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Yes 1973-11-27 Sheffield City Hall Sheffield, UK

I can't believe this one's fallen off the tracker. This audience capture from the UK TFTO tour at Sheffield on 11/27/73 is a highly listenable, yet unfortunately, incomplete show. Notable for the inclusion of Heart of the Sunrise replacing And You and I, this is an exceptional early Tales show. Highly recommended. Thanks to Relayerman for the original upload!

Sheffield City Hall
Sheffield, UK
Nov. 27, 1973

Lineage: see below
Notes on Sound Quality: Audience Recording, the SQ is Ex throughout.
Convert to lossy for personal use only
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June 2011

Original notes:

I got this on tape in a trade back in the early 80's. I believe that it is probably 2nd gen. I have converted to CD and then to FLAC and tweaked the sound along the way to even out the volume of tracks and to make certain parts clearer.

Sheffield City Hall
Sheffield, UK
Nov. 27, 1973

Lineup: Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White

The UK Tales tour was performed on the eve of the release of the Tales From Topographic Oceans album in the UK. There were a few differences in the UK tour and the subsequent US tour in that several dates only featured 2 songs from the Close To The Edge album and Heart of the Sunrise was played. Midway through the UK tour Heart was dropped and the entire Close To The Edge album was played. The US tour, for the most part, stuck to that setlist with a few minor variations such as Rick Wakeman doing a solo segment here and there and The Remembering being dropped midway through the tour. This show from Sheffield is, so far, the best sounding show from the UK tour, but sadly the complete show doesn't seem to exist. Also, this show was held in a 2100 seat hall so it was an intimate setting as can be heard from some of the back and forth banter between the band and the audience.

CD 1
1. Firebird Suite
2. Siberian Khatru
3. Heart Of The Sunrise
4. Close To The Edge
5. The Revealing Science Of God (incomplete)

CD 2
1. The Remembering
2. The Ancient
3. Ritual (incomplete)




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