artifact of the cassettes. Side A of the first cassette ends in the middle of "LALD" and side B starts back at the beginning of "LALD". So there is an overlap of 25% of the song, yet side two sounds different then side one. This happens again at "Silly Love Songs". I can't say if it the result of one of the transfers from cassette to cassette, or an effect of age on my copy. It's something you wouldn't notice when listening to the original cassette, but now that you can hear "The Long and Winding Road" flow into "LALD" you can detect the subtle change.
You will also note this one is missing "Soily". It is not known for sure if "Soily" was performed this night. Paul says 'See 'ya next time' after "Hi, Hi, Hi"

Lineage>Audience Recording aquired in Cassette Trade>NAK BX-125>Lafayette LR-3030>M-Audio 24/96>Adobe Audition>Wav>Flackfrontend>Flac6>YOU

Disc One

01-Venus and Mars/Rock Show 6:35
02-Jet  4:08
03-Let Me Roll It 4:06
04-Spirits of Ancient Egypt 4:21
05-Medicine Jar 4:46
06-Maybe I’m Amazed 5:25
07-Call Me Back Again 6:06
08-Lady Madonna 3:00
09-The Long And Winding Road 4:59
10-Live and Let Die 4:03
11-Picasso's Last Words 2:15
12-Richard Cory 2:56
13-Bluebird 4:05
14-I’ve Just Seen A Face 2:36
15-Blackbird 2:53
16-Yesterday 2:33
Total 64:54

Disc Two

01-You Gave Me The Answer 2:53
02-Magneto and Titanium Man 4:12
03-My Love 4:44
04-Listen To What The Man Said 8:34
05-Let 'em In
06-Time To Hide 6:00
07-Silly Love Songs 6:21
08-Beware My Love 5:29
09-Letting Go 6:26
10-Band On The Run 6:33
11-Hi Hi Hi 4:26

Total 55:51


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