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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 2010-09-18 Walnut Creek Raleigh, NC

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
"Leave Your Tambourine At Home"
Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek
September 18, 2010
Raleigh, NC 

Audience recording - lawn (several locations, unfortunately)

This decent recording goes out to the ugly, rude, inconsiderate, and down-right FOUL women
who decided that it was a GREAT idea to bring their TAMBOURINES to the concert so that they could
play along whenever their drunken, obnoxious asses felt so compelled. 

If you decide to partake of this share, all I ask is that you please make a pledge in the comment
section that if someone you know EVER asked you whether they should bring their TAMBOURINE (or whistle,
drum, fife, etc) to a concert you're heading out to see - PLEASE, for the love of GAWD and music,
tell them HELL NO. Friends don't let friends make A##HOLES of themselves in public.

I would have moved as soon as I noticed that these women had no respect for those around them, but
frankly, the lawn was extremely PACKED and I was in a nice spot with my wife, who rarely attends outdoor shows
with me because she can't take the cig smoking. Oh, and did I mention that everyone CHAIN-SMOKED the entire show ?

Finally, after I couldn't stand it any longer, I confronted the "BUZZ KILLERS" around Jefferson Jericho Blues;
and resigned, finally moved across the lawn and far enough away to lose the annoyance. The rest of the night sounds
nice (samples provided).

Anyway, I hope that you can enjoy most of this excellent performance by Tom and the boys. Great show, very
nice sound and stage, and a beautiful night out on the lawn... but where do people get off bringing a freckin'
TAMBOURINE to a concert ?  Were your names on the TICKET you clowns ? No ? Well, NO ONE paid to hear you !

SOURCE: Sony MZ-R700 (mini disc) with Sony ECM-DS70 mic > Total Recorder (wav) >
CDWav > FLAC Frontend

01) Listen To Her Heart
02) You Don't Know How It Feels
03) I Won't Back Down
04) Free Fallin'
05) Oh Well
06) Mary Jane's Last Dance
07) King's Highway
08) Breakdown
09) Introductions
10) Jefferson Jericho Blues
11) Good Enough
12) Running Man's Bible
13) I Should Have Known It
14) Learning To Fly
15) Don't Come Around Here No More
16) Refugee
17) crowd


18) Runnin' Down A Dream
19) American Girl


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