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Rush 1978-02-16 The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland

Date 02-16-78
Location The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland

Track listing
Disc one
Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
By-Tor and the Snow Dog 
A Farewell to Kings
Something for Nothing 
Cygnus X-1 

Disc Two:
Closer to the Heart 
Working Man

In the Mood
Drum Solo


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U2 1981-05-30 NBC TV Studios, NYC "The Tomorrow Show" hosted by Tom Snyder

NBC TV Studios, NYC
"The Tomorrow Show" hosted by Tom Snyder

source: 3rd gen cassette -> Terratec DMX 6Fire soundcard -> CEP 2.0 -> WAV -> mkwAct 0.97 -> SHN

01 I Will Follow
02 interview
03 Twilight

Notes: Broadcast on June 4th, 1981.  U2's first major appearance on US television.
       End of Twilight is cut by NBC during the closing credits


U2 1981-05-29 Palladium New York,NY

1981-05-29 New York, USA - Palladium

Sound Quality : Good audience
Lineage : audience > ??? > Cassette > Nero SoundTrax > Nero Wave Editor > CD-R > CD Wave Editor > FLAC FRONTEND (V1.7.1) > FLAC (LEVEL 5)
File size: 368 MB

Setlist :

01. Intro
02. The Ocean
03. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
04. Touch
05. I Will Follow
06. I Fall Down
07. An Cat Dubh
08. Into The Heart
09. Fire
10. Another Time, Another Place
11. The Cry / The Electric Co
12. Things To Make And Do
13. Stories For Boys
14. Boy / Girl
15. Out Of Control
16. Twilight
17. I Will Follow
18. 11 O'clock Tick Tock

Total Time 60:12


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David Bowie 1972-10-01 Boston Music Hall Boston, MA


Another JOE MALONEY master available on DIME.

Set list:

Disc one:

1: Hang onto yourself
2: Ziggy Stardust
3: Changes
4: The Superman
5: Life on Mars
6: Lady Stardust
7: Queen Bitch
8: Five Years
9: Space Oddity
10: Andy Warhol
11: My Death

Disc two:

1: Width of a circle
2: John, I'm only dancing
3: Starman
4: Moonage dream
5: Waiting for the man
6: White light, White heat
7: Suffragette City
8: Around and Around

This was recently transfered and is unaltered and un-EQ'd.  The way you have it, is the way
the master cassettes are.

Special thanks to Joe Maloney for making this recording available.

Presented to you by KRW&CO and bcledfoot.


AC/DC 1976-08-24 Marquee Club, London, UK

24 August 1976

Marquee Club, London, UK
\Audience recording of AC/DC's show at the Marquee Club, London, on 24 August 1976, a stop on their 1976 UK Summer Tour, supported by Valhalla.  The tickets were a meagre 85p!  The venue, with a capacity of 700, had 1000 in attendance. The show is incomplete unfortunately, with the first three songs missing - "Live Wire", "Rock'n'Roll Singer" and "She´s got Balls".  The sound quality is far better than on torrent #311446 - a lot beefier and with more presence, and no evident noise reduction (I found the other one to have a metallic sound all the way through, inlcuding the bonus tracks).  Bon's banter with the audience is far clearer and easier to understand.  The music does sound oddly slow, although the pitch is spot on.  Compared to the other one (without the bonus tracks), this one is 42:10 as compared to about 40 mins (without the bonus tracks): however, the discrepancy is not uniform with the track lengths, so this may also be the more complete show. 

1. School Days <5:18>
2. Problem Child <5:22>
3. The Jack <7:54>
4. Rocker <4:10>
5. High Voltage <6:27>
6. Baby Please Don't Go <12:57>


Lineage: audience recording of unknown provenance > unknown fiddling about over the years > flac file received in trade > wav > cool edit pro (tracks separated) > wav > flac

Artwork included.

Please do not convert to mp3, except (if you really must) for personal use.  Please don't share mp3s of this on other sites.


U2 1981-05-28 The Metro Boston,MA

Date: 28.05.1981
Country / Place: USA, Boston, The Metro
Bootleg Name: The Metro
Source: Audience
Quality: Very Good

01. Bagpipes Intro [1:07]
02. The Ocean [1:43]
03. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [4:49]
04. Touch [3:01]
05. I Will Follow [3:45]
06. I Fall Down [3:05]
07. An Cat Dubh [4:29]
08. Into The Heart [3:26]
09. Fire [3:52]
10. Time, Another Place [4:34]
11. The Electric Co. [4:38]
12. Things To Make And Do [2:06]
13. Stories For Boys [2:55]
14. Boy - Girl [4:18]
15. Out Of Control [4:27]
16. Twilight [4:15]
17. I Will Follow [4:22]
18. A Day Without Me [3:06]

Total Running Time: [1:04:07]

Source history is ECM929 analog master > D6M (T.W.) > CDR.

Comments taken from Sean CDR trading page:

Good audience recording from the Boy tour, but nothing special. It is slightly distant and muffled, there is a strange buzzing throughout much of the show, and an occasional crowd "cheer" is heard.


U2 1981-05-27 Toad's Place New Heaven, CT

New Heaven, Connecticut
27 May 1981
Excellent SBD recording

1. The Ocean
2. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3. I Will Follow
4. I Fall Down
5. An Cat Dubh
6. Into the Heart
7. Another Time, Another Place
8. Cry/The Electric Co.
9. Things To Make and Do
10. Stories For Boys
11. Boy-Girl
12. Out of Control
13. Twilight
14. I Will Follow
15. A Day Without Me
16. Fire

History:  SBD > Cassete Master > CD-R > EAC > WAVE > MKW > SHN


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Pearl Jam 2013-12-04 Rogers Arena Vancouver, BC, Canada

December 4, 2013
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rogers Arena

1. (intro)
2. Oceans
3. Can't Keep
4. Low Light
5. Corduroy
6. Breakerfall
7. Mind Your Manners
8. Why Go
9. Gods' Dice
10. Lightning Bolt
11. In Hiding
12. Even Flow
13. Setting Forth
14. Not for You/Modern Girl (Sleater-Kinney)
15. Daughter/It's OK (Dead Moon)
16. Infallible
17. After Hours (Velvet Underground)
18. Sirens
19. Jeremy
20. Gonna See My Friend
21. Improv 12/02/13 (as listed on
22. Porch
23. (encore break)
24. Soon Forget
25. Yellow Moon
26. Thumbing My Way
27. Footsteps
28. Mother (Pink Floyd)
29. Insignificance
30. Given to Fly
31. Got Some
32. Better Man
33. (encore break)
34. Go
35. Do the Evolution
36. Black
37. Alive
38. Kick Out the Jams (MC5) (w/ Mark Arm and Steve Turner)
39. Yellow Ledbetter

3 hours, 13 minutes, 55 seconds

Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to raise volume and try to reduce bass-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys


Rick Danko 1988-05-14 Nightstages, Cambridge, MA

Performer: Rick Danko
Date: 5/14/1988
Location: Nightstages, Cambridge, MA  USA
Source/Quality/Length: Master Soundboard > TDK MA90 metal cassette > CDR / 76:30
Note: Late show with Buddy Cage on pedal steel, Sredni Vollmer on harmonica

Song list:

 1. When I Get My Reward                  4:57
 2. Caledonia Mission                     3:55
 3. Wish You Were Here With Me            6:08
 4. Red Rooster                           7:08
 5. Long Black Veil                       5:20
 6. Daniel & the Sacred Harp [chorus]     0:54
 7. Blue Tail Fly                         3:26
 8. CC Rider                              6:51
 9. Honest I Do                           4:16
10. My Friend                             6:40
11. Poor Boy Long Way From Home           5:00
12. My Baby Left Me                       5:27
13. I Love You                            5:33
14. It Makes No Difference                8:00
15. Rivers of Babylon                     2:55

An excellent sounding SBD recording.


The Kinks 1972-03-12 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
March 12, 1972
A nice Kinks from 72,I made some rework on this one.I repair a drops out in a first track between
 1’05 and 2’42 in one channel,Tracks 15 & 16 were paste in one track and I adjusted the
level in all the tracks with Sound Forge 9.
Too much basses sometimes but a nice audio show from that period.

SBD or AUD>Unknown generations>my cassette>Amadeus II>wav>flacfrontend>flac (sector boundaries adjusted)


01  Introduction/Top of the Pops
02  Brainwashed
03  Twentieth Century Man, beginning
04  Get Back In the Line
05  Waterloo Sunset
06  Apeman
07  Sunny Afternoon (featuring a very lucky audience member)
08  Ray Introduces the Band
09  Muswell Hillbillies
10  Acute-Schizophrenia Disease
11  You’re Lookin’ Fine
12  Alcohol
13  Skin and Bones
14.  Lola
15.  You Really Got Me>All Day and All of the Night
16.  Applause for Encore
17.  ‘Til the End of the Day
18.  Victoria

Known Flaws:
Track 07--splice at 2’37--It sounds like someone edited out a member of the audience being
invited on stage.
Tracks 15 have some distortion.


Lucero 2013-11-20 Buster's Lexington, KY.

Lexington, KY.

***16bit Source***

Source: Schoeps MK4V > KC5 > CMC6 > Sound Devices 744T (24bit/48kHz)
Location:  FOB / DFC / 8ft
Transfer: 744T > HDD > Wavelab 6.1 (DSP/Crystal Re-Sampler/MBit+ Dither/Fades) > CDWave > TLH > FLAC (8)
Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Martin Medley

One Set:

01. Intro
02. That Much Further West
03. Downtown (Intro)
04. On My Way Downtown
05. Nights Like These
06. Kiss The Bottle
07. Can't Feel A Thing
08. Joining The Army
09. Women & Work
10. Texas & Tennessee
11. Union Pacific Line
12. Chain Link Fence
13. Sweet Little Thing
14. Slow Dancing
15. The Devil And Maggie Chascarillo
16. Breathless Love
17. Bastard's Lullaby
18. It May Be Too Late
19. Rick's Booogie
20. Bikeriders
21. Mom
22. The Last Pale Light In The West
23. Toadvine
24. The War
25. All Sewn Up
26. Tears Don't Matter Much
27. Fistful Of Tears


28. Drink 'Til We're Gone
29. The Last Song


The Kinks 1972-11-12 Aquarius Theater Boston, MA

The Kinks
Aquarius Theater
Boston, MA
November 12, 1972

1.  Top of the Pops (4:40)
2.  Til the End of the Day (2:15)
3.  Waterloo Sunset (2:59)
4.  A Well Respected Man (1:41)
5.  Sunny Afternoon (2:32)
6.  Muswell Hillbilly (3:03)
7.  Apeman (2:00)
8.  Lola (4:42)
9.  Celluloid Heroes (7:05)
10. Here Comes Yet Another Day (4:36)
11. Brainwashed (1:26)
12. Arthur (1:04)
13. Mr. Wonderful (1:29)
14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (3:13)
15. Banana Boat Song (1:13)
16. Alcohol (7:55)
17. Skin and Bones/Dry Bones (5:51)
18. You Really Got Me (5:42)
19. All Day and All the Night (1:10)
20. Good Golly Miss Molly (7:06)


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Too Much Joy 1996-00-00 Chelsie's Columbus, OH and 1996-04-10 Columbus, OH

Too Much Joy 1996-00-00

Show 1 Chelsie's Columbus OH

Poison Your Mind
Donna Everywhere
Mrs. Now
William Holden Caufield
What It Is
A New England
Half Life
Seasons In The Sun
King Of Beers
The Kid's Don't Understand
Crush Story
Susquehanna Hat Company
That's A Lie
Train In Vain
Long Haired Guys From England
Theme Song

Show 2 4-10-1996 Columbus, OH

Mrs. Now
William Holden Caufield
Donna Everywhere
Poison Your Mind
What It Is
A New England
King Of Beers The Kid's Don't Understand
Seasons In The Sun
Crush Story
Susquehanna Hat Company

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Telluride House Band 2006-06-15 Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Telluride, CO

Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Meyer, Tim O'Brien and Bryan Sutton
Telluride Bluegrass Festival - Telluride, CO

Source: Josephson c42mp > Denecke PS-2 > Denecke AD-20 > Creative Nomad Jukebox 3
Transfer: JB3 > PC (via USB) > Sony Sound Forge (normalize and fades)  > CD Wave > FLAC
Recorded and transfered by Bob Fager

Disc 1
1.  Pastor Mustard's Intro
2.  Skip To My Lou
3.  Another Morning
4.  Early Morning Rain
5.  Nine Pound Hammer
6.  Texas Red
7.  Big Boat
8.  Unfolding ??
9.  Ride The Wild Turkey

Disc 2
1.  Petunia
2.  Foreign Lander
3.  Steam Powered Aereoplane
4.  Bill Monroe medley

5.  Wabash Cannonball
6.  Look Down That Lonesome Road
7.  Salty Dog
8.  Whitewater


Robert Palmer 1991 Town and Country Club London, England

Recorded at The Town and Country Club, London, UK in 1991
Running time: Approximately 55 minutes
Lineage: CD>dBPpowerAmp>FLAC>Dime>You
Rating: A+


   1. Some Like It Hot
   2. Every Kind Of People
   3. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
   4. Change His Way
   5. Pride
   6. Woke Up Laughing
   7. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
   8. Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
   9. Johnny & Mary
  10. She Makes My Day
  11. Looking For The Clues
  12. Mother Should Have Told You
  13. Simply Irrestible
  14. Mercy Mercy Me
  15. Addicted To Love


Gov't Mule 2013-05-31 Bank of America Pavilion Boston, MA

Gov't Mule
Bank of America Pavilion
Boston, MA

AKG480's w/CK61's->Oade m148->Marantz PMD-661 (24/96)
Setup FOB, Dead Center, Row AA
7" high (unfortunately I was in the way of video shoot and couldn't run high, so more chatter than I like)
Audacity Dither and Conversion (16/44.1)>CDWav>TLH Flac 8

Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

Set 1
01 Blind Man In The Dark
02 Bad Man Walking
03 Inside Outside Woman Blues
04 She Said, She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows #
05 Forevermore
06 No Need To Suffer
07 Hope She'll Be Happier
08 I'm A Ram
09 I Think You Know What I Mean >
10 When The Levee Breaks >
11 I Think You Know What I Mean

Set 2
01 There's No Way Out Of Here
02 Railroad Boy >
03 Scared To Live *
04 Larger Than Life
05 Temporary Saint
06 Captured
07 Thorazine Shuffle >
08 Drums >
09 Thorazine Shuffle >
10 Funny Little Tragedy *> Thorazine Shuffle Reprise
11 E1: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
12 E2: 30 Days In The Hole

* First Time Played
# with Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Lyrics

I removed about 48 seconds between the end of the 2nd set and the encore, so that it would fit on an (2) 80 Min CD's.


Neil Young & Crazy Horse 2013-06-03 02 World Arena, Hamburg, Germany

Neil Young & Crazy Horse
02 World Arena, Hamburg, Germany
June 3rd 2013

Lineage: Sony ECM-121 => iRiver H340 (ROCKboxed) => USB => SoundBlaster X-Fi => Adobe Audition 3.0 => FlacFrontend (level 6 - Align on sector boundaries)

Recording position: 15 meters from the stage, center.

00. A Day In The Life (PA whiole the roadies prepared the stage) - not included
00. Deutschland ├╝ber alles (German national anthem - PA while all roadies and musicians waited on stage) - not included

01. Love And Only Love
02. Powderfinger
03. Psychedelic Pill
04. Walk Like A Giant
05. Hole In The Sky
06. Heart Of Gold
07. Blowin' In The Wind
08. Singer Without A Song
09. Ramada Inn
10. Cinnamon Girl
11. F*!#in' Up
12. Mr. Soul
13. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
14. Roll Another Number (For The Road)
15. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Total time: 2:05:40

Neil Young
Frank Sampedro
Billy Talbot
Ralph Molina

Support act:
Los Lobos
Recording by The velvet Taper


Tin Machine 1991-08-13 Mark Goodier’s Evening Session Studio 5, Maida Vale London, England

Tin Machine
Mark Goodier’s Evening Session
Studio 5, Maida Vale
London, England
August 13, 1991

FM Broadcast Recording
FM > ? > FLAC > TLH > WAV > TLH > Flac (L8, align on sector boundaries)

Cover Art Included

01 Intro
02 Chat
03 A Big Hurt
04 Chat
05 Baby Universal
06 Stateside
07 If There Is Something
08 Heaven’s In Here

Total time 34:11

David Bowie - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Tony Sales - bass, vocals
Reeves Gabrels- guitar, vocals
Hunt Sales - drums, percussion, vocals

Normally bands pre-record their appearance on this radio program, but Tin Machine played live on the air glitches and all. This is evident when Hunt Sales has to grab for a new stick at the begining of Stateside. Nice clean and crisp recording, a must for David Bowie & Tin Machine collectors!

justdave's notes:
When I got this it had a lot of sector boundary errors. I decoded the flac files with Traders Little Helper, then re-encoded aligning all sector boundaries and packed it up for sharing I didn't remix, remaster or mess with the recording at all.


John Waite 2013-03-29 The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA

John Waite
The Canyon Club,
Agoura Hills, CA
March 29, 2013

Source info:
CA-14 cards>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>Flac

Taper: David Sell
Location: Front row balcony DFC
Sound Quality: Excellent


01. ~funny intro and mic drop~
02. Change
03. Back on My Feet Again
04. One of These Days
05. If You Ever Get Lonely
06. All Along the Watchtower(Dylan)
07. Whenever You Come Around
08. Bluebird Cafe
09. Saturday Night
10. Everytime I Think of You
11. ~drum solo~
12. Sweet Rhode Island Red(Turner)
13. ~band intros~
14. Missing You
15. Midnight Rendezvous
16. Head First
17. ~encore applause~
18. When I See You Smile
19. Rough and Tumble


A great show by John and his band. We had a good location up on the balcony with a very respectable crowd around us. Shaun Hague on guitar makes this a real treat. The band is tight and the mix was excellent. It was great to see and hear Debbie Holiday throughout the set.

As always, NEVER for sale, trade freely, support the artists' commercial endeavors, and please don't distribute in lossy formats...




Rick Danko 1997-10-11 Stephen Talkhouse Amagansett, NY

Rick Danko
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

October 11, 1997
The Ken G. Series #24

Soundboard Cassettes (2) (C-60) > 1st generation tape (Maxell XL-II 100 min tape)

Transfer Lineage:

Maxell XL-II > Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW > Soundforge 9.0 > HD > (boundary sectors aligned) TLH level 8 Flac > Dime 8/24/13

Transferred, Balanced and Tracked by George (kingrue)


Transferred and Circulated for the first time anywhere.

The master recording made on this night was done on (2) C-60 min length tapes.

This originally had 3 tape sides, copied onto (1) C-100 min 1st gen tape.

There are some cuts here.  Beside that,  this is a great recording and well mixed and very enjoyable show.

with Rick's friend Aaron Louis Hurwitz (Professor Hurwitz)


Recording notes:
Track 03 has a brief spot of static @ the 35 second mark,    
caused from a dirty pot, from something on stage or the mixing board.  This is not diginoise.
Track 07 has a quick tape flip at the 45 second mark.
Track 11 has a quick cut @ 1:38 min mark, and then briefly cuts again @ 2:48.
Track 13 has a tape flip @ 4:30 min (end of song is cut)
Track 14 cuts in

01 Mystery Train
02 Crazy Mama
03 Blind Willie McTell
04 Stage Fright
05 It Makes No Difference
06 Twilight
07 Long Black Veil
08 One More Shot
09 Java Blues
10 Unfaithful Servant
11 ???
12 I Love You, Cause Your Mine
13 The Weight
14 Next Time You See Me
15 Endless Highway
16 Sunny Side Of Life
17 Blaze of Glory
18 Blue River
19 Shape I'm In
20 Goodnight Irene


Little River Band 1981-10-07 The Summit, Houston, TX

Little River Band 1981-10-07 The Summit, Houston, TX

Lineage(most likely, see lossless check below): sbd > unknown recording and transfer equipment > CD > EAC(no EAC log included in original traded files set) > Wav > Flac Frontend > Flac > my Flac files set on HD (> YOU)
Taper: unknown, HANX :-)
File Size: 369MB
Length: 55:32min
No artwork...

The Summit, Houston, TX, USA, 07th October 1981
01) It's A Long Way There 
02) Man On Your Mind
03) Mistress Of Mine
04) Happy Anniversary
05) Reminiscing
06) Ballerina
07) Cool Change
08) The Night Owls
09) Help Is On Its Way
10) Lonesome Loser
11) It's Not A Wonder
12) Lady
13) Just Say That You Love Me
Length: 55:32min
Glenn Shorrock: Vocals
Beeb Birtles: Guitar
Graham Goble: Guitar
David Briggs(or Stephen Housdon): Guitar
Mal Logan: Keyboards
Wayne Nelson: Bass
Derek Pellicci: Drums


Robert Palmer 1976-11-17 Rosy's Music Club New Orleans,LA

Robert Palmer
 November 17, 1976
 at Rosy's Music Club in New Orleans
11:30 show
65:39 minutes on 1 cd (master>cdr>EAC>SHN) binaural audience recording
1. Got To Get A Grip On You
2. Which of Us is The Fool>Riverboat
3. What Can You Bring Me
4. Give Me An Inch
5. Hard Head
6. Pressure Drop
7. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
8. Keep In Touch
9. Work To Make It Work
10. introductions/*Some People Can Do What They Like
11. Applause
12. Medley - Sailing Shoes/Hey Julia / Sneaking Sally
*Sounds like tape flip break.


U2 - 1981-05-15 California Hall San Francisco, CA

U2 - 1981-05-15 San Francisco, CA. - Soundboard
DChub>WAV>FLAC frontend>FLAC 8

01. The Ocean
02. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
03. I Will Follow
04. I Fall Down
05. An Cat Dubh
06. Into The Heart
07. Touch
08. Another Time, Another Place
09. The Electric Co.
10. Things To Make And Do
11. Stories For Boys
12. Boy-Girl
13. Out Of Control
14. Twilight
15. I Will Follow
16. A Day Without Me
17. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
18. The Ocean

Not sure what the source is of this, probably VHS.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kiss 1975-11-30 Capitol Centre , Largo, MD

Kiss - Capitol Centre , Largo 1975-11-30

01 Cold gin intro
02 Cold gin
03 Rock `n`roll all nite
04 Let me go rock `n`roll


Tin Machine 1991-11-29 Academy Theatre, New York

Tin Machine
Academy Theatre, New York
29 Nov 1991

FM Stereo - now EX quality.

Original Lineage: FM > master > BASF Chromdioxid II tape > JVC PC-X96 deck > Hard Wire > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC4

Above version > Audacity > CD Wave > you

CD 1
01 DJ + intro
02 Crack City
03 You Belong In Rock And Roll
04 A Big Hurt
05 Bus Stop
06 Stateside
07 Betty Wrong
08 Goodbye Mr Ed

CD 2
01 Debaser
02 One Shot
03 I Can't Read
04 Under The God
05 Baby Universal
06 If There Is Something
07 Heaven's In Here
08 Sorry
09 Sacrifice Yourself (fades out)

This gig, in its original download form, sounded very muddy to me - and very bassy. Indeed, bassy to headache inducing levels.

After some experimenting, I found this sounds just great - in my opinion - after I reduced the files by -400 hpf both channels, then -50 hpf Left channel only then added +1 db to the left channel and took off 5db from the right channel. This helped get the vocal a bit more near the centre - it was firmly in the right channel at first. If you are not sure about all this, download a track, like I do, as a test. Except don't try this with I Can't Read - it's awful here after a good start. The gig gets better again after that, thankfully!

Now ... I can hear the pounding drums and those screeching guitars in all their ferocity, and the vocals all clearly, still with power and presence, but without the feeling of thunder enveloping everything in a muddy mess as it seemed before.

Goodbye Mr Ed in particular sounds marvellous.

The performance does dip a bit from I Can't Read onwards, but they pull up their socks a bit for If There Is Something and the rest of the show.

Heaven in Here sounds immense...the Bowie and the band sing and play furiously on this in the latter half of the number, it's something to behold. Indeed, the audience sound wild after this, cheering for encores. I'm Sorry, that follows, has some beautiful guitar on it here - a genuinely moving performance by all concerned. A shame that the Sacrifice Yourself fades out but overall a great show!


David Bowie 1972-08-27 Locarno Electric Village, Bristol, England

DAVID BOWIE - Bristol 1972-08-27

Locarno Electric Village, Bristol, England

Audience recording
Lineage: TDK D90 tape (Noggin) > Denon DRM-500 tape deck > direct wire > Goldwave for track splits > FLAC 4
Number of discs: 1
Artwork: included
Total running time: 55:30


1. Introduction
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Queen Bitch
4. John I'm Only Dancing
5. The Supermen
6. Ziggy Stardust
7. Moonage Daydream
8. Starman
9. This Boy
10. The Width Of A Circle
11. Waiting For The Man
12. White Light/White Heat
13. Suffragette City
14. Round And Round


iZotope RX2 denoiser tool used to remove hiss.
Width of a Circle massively louder than rest of side two.  Recorded at lower level and grafted back in at 7:24 (before editing).
Volume boost to the intro and start of Hang On To Yourself to bring it in line.
Little bit of hiss around start of Waiting For The Man - impossible to remove.
Tape flip between This Boy and Width Of A Circle - removed cleanly.
Lot of volume fluctuations on side two.  Tidied up.
Gap removed between Waiting For The Man and White Light/White Heat, but abrupt start to latter
Fade out/in between White Light/White Heat and Suffragette City on source tape.
Some small clicks were evident in Width of a Circle, Waiting For The Man and White Light/White Heat.  Removed using Goldwave Pop/Click tool on default setting.


Too Much Joy 1993-01-29 The Bayou Washington, DC (DVD)

Too Much Joy 1993-01-29 The Bayou Washington, DC

Unknown lineage

False Start
William Holden Caufield
I Don't Know
Starry Eyes
What It Is
Donna Everywhere
Sort Of Haunted House
Long Haired Guys From England
Just Like A Man
King Of Beers
Crush Story
Susquehanna Hat Company
Take A Lot Of Drugs
Map Like Mine
That's A Lie
Theme Song

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Rush 1978-02-16 The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland

Rush 1978-02-16 The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland

Rush - Premium Export
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 54:57 43:36
Catalog: Liquid Grace Productions: LG-780216-025
Source: Audience (1st Gen)
Date: February 16, 1978
Location: The Apollo, Glasgow, Scotland


01 - Bastille Day 05:39
02 - Lakeside Park 04:50
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog 05:35
04 - Xanadu 13:25
05 - A Farewell To Kings 06:40
06 - Something For Nothing 04:19
07 - Cygnus X-1 10:51
08 - Anthem 03:35


01 - Closer To The Heart 03:37
02 - 2112 19:11
03 - Working Man 04:16
04 - Fly Ny Night 02:07
05 - In The Mood 02:42
06 - Drum Solo 06:35
07 - Cinderella Man 05:05


Del Amitri 2014-02-01 Manchester Apollo Manchester,UK

Del Amitri
Manchester Apollo
1st February 2014

Taper Gromit77

Core Sound Mics / Edirol R09 / WAV / COOL EDIT / FLAC

01 Introduction
02 Always The Last To Know
03 Kiss This Thing Goodbye
04 The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
05 Just Like A Man
06 What I Think She Sees
07 Not Where It's At
08 Lucky Guy
09 Be My Downfall
10 Food For Songs
11 Tell Her This
12 In The Frame
13 Nothing Ever Happens
14 Roll To Me
15 Driving With The Brakes On
16 Hammering Heart
17 Spit In The Rain
18 Stone Cold Sober
19 Being Somebody Else
20 Drunk In A Band
21 In The Meantime
22 Here And Now
23 Just Before You Leave
24 Move Away Jimmy Blue


KISS 1975-11-15 Rockford Armory, Rockford, IL

Source: Audience recording
Location: Rockford Armory, Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A.
Date: November 15, 1975
Bootleg title:
Bootleg label:
Catalogue #:
Comments:Vocals are very low in the mix, sounds almost like an instrumental show.

Disc 1: (67:11)
1-01 Deuce
1-02 Strutter
1-03 Got To Choose
1-04 Hotter Than Hell
1-05 Firehouse
1-06 She - Guitar Solo
1-07 Ladies In Waiting
1-08 Nothin' To Lose
1-09 Bass Solo - 100,000 Years - Drum Solo
1-10 Black Diamond
1-11 Cold Gin
1-12 Rock And Roll All Nite


Sex Pistols 1976-12-09 Electric Circus Manchester, England, United Kingdom

December 09, 1976
Electric Circus
Manchester, England, United Kingdom

unknown > Aiwa Radio Cassette Recorder

TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223Q > Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > CD WAVE 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0

"Never Mind The Bans" CD + "Pretty Blank Disc Twelve" CD > WAV [44.1kHz/16bit] > FLAC [Level 8]  (see NOTES)


01. Anarchy In The UK
02. I Wanna Be Me
03. Seventeen
04. (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone [Paul Revere & The Raiders]
05. Satellite
06. Submission
07. Substitute [The Who]
08. No Feelings
09. (banter)
10. Liar
11. Pretty Vacant
12. (tuning)
13. God Save The Queen
14. Problems (cut)


Frustrated by a recent heavily-edited remastering of the master tape (April 2013), I decided to
piece together the most complete version of this show from circulating incomplete sources. The
"Never Mind The Bans" CD includes the encore of "Problems", but has less audience chatter at the
beginning and a few minutes of banter/tuning edited out.  The recent remaster is the exact same
edit as this CD.  The boot LP "Anarchy Tour '76", later released on CD with the Pretty Blank
15-CD box set, does not include "Problems", but is more complete at the beginning and includes
all of the between-song tuning and banter.  It also runs at/close to the correct speed, unlike
the "NMTB" CD and the 2013 remaster, which are noticably slowed down.

I extracted both CD sources with EAC and opened them in CEP2.0.  I speed-corrected the "NMTB"
source to match the speed of "PBD12" - linear compression, high precision resample - and opened
both tracks into a multitrack to check for phasing that would indicate time discrepancies. 
Where the banter was complete on the "NMTB" source, I left it untouched.  Where there was more
banter/tuning on the "PBD12" source, I deleted the between-song portions on the "NMTB" source
and inserted the appropriate amount of silence to match the "PBD12" source.  I then silenced
the songs on the "PBD12" source, as the "NMTB" source is better overall sonically.  I mixed
down the two source tracks to a single stereo track (-1.5dB for "NMTB", -3.0dB for "PBD12";
both CD sources are a little "hot", but "PBD12" more so...).  I double-checked all transistions
to make sure the waveform was seamless and saved the mixed-down file.  Wrote up a .cue file,
split into tracks with CD WAVE 1.98, and encoded to FLAC with Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it was only about two hours effort.  The resulting show is the
most complete available, and is fairly seamless, with no awkward jumps or volume shifts as you
might expect.  This wouldn't be possible if the two incomplete boot releases were not sonically
similar and from the same source recording.  It's certainly not as enjoyable as a clean and
unedited transfer from the master tapes, but it will tide me (and hopefully the other five Sex
Pistols collectors in the world) over until such a source is available.

Should anyone wonder, I decided against using the April 2013 remaster in any capacity for a
couple of reasons.  The digital EQ applied by the taper made the recording sound a bit more
crisp, but pretty thin in the low end for my tastes.  In addition, there are some odd things
going on with the remaster looking at it in spectral view.  Three tracks (Anarchy, Submission,
and the "Stop Gobbing" banter have a full and natural frequency response, while the other tracks
all show a steep high-end rolloff from 12000kHz - 20000kHz.  It also seems strange that a fresh
remaster from the master tapes made in January 2013 has the same edits as a 2004 boot release.
Overall, the new source just seemed a little too "fiddled-with" to use for this project.  Ah,
the delightful world of Sex Pistols live tapes!  As a Nirvana guy, I have a deep and newfound
respect for the state of the Nirvana trading community :D


01 Anarchy In The UK.flac:f7c0d9feafb6b58345b01b6614ba82e8
02 I Wanna Be Me.flac:66fe461f560479b0c63dba2034e4aa7b
03 Seventeen.flac:8dba5f2f7e9e743de37d0baf9ee2ab71
04 (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone.flac:a2520e9a7e50b580654b27a58da1df2e
05 Satellite.flac:8b0da350f8a224a4ade7188b13a0fb56
06 Submission.flac:c3aecbcc83f715a3278abe61afad00c7
07 Substitute.flac:89708485014970cdeb12321888f575f0
08 No Feelings.flac:dc2cbe541ab8cecda058ee19f01ac98e
09 (banter).flac:36ae386f5803a3d158f263117ecd4295
10 Liar.flac:89fb49bbf797843d7f82e7c8eea3c230
11 Pretty Vacant.flac:550f07bcf77e5db8e756d684da0cf909
12 (tuning).flac:9cfe173f924facafaf4095d4538296f0
13 God Save The Queen.flac:1d35dbdafb5121930c5a4bfb2b979c28
14 Problems.flac:8b104dcda6a29968a86b1e247e0fa0ab





Wednesday, October 22, 2014

David Bowie 1972-08-20 The Rainbow Theatre London, Finsbury Park, UK

David Bowie - Ziggy live at the Rainbow 1972
Recorded live at the Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre 20th August 1972 (2nd Night)
Artwork: Included
Source: Audience recording

Silver disc --->Soundforge --->Flac 8 --->MWP

Running time (1:23:11)

01 Ode to Joy
02 Lady Stardust
03 Hang Onto Yourself
04 Ziggy Stardust
05 Life On Mars
06 The Supermen
07 Changes
08 Five Years
09 Space Oddity
10 Andy Warhol
11 My Death
12 Width of a Circle (Cut)
13 Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
14 Starman
15 Moonage Daydream
16 Queen Bitch
17 Suffragette City
18 White Light White Heat
19 Waiting For The Man

A phenominal audience recording for the period; from the second night of the famous "Rainbow" shows, rumoured to have been recorded by a mate of Woody Woodmansey.
This was recently sent to me on CDR by Bofinken who asked if I could clean it up a bit and torrent it. To be perfectly honest it was so good I had very little to do. I cleaned off a tiny bit of hiss, removed a few crackles and pops then balanced the volume between tracks and channels. There is a cut in "Width of a Circle", the discs had the missing section badly replaced by a section from the officially released "Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture", this I obviously removed.

In my opinion this is as good if not better than the famous Maloney Boston recording and must rank as one of the best Ziggy audience recordings. Part of this show has been booted as "Rainbow Theatre" and complete as "Rainbow - The Magic Theatre", It is certainly an upgrade on both of these. The recording was also remasterd and torrented a few years back as "Up yours Reg" by Downunder2 (Steve), I haven't heard this but I'd be suprised if this is any worse.

The running time is annoyingly just over that of a standard disc, how you wish to split it is up to you, the artwork suggest after "My death",  I actually burnt it complete on a 90 min CDR (Be warned: 90 min discs will play on most PC's but not on most home stereos)

A big thankyou to Bofinken for the discs and Steve for the additional background info.
If you have this show already, I'd love to know how it compares. If not, I know your going to enjoy this.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

AC/DC 1976-07-31 Barbarellas, Birmingham, England



31 july 1976


rock n roll singer
she's got balls
the jack
high voltage
baby please dont go

lineage - tdk tape > wav > flac

transfered by p.j.b


Rush 1978-02-14 City Hall, Sheffield, England

Rush - Rush 'N' Tyne United
Media: 2 CDR
Time: 43:16, 40:31
Catalog: Mekon Records: 016/017
Source: Audience
Date: February 14, 1978
Location: City Hall, Sheffield, England


01 - Bastille Day   5:01
02 - Lakeside Park   4:33
03 - Bytor And The Snowdog   5:18
04 - Xanadu   12:57
05 - A Farewell To Kings   6:33
06 - Something For Nothing   4:11
07 - Anthem   4:39


01 - 2112   20:30
02 - Working Man   4:20
03 - Fly By Night   2:06
04 - In the Mood   2:39
05 - Drum Solo   6:06
06 - Cinderella Man   4:46


KISS 1975-08-23 Calderone Concert Hall Hempstead, NY

kiss calderone concert hall hempstead new york(usa)august-23-1975
joe maloney analog master this is a repost not a reseed

lineage audience analog master to cdr krw transfer to eac to tlh flac level 8
  the band
ace frehley lead guitar vocals
peter criss drums vocals
paul stanley guitar vocals
gene simmons bass vocal

set list cd 1 analog side 1
1 Deuce
2 Strutter
3 Got To Choose
4 Hotter Than Hell
5 Firehouse
6 She/ace Solo
7 Nothin' To Lose
8 C'mon And Love Me
9 100,000 Years/peter Solo
   tape flip
cd 2 analog side 2
1 100,000 Years/peter Solo(cont)
2 Black Diamond
3 Cold Gin
4 Rock And Roll All Nite
5 Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll

thanks to joe for letting us transfer his masters


U2 1981-05-11 Rainbow Music Hall Denver,CO

May 11, 1981
Rainbow Music Hall
Denver, CO

Source: FM Broadcast KAZY-FM
Lineage: KAZY-FM broadcast>Cassette tape>CDR>FLAC

I attended this show and recorded the concert when it was broadcast a couple of days later (I have included a scan of the ticket stub). This was the second time
in less than two months that U2 played this venue (the previous date was 3/28/1981). Barry Fey, the local concert promoter, convinced the band to
come back one more time before the end of thier tour, as a result of the positive response to the first show. The band also played the Rainbow Music Hall
one more time on February 27, 1982. It was during these trips to Denver that Barry Fey and Chuck Morris took the band to Red Rocks, and planted
the seed that would become "Under a Blood Red Sky", and finally the DVD (a show I also attended, and froze my a** off), and the rest is history. If you can't tell, I am
very proud of the role Denver, and Feyline Concerts, played in the early career of U2 (which was confirmed by Bono in March 1982, when I met him while I was on Spring
Break, in Phoenix, and was the only one at Wave World who knew who they were. They were the opening act for a J.Geils Band concert. Check out the enclosed picture of The Edge, Larry
and Bono, in red).

This is a first generation tape of this show, although I know other versions of this show exist out there. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this was
going to air until it was on. This resulted in me having to find a tape, and I missed most of "The Ocean". There is also a tape flip gap at the very beginning
of "Out of Control", but not too bad. The only songs I believe are missing from the set are "Twilight" and the encore of "I Will Follow" (played for the
second time!). Also, between "An Cat Dubh" and "Into the Heart" is a station ID for KAZY.

I have not done any "re-mastering" to this, so it is exactly how it aired. I apologize for the slight gap between songs, but my initial transfer to CDR
put these at the song breaks. I tried to re-transfer from the original tape, but the tape broke! This is my favorite concert that I have recorded, and it and the band hold a very
special place for me. Thank you for reading (if you have) this long trip down memory lane, and ENJOY.


1.  The Ocean (part of)
2.  11 O'Clock Tick Tock
3.  I Will Follow
4.  An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart
5.  Touch
6.  Another Time, Another Place
7.  The Cry/The Electic Co.
8.  Things to Make and Do
9.  Stories for Boys
10. Boy/Girl
11. Out of Control