Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Rolling Stones1969-11-09 Oakland Coliseum Oakland, CA

The Rolling Stones
Pot Boiler (2004 Edition)
Label: Vinyl Gang [VGP-265]
Venue: Oakland November 9, 1969 (first show)
Lineage: CDR > EAC > FLAC
Artwork is included.

Complete show in VG audience quality.

This is the first of two oakland shows that day. It is NOT the same show as the boot "live 'r than you'll ever be" is from (that is 2nd show). There was a power failure after the opening song jjf so to keep the show going until power was restored the band changed from their usual setlist order and moved the acoustic tracks (prodigal son + you gotta move) up in the set that's why the unusual order of tracks on this boot.

01 Sam Cutler introduction
02 Jumping Jack Flash
03 Prodigal Son
04 You Gotta Move
05 Carol
06 Sympathy For The Devil
07 Stray Cat Blues
08 Love In Vain
09 I'm Free
10 Under My Thumb
11 Midnight Rambler
12 Live With Me
13 Little Queenie
14 Satisfaction
15 Honky Tonk Women
16 Street Fighting Man



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  2. Hello Again - A BIG Tip Of The Hat To You !As Always,Another Killer Post ! Thanks !
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  3. Hi Plumdusty,
    I D/L This Twice And Sadly There's Only The First Track Extracted.
    Check It Please And Repost If Possible.
    Thank You As Always.