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Dire Straits 1983-06-13 Venue Maaspoort, Den Bosch, Holland

Dire Straits
Venue Maaspoort,
Den Bosch, Holland
Date 13th June 1983

Format: 2 cds

1. Once upon a time in the west (fades in)
2. Industrial disease
3. Expresso love
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. Love over gold
6. Private investigations
7. Sultans of swing
8. Twisting by the pool
9. Two young lovers

1. Portobello belle
2. Tunnel of love
3. Telegraph road
4. Solid rock
5. Tulpen uit Amsterdam (Dutch song)
6. Going home (fades out @04.08)

The band:
Mark Knopfler - guitar/vocals
John Illsley - bass
Alan Clark - Keyboards
Hal Lindes - guitar 
Terry Williams - drums
Mel Collins - saxophone
Tommy Mandel - keyboard


OEB comment:
Good sounding recording. 
including the Dutch song Tulpen uit Amsterdam. Very nice that Dire Straits played this especially for the Dutch audience.
Complete concert

Enlight note:

requested show.
a very powerfull performance, full of energy

For a 1983 show a reasonable sound, unfortunately the taper regularly yells "test" in the microphone from Portobello Belle onwards, because he thought that the recorder wasn't functioning properly, but it was working fine.
Distortions on the louder parts. 

Including the Dutch song Tulpen uit Amsterdam. 
Going Home misses the end.
But comparing to the Live in den Bosch 1983 bootleg, this is the complete show.

i couldn't find a proper art for this complete version,and i don't know if there is one? Maybe Nico (horse power) knows?
please don't add the "Live in Den Bosch 1983" (incomplete show) cover-art in the comment section, any other alternate
for this complete version is feel free lats.

enjoy,relax and stay healthy

take care
Enlight (2013-03)


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