Monday, July 3, 2017

Fleetwood Mac 1975-09-23 Trodd Nossel Studios Wallingford, CT

Fleetwood Mac
Who's the New Girl?
Restored by Galemark

Trodd Nossel Studios
Wallingford, CT
September 23, 1975

I got this great concert at another torrent site (thanks to lvdeadhead for the up) and was floored.  
The sound was much clearer than previous MP3 versions I had heard.   That said, the tape still had major problems.  
It sounded as if it were culled from at least two different sources
(later seeing the wavs virtually proved this) so my first mission was to match EQ curves.  
Secondly, there were several dropouts and/or distortions that I repaired/minimized.  I also used minimal NR in some spots.
Last but not least the track separations were quite bad, some even with repetition of several seconds of sound,
so I cleaned those up.   I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Station Man - 6:14
Spare me a Little - 4:52
Rhiannon - 6:39
Why - 4:10
Landslide - 3:38
Over My Head - 3:06
I'm So Afraid - 5:02
Oh Well - 2:57
Green Manalishi - 5:46
World Turning - 8:40
Blue Letter - 3:59
Hypnotized - 7:06

One of the very first Mac concerts with Lindsay Buckingham & Stevie Nicks,
it provides a rare opportunity to hear the new lineup perform such classics as “Hypnotized”, “Spare Me a Little” and “Why”.
The latter especially comes to life with Buckingham at the helm.  
This performance comes from the very short period where they played older FM tunes out of necessity rather than as an homage.


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